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Stud M6X1.​0X85

Part Number: M-629085-S
Availability: Special Order [ more info ]
Price: $3.95
Leaves our warehouse within
5 - 11 business days

*This part replaces obsolete part #: 2407220-S, 2407216-S, 2407217-S and M0629085.

Product Information

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CH11S-16119 Engine
CH11S-16126 Engine
CH11T-1630 Engine
CH12.5-1900 Engine
CH12.5-1901 Engine
CH12.5-1902 Engine
CH12.5-1903 Engine
CH12.5-1904 Engine
CH12.5-1905 Engine
CH12.5-1907 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1909 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1910 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1911 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1912 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1913 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1914 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1916 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1917 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1918 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1919 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1920 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1921 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1922 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1923 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1924 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5GS-1926 Engine
CH12.5S-1934 Engine
CH13PT-22513 Engine
CH14-1800 Engine
CH14-1801 Engine
CH14-1802 Engine
CH14-1803 Engine
CH14-1804 Engine
CH14-1805 Engine
CH14-1807 Engine
CH14-1809 Engine
CH14-1810 Engine
CH14-1811 Engine
CH14-1812 Engine
CH14-1813 Engine
CH14-1816 Engine
CH14-1817 Engine
CH14-1818 Engine
CH14S-1826 Engine
CH14S-1829 Engine
CH14S-1832 Engine
CH11-1612 Engine
CH11-1613 Engine
CH11-1615 Engine
CH11-1616 Engine
CH11-1617 Engine
CH11-1618 Engine
CH11-1619 Engine
CH11-1620 Engine
CH11-1621 Engine
CH11-1623 Engine
CH11-1625 Engine
CH11-1600 Engine
CH11-1602 Engine
CH11-1611 Engine
CH11-1603 Command PRO Engine
CH11-1604 Command PRO Engine
CH11-1605 Command PRO Engine
CH11-1607 Command PRO Engine
ECH630-3001 19 HP Engine
ECH630-3002 19 HP Engine
ECH630-3003 19 HP Engine
ECH650-3001 21 HP Engine
ECH650-3002 21 HP Engine
ECH680-3011 23 HP Engine
ECH680-3012 23 HP Engine
ECH680-3013 23 HP Engine
ECH730-0011 25 HP Engine
ECH730-0012 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3001 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3002 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3003 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3014 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3015 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3016 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3018 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3019 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3031 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3032 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3035 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3036 25 HP Engine
ECH730-3037 25 HP Engine
ECH740-3001 27 HP Engine
ECH740-3002 27 HP Engine
ECH740-3003 27 HP Engine
ECH740-3011 Engine
ECH740-3025 27 HP Engine
ECH740-3027 27 HP Engine
ECH749-0011 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3001 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3002 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3003 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3004 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3005 Engine
ECH749-3006 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3007 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3012 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3013 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3015 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3017 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3018 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3019 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3028 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3031 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3032 29 HP Engine
ECH749-3033 29 HP Engine
ECV650-3011 21 HP Engine
ECV680-3001 23 HP Engine
ECV680-3011 23 HP Engine
ECV680-3014 23 HP Engine
ECV730-3001 25 HP Engine
ECV730-3011 25 HP Engine
ECV730-3012 25 HP Engine
ECV730-3013 25 HP Engine
ECV730-3017 25 HP Engine
ECV740-3011 27 HP Engine
ECV740-3012 27 HP Engine
ECV740-3013 27 HP Engine
ECV740-3014 27 HP Engine
ECV740-3018 27 HP Engine
ECV740-3019 27 HP Engine
ECV740-3020 27 HP Engine
ECV749-3001 29 HP Engine
ECV749-3002 Engine
ECV749-3011 29 HP Engine
ECV749-3012 29 HP Engine
ECV749-3013 29 HP Engine
ECV749-3014 29 HP Engine
ECV749-3015 29 HP Engine
ECV749-3017 29 HP Engine
ECV749-3018 29 HP Engine
ECV749-3021 29 HP Engine
ECV749-3022 29 HP Engine
ECV940-2011 33 HP Engine
ECV940-2012 33 HP Engine
ECV980-2011 37 HP Engine
ECV980-2012 37 HP Engine
FCV740-3011 Engine
PCV680-3011 22 Hp Engine
PCV740-3011 24 Hp Engine
ECH630-3004 19 Hp Engine
ECH650-3022 21 Hp Engine
ECH730-3039 25 Hp Engine
ECH730-3040 25 Hp Engine
ECH730-3044 25 Hp Engine
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