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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch

Spring-governor 693206

Part Number: 693206
Briggs and Stratton
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Product Information
This is a genuine OEM sourced part used on many small engines. The metal Briggs & Stratton spring applies the necessary tension to the governor, managing the engine speed. Refer to the diagrams for your model for the exact location and the correct installation of this hardware. You may need a screwdriver to remove the air filter to gain access and replace the old part.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
15A114-0342-E1 Small Engine
110432-0198-E1 Engine
110492-0070-E1 Engine
110412-0163-E1 Engine
110412-0163-E2 Engine
110412-0212-E1 Engine
110412-0214-E1 Engine
110417-0112-E1 Engine
110432-0035-E1 Engine
110432-0045-E1 Engine
110432-0151-E1 Engine
110402-0191-E1 Engine
110412-0023-E1 Engine
110412-0038-E1 Engine
110412-0060-E1 Engine
110412-0115-E1 Engine
111432-0035-E1 Engine
111432-0111-E1 Engine
111432-0125-E1 Engine
111432-0129-E1 Engine
111432-0141-E1 Engine
113432-0035-E1 Engine
113432-0117-E1 Engine
113432-0134-E1 Engine
120212-0060-B8 Engine
120212-0115-B1 Engine
120212-0115-B8 Engine
120212-0115-E1 Engine
120212-0117-B1 Engine
120212-0117-B8 Engine
120212-0117-E1 Engine
120212-0118-B1 Engine
120212-0118-B8 Engine
120212-0118-E1 Engine
120212-0118-E8 Engine
120212-0123-B8 Engine
120212-0126-B1 Engine
120212-0126-B8 Engine
120212-0127-B1 Engine
120212-0129-B8 Engine
120212-0131-B8 Engine
120212-0133-B8 Engine
120212-0134-B8 Engine
120212-0142-B8 Engine
120212-0143-B8 Engine
120212-0523-B8 Engine
120232-0136-B8 Engine
120232-0138-B8 Engine
120232-0535-B8 Engine
120292-0570-B8 Engine
120312-0133-B1 Engine
120312-0133-B8 Engine
120312-0135-B1 Engine
120312-0135-B8 Engine
120312-0135-E1 Engine
120312-0138-B2 Engine
120312-0138-E2 Engine
120312-0141-B1 Engine
120312-0141-B8 Engine
120312-0141-E1 Engine
120312-0145-B1 Engine
120312-0145-B8 Engine
120312-0145-E1 Engine
120312-0336-B1 Engine
120312-0336-B8 Engine
120312-0336-E1 Engine
120317-0121-B1 Engine
120317-0121-B8 Engine
120317-0121-E1 Engine
120412-0023-E1 Engine
120412-0120-E1 Engine
120412-0124-E1 Engine
120412-0135-E1 Engine
120417-0121-E1 Engine
120452-0147-E1 Engine
120492-0119-E1 Engine
121012-0114-B1 Engine
121012-0114-B8 Engine
121012-0114-E1 Engine
121012-0114-E8 Engine
121012-0116-B8 Engine
121012-0116-E8 Engine
121012-0126-B8 Engine
121012-0127-B1 Engine
121012-0133-B8 Engine
121012-0135-B8 Engine
121012-0136-B8 Engine
121012-0139-B8 Engine
121012-0140-B8 Engine
121032-0119-B8 Engine
121132-0110-B8 Engine
121132-4138-B8 Engine
121212-0110-B1 Engine
121212-0110-B8 Engine
121212-0110-E1 Engine
121212-0112-B1 Engine
121212-0112-B8 Engine
121212-0112-E1 Engine
121212-0112-E8 Engine
121212-0113-B1 Engine
121212-0113-B8 Engine
121212-0113-E1 Engine
121212-0121-B1 Engine
121212-0121-B8 Engine
121212-0131-B1 Engine
121212-0131-B8 Engine
121212-0133-B1 Engine
121212-0133-B8 Engine
121212-0133-E1 Engine
121212-0133-E8 Engine
121312-0023-B1 Engine
121312-0023-B8 Engine
121312-0023-E1 Engine
121312-0026-B1 Engine
121312-0026-B8 Engine
121312-0026-E1 Engine
121312-0060-B1 Engine
121312-0060-B2 Engine
121312-0060-B3 Engine
121312-0060-B8 Engine
121312-0060-E1 Engine
121312-0060-E2 Engine
121312-0060-E3 Engine
121312-0122-B1 Engine
121312-0122-B8 Engine
121312-0122-E1 Engine
121312-0125-B1 Engine
121312-0125-B8 Engine
121312-0125-E1 Engine
121312-0140-B1 Engine
121312-0140-B8 Engine
121312-0140-E1 Engine
121312-0157-B1 Engine
121312-0157-B8 Engine
121312-0170-B1 Engine
121312-0170-B8 Engine
121312-0170-E1 Engine
121312-0171-B1 Engine
121312-0171-B8 Engine
121312-0171-E1 Engine
121312-0175-E1 Engine
121312-0223-B1 Engine
121312-0223-B8 Engine
121312-0223-E1 Engine
121312-0523-B8 Engine
121312-0526-B8 Engine
121312-0560-B8 Engine
121332-0033-B1 Engine
121332-0033-B2 Engine
121332-0033-B8 Engine
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  • • Engine

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