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Spring-Governor (Light Blue)

Part Number: 690254
Briggs and Stratton
Availability: 1 in stock
Price: $6.02
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: and 263116.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 690254
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
9C900 Series Engine
9D900 Series Engine
9T500 Series Engine
10A902-0151-01 Engine
10A902-0217-01 Engine
10A902-0221-01 Engine
10A902-0222-01 Engine
10A902-0223-01 Engine
10A902-0224-01 Engine
10A902-0226-01 Engine
10A902-0227-01 Engine
10A902-0228-01 Engine
10A902-0229-01 Engine
10A902-0236-81 Engine
10A902-0239-01 Engine
10A902-0241-01 Engine
10A902-0250-81 Engine
10A902-0423-A1 Engine
10A902-0426-A1 Engine
10A902-0439-A3 Engine
10A902-0471-A1 Engine
10A902-0478-A1 Engine
10A902-0483-A1 Engine
10A902-0615-A1 Engine
10A902-0616-A1 Engine
10A902-0618-A1 Engine
10A902-1020-81 Engine
10A902-1021-81 Engine
10A902-1022-81 Engine
10A902-1025-81 Engine
10A902-1026-81 Engine
10A902-2004-B1 Engine
10A902-2007-B1 Engine
10A902-2008-B1 Engine
10A902-2010-B1 Engine
10A902-2011-B1 Engine
10A902-2017-E1 Engine
10A902-2027-B1 Engine
10A902-2033-B1 Engine
10A902-2035-B1 Engine
10A902-2050-B1 Engine
10A902-2052-B1 Engine
10A902-2075-B1 Engine
10A902-2075-E1 Engine
10A902-2087-B1 Engine
10A902-2087-E1 Engine
10A902-2101-E1 Engine
10A902-2106-B1 Engine
10A902-2106-B3 Engine
10A902-2106-B4 Engine
10A902-2106-E1 Engine
10A902-2106-E2 Engine
10A902-2106-E3 Engine
10A902-2110-B1 Engine
10A902-2128-B1 Engine
10A902-2128-E1 Engine
10A902-2151-E1 Engine
10A902-2153-B1 Engine
10A902-2153-E1 Engine
10A902-2251-E1 Engine
10A902-2256-E1 Engine
10A902-2260-B1 Engine
10A902-2260-E1 Engine
10A902-2260-E2 Engine
10A902-2262-B1 Engine
10A902-2262-E1 Engine
10A902-2272-B1 Engine
10A902-2272-E1 Engine
10A902-2274-E2 Engine
10A902-2275-B1 Engine
10A902-2275-B2 Engine
10A902-2275-E1 Engine
10A902-2276-81 Engine
10A902-2294-B1 Engine
10A902-2295-B1 Engine
10A902-2296-B1 Engine
10A902-2297-B1 Engine
10A982-0219-82 Engine
10A982-0230-01 Engine
10A982-0430-A1 Engine
10A982-0650-A1 Engine
10A982-0651-A1 Engine
10A982-1019-82 Engine
10A982-2067-B2 Engine
10A982-2067-E2 Engine
10A982-2169-B1 Engine
10A982-2169-E1 Engine
10C902-0102-01 Engine
10C902-0115-01 Engine
10C902-0116-01 Engine
10C902-0128-01 Engine
10C902-0129-01 Engine
10C902-0130-01 Engine
10C902-0133-99 Engine
10C902-0134-01 Engine
10C902-2009-E1 Engine
10C902-2033-99 Engine
10C982-0127-99 Engine
10D902-0111-B1 Engine
10D902-0113-B1 Engine
10D902-0120-B1 Engine
10D902-0120-B2 Engine
10D902-0120-E1 Engine
10D902-0129-B1 Engine
10D902-0143-B1 Engine
10D902-0147-B1 Engine
10D902-0148-B1 Engine
10D902-0149-B1 Engine
10D902-0152-B1 Engine
10D902-0153-B1 Engine
10D902-0155-B1 Engine
10D902-0157-B1 Engine
10D902-0158-B1 Engine
10D902-0159-B1 Engine
10D902-0160-B1 Engine
10D902-0163-B1 Engine
10D902-0166-B1 Engine
10D902-0168-B1 Engine
10D902-0169-B1 Engine
10D902-0170-B1 Engine
10D902-0171-B1 Engine
10D902-0172-B1 Engine
10D902-0173-B1 Engine
10D902-0174-B1 Engine
10D902-0175-B1 Engine
10D902-0176-B1 Engine
10D902-0179-B1 Engine
10D902-0180-B1 Engine
10D902-0181-B1 Engine
10D902-0187-B1 Engine
10D902-0188-B1 Engine
10D902-0189-B1 Engine
10D902-0190-B1 Engine
10D902-0193-B1 Engine
10D902-0195-B1 Engine
10D902-0198-B1 Engine
10D902-0246-B1 Engine
10D902-0251-B1 Engine
10D902-0252-B1 Engine
10D902-0253-B1 Engine
10D902-0254-B1 Engine
10D982-0164-B1 Engine
10T502-0001-H1 Engine
10T502-0111-B1 Engine
10T502-0111-H1 Engine
10T502-0112-B1 Engine
10T502-0113-B1 Engine
10T502-0118-B1 Engine
10T502-0118-H1 Engine
10T502-0120-B1 Engine
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 690254
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
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