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Part Number: 790034
Briggs and StrattonToro
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: and 697674.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton, Toro
Product Number: 790034
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer. The governor spring is commonly found in Briggs & Stratton engines. This is a metal part that is used to help control the speed of the flywheel. You may require a screwdriver and pliers when replacing this item. This part is sold individually.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton

445777-0231-E1 Engine
40F777-0111-E1 Engine
40F777-0112-E1 Engine
40G777-0383-E1 Engine
40G777-0110-E1 Engine
40G777-0112-B1 Engine
40G777-0112-E1 Engine
40G777-0114-B1 Engine
40G777-0114-E1 Engine
40G777-0115-B1 Engine
40G777-0115-E1 Engine
40G777-0181-E1 Engine
40H777-0114-B1 Engine
40H777-0114-E1 Engine
40H777-0171-E1 Engine
40H777-0241-B1 Engine
40H777-0241-E1 Engine
40H777-0241-E2 Engine
40H777-0242-B1 Engine
40H777-0242-E1 Engine
40H777-0242-E2 Engine
40H777-0363-B1 Engine
40H777-0363-E1 Engine
40H777-0364-B1 Engine
40H777-0364-E1 Engine
44H777-0116-E1 Engine
44N777-0122-E1 Engine
4035A7-0409-E1 Engine
4045A7-0285-E1 Engine
4045A7-0286-E1 Engine
405577-0110-E1 Engine
405777-0116-E1 Engine
405777-0117-E1 Engine
405777-0118-E1 Engine
405777-0119-E1 Engine
405777-0129-E1 Engine
405777-0132-E1 Engine
405777-0134-E1 Engine
405777-0135-E1 Engine
405777-0137-E1 Engine
405777-0139-E1 Engine
406577-0122-E1 Engine
406577-0125-E1 Engine
406577-0139-E1 Engine
406577-0139-E2 Engine
406577-0142-E1 Engine
406577-0410-E1 Engine
406577-0442-E1 Engine
406677-0405-E1 Engine
406777-0115-E1 Engine
406777-0116-E1 Engine
406777-0136-E1 Engine
406777-0151-E1 Engine
406777-0158-E1 Engine
407577-0112-E1 Engine
407577-0113-E1 Engine
407577-0287-E1 Engine
407577-0288-E1 Engine
407577-0317-E1 Engine
407577-0398-E1 Engine
407677-0182-E1 Engine
407677-0201-E1 Engine
407677-0229-E1 Engine
407677-0232-E1 Engine
407677-0233-E1 Engine
407677-0258-E1 Engine
407777-0118-E1 Engine
407777-0119-E1 Engine
407777-0119-E3 Engine
407777-0120-E1 Engine
407777-0121-E1 Engine
407777-0121-E2 Engine
407777-0121-E3 Engine
407777-0121-E4 Engine
407777-0121-E5 Engine
407777-0122-E1 Engine
407777-0122-E2 Engine
407777-0122-E3 Engine
407777-0124-E1 Engine
407777-0124-E5 Engine
407777-0126-E1 Engine
407777-0128-E1 Engine
407777-0130-E1 Engine
407777-0131-B1 Engine
407777-0131-E1 Engine
407777-0131-E2 Engine
407777-0137-E1 Engine
407777-0147-E1 Engine
407777-0167-E1 Engine
407777-0171-B1 Engine
407777-0171-E1 Engine
407777-0174-B1 Engine
407777-0174-E1 Engine
407777-0184-E1 Engine
407777-0187-E1 Engine
407777-0204-E1 Engine
407777-0205-E1 Engine
407777-0218-E1 Engine
407777-0219-E1 Engine
407777-0229-E1 Engine
407777-0230-E1 Engine
407777-0268-E1 Engine
441677-0113-B1 Engine
441677-0113-E1 Engine
441677-0113-E2 Engine
441677-0131-B1 Engine
441677-0131-E1 Engine
441677-0131-E2 Engine
441677-0403-B1 Engine
441677-0403-E1 Engine
441677-0580-B1 Engine
441677-0580-E1 Engine
441677-0702-B1 Engine
441677-0702-E1 Engine
441677-0748-B1 Engine
441677-0748-E1 Engine
441677-0796-B1 Engine
441677-0796-E1 Engine
441577-0112-E1 Engine
441577-0117-B1 Engine
441577-0118-B1 Engine
441577-0120-E1 Engine
441577-0124-E1 Engine
441577-0410-B1 Engine
441777-0726-B1 Engine
441777-0726-E1 Engine
441777-0025-E1 Engine
441777-0025-G1 Engine
441777-0026-E1 Engine
441777-0026-G1 Engine
441777-0027-B1 Engine
441777-0027-E1 Engine
441777-0027-G1 Engine
441777-0116-B1 Engine
441777-0116-E1 Engine
441777-0116-E2 Engine
441777-0117-B1 Engine
441777-0119-B1 Engine
441777-0119-E1 Engine
441777-0121-B1 Engine
441777-0121-E1 Engine
441777-0123-B1 Engine
441777-0123-E1 Engine
441777-0283-B1 Engine
441777-0283-E1 Engine
441777-0284-B1 Engine
441777-0284-E1 Engine
441777-0568-B1 Engine
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
  • • Lawn Tractor
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton, Toro
Product Number: 790034
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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