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Single Washer Inlet Strainer

Part Number: WP22002960
MaytagAdmiralSpeed QueenAmanaCrosleyMagic Chef
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: and 22002960.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Maytag, Admiral, Speed Queen, Amana, Crosley, Magic Chef
Product Number: WP22002960
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

MLE19PNDYW Commercial Laundry (Dryer Ele)
MLG19PNDWW Commercial Laundry (Dryer Ele)
MLG19PRDWW Maytag Laundry (Dryer Ele)
MLE19PRDYW Maytag Laundry (Dryer Ele)
MLE19PDDYW Maytag Laundry (Dryer Ele)
MLG19PDDGW Maytag Laundry (Dryer Ele)
MLE19PDDGW Maytag Laundry (Dryer Ele)
MHW2000AWW Laundry Center
MUE2000AYM Maytag Stack Laundry
MUG2000AXW Maytag Stack Laundry
MUG2000AWW Maytag Stack Laundry
MUE2000AZW Maytag Stack Laundry
MUE2000AYW Maytag Stack Laundry
FAV9800AWW Residential Washer
FAV9800AWQ Residential Washer
FAV6800AWQ Residential Washer
FAV6800AWW Residential Washer
LAV3600AWW Residential Maytag Laundry
SAV2555AWW Residential Washer
SAV2655AWW Residential Washer
MAV6650AWW Residential Washer
SAV205DAWW Residential Washer
SAV5401AWW Residential Washer
SAV365ZAWW Residential Washer
SAV5710AWW Residential Washer
SAV3655AWW Residential Washer
SAV3710AWW Residential Washer
SAV365AAWW Residential Washer
SAV505DAWW Residential Washer
SAV505DAWQ Residential Washer
SAV515DEWW Residential Maytag Laundry
SAV571EEWW Residential Maytag Laundry
SAV5701AWQ Residential Washer
SAV5701AWW Residential Washer
SAV405DEWW Residential Maytag Laundry
SAV515DAWW Residential Washer
SAV5910AWW Residential Maytag Laundry
SAV4655AWQ Residential Maytag Laundry
SAV5910EWW Residential Maytag Laundry
SAV4710AWW Residential Washer
SAV405DAWW Residential Washer
SAV4655AWW Residential Washer
MAV7657EWW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAVT754EWW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV7657EWQ Residential Maytag Laundry
SAV4655EWW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV7504EWW Residential Washer
SAV4655EWQ Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV9657EWW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV9504EWW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV9657EWQ Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV9504EWQ Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV7750BGW Residential Washer
MAH4000BWQ Residential Washer
MAH4000BWW Residential Washer
MAV7750AGW Residential Washer
MAT12PDDAW Manual, Parts Laundry (Washer)
MAT12PDDGW Manual, Parts Laundry (Washer)
MAH21PRAWW Maytag Laundry (Washer)
MAH21PSAWW Maytag Laundry (Washer)
MAH21PNAWW Maytag Laundry (Washer)
MAH3000AWQ Residential Washer
MAT12PDDBW Manual, Parts Laundry (Washer)
MAT12PDDAQ Manual, Parts Laundry (Washer)
MAT12PDLGW Commercial Laundry (Washer)
MAT12PRSAW Manual, Parts (Washer)
MAT12PDSAW Manual,Parts (Washer)
MAT12PDLAW Maytag Laundry (Washer)
MAH20PDA3W Maytag Laundry (Washer)
MAH3000AWA Residential Washer
MAH21PDCXQ Maytag Laundry (Washer)
MAT12PDLAQ Maytag Laundry (Washer)
MAH21PDAWQ Maytag Laundry (Washer)
MAH21PDCXW Maytag Laundry (Washer)
MAH21PDAWW Maytag Laundry (Washer)
MAH20PRDWW Maytag Laundry (Washer)
MAV7757AWQ Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV8757AWQ Residential Maytag Laundry
MAH20PNAWW Maytag Laundry (Washer)
MAH3000AWW Residential Washer
MAH20PDCXQ Maytag Laundry (Washer)
MAH20PDCXW Maytag Laundry (Washer)
MAV7757AWW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV7357AWW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAT13PNDEW Manual, Parts Laundry (Washer)
MAV7358AWW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAT12PRDAW Manual, Parts Laundry (Washer)
MAV8757AWW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAT12PSLWQ Maytag Commercial Laundry (Washer)
MAV7357AWQ Residential Maytag Laundry
MAT12PSLWW Maytag Commercial Laundry (Washer)
MAT12PSDAW Manual, Parts Laundry (Washer)
MAV7358AWQ Residential Maytag Laundry
MAT13MNDAW Manual, Parts Laundry (Washer)
MAT12CSLWQ Maytag Commercial Laundry (Washer)
MAT12CSLWW Maytag Commercial Laundry (Washer)
MAH20PRAWW Maytag Laundry (Washer)
MAH4000AWW Residential Washer
MAH21PDD3W Laundry Product (Washer)
MAT12CSFWQ Commercial Laundry (Washer)
MAT12CSFWW Commercial Laundry (Washer)
MAT12CSLGW Maytag Commercial Washer (Washer)
MAH4000AWQ Residential Washer
MAT12CSDAW Manual, Parts Laundry (Washer)
MAT12CSDAQ Manual, Parts Laundry (Washer)
MAT12CSDGW Manual, Parts Laundry (Washer)
MAH20PDAWQ Maytag Laundry (Washer)
MAH20PSAWW Maytag Laundry (Washer)
MAH21PDA3W Maytag Laundry (Washer)
MAT13MNDGW Manual, Parts Laundry (Washer)
MAH20PDAWW Commercial Washer
MAH5500AWW Residential Washer
XAV13PRBWW Manual, Parts (Washer)
MAV6000AWW Residential Washer
MAV7450AWQ Residential Maytag Laundry
MAH3000AGW Residential Washer
MAH3000AAW Residential Washer
MAH3000AEW Residential Washer
MAV6250AWQ Residential Residential Washer
MAV6451AGW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAH3000AKW Residential Washer
MAV7450AWW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV8000AWW Residential Washer
MAV6358AWW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV4500AWW Residential Washer
MAV7057AWQ Residential Washer
MAV8057AWW Residential Washer
MAV6357AWW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV7650AWW Residential Residential Washer
MAV7580EWW Residential Washer
MAV7650AWQ Residential Residential Washer
MAV9750AGW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV7580EWQ Residential Washer
MAV7600ACQ Residential Washer
MAV7750CGW Residential Washer
MAV7600CGW Residential Washer
MAV7260AWW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAVT734EWW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV7550AWW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV6257AWW Residential Washer
MAV7260BWW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV7000AWQ Residential Washer
MAV6000AWQ Residential Washer
MAV8557AWQ Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV7550AWQ Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV5057AWW Residential Washer
MAV6257AWQ Residential Washer
MAV8000AWQ Residential Washer
MAV8557AWW Residential Maytag Laundry
MAV7257AWW Residential Washer
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Dryer
  • • Washer
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Maytag, Admiral, Speed Queen, Amana, Crosley, Magic Chef
Product Number: WP22002960
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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