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Screw,​Flat Head ,​818Ab X 044 ,​Quad Drive

Part Number: 134156200
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Price: $8.75
Leaves our warehouse within
6 - 12 business days.
Product Information
Manufacturer: Electrolux, Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, Kelvinator, Westinghouse, Uni, Crosley
Product Number: 134156200
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.05 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CRER5700AS1 Residential Dryer
CER3600AS1 Residential Frigidaire/Electric Dryer
CREF342AS2 Residential Dryer
CRER7900AS1 Residential Dryer
CRGR5700AS2 Residential Dryer
CGR3600AS1 Residential Dryer
CGR3600AS2 Residential Dryer
CRGR5700AS1 Residential Dryer
CRGF342AS2 Residential Dryer
CRGR7900AS1 Residential Dryer
CRGF342AS3 Residential Dryer
CRGR7900AS2 Residential Dryer
41759022890 Gas Dryer
BEF332CES0 Residential Dryer
DG400TXD1 Wwh(V1) / 27 " Gas Dryer
DG400TXW1 Wwh(V2) / 27 " Gas Dryer
DG400TXD0 Wwh(V1) / 27 " Gas Dryer
DG400TXW0 Wwh(V2) / 27 " Gas Dryer
BCEQ2152ES1 Residential Frigidaire
CFRE5714KW0 Frigidaire/Electric Dryer
CFRE5711KW0 Frigidaire/Electric Dryer
CEF140CES0 Frigidaire/Dryer
BCEQ2152ES0 Residential Frigidaire
CRGF342AS4 Residential Dryer
CRGR5700AS3 Residential Dryer
CGR3600AS3 Residential Dryer
CGF140CES0 Frigidaire/Dryer
CRGR7900AS3 Residential Dryer
41759012890 Gas Dryer
GLER331AS2 Residential Dryer
GLER331AQ2 Residential Dryer
FER211AS2 Residential Dryer
MDE436RED0 Frg(V1) / Electric Dryer
FDE546RES1 Residential Frigidaire Electric-Dryer
GSER642AS3 Residential Dryer
FDE646GES0 Residential Electric Dryer
MDE436REW0 Frg(V2) / Electric Dryer
FDE546RET1 Residential Frigidaire Electric-Dryer
GLER642AS3 Residential Frigidaire/Dryer
FDE7970EW1 Residential Frigidaire Electric-Dryer
FDE336RET1 Residential Frigidaire Electric-Dryer
FDE648GFS0 Residential Frigidaire/Dryer
MDE436REW1 Frg(V2) / Electric Dryer
FDE7971EW1 Residential Frigidaire Electric-Dryer
MDE436RED1 Frg(V1) / Electric Dryer
FDE7970EW0 Residential Frigidaire Electric Dryer
LDE333PEW0 Residential Frigidaire Electric Dryer
FDE216RES1 Residential Frigidaire Electric Dryer
FDE7971EW0 Residential Frigidaire Electric Dryer
FDE336RES1 Residential Frigidaire Electric-Dryer
FDE648GFT0 Residential Frigidaire/Dryer
LFD301EW1 Residential Dryer
FDE7977ES0 Residential Frigidaire Electric Dryer
FDE7977EW0 Residential Frigidaire Electric Dryer
FSE346RHS0 Residential Dryer-Frigidaire
F31C336ES0 Residential Frigidaire
F31C436ES0 Residential Frigidaire
FDE436RET1 Residential Frigidaire Electric-Dryer
FSE446RHS0 Residential Dryer
FDE436RES1 Residential Frigidaire Electric-Dryer
FSE447GHS0 Residential Dryer
FSE748GFS1 Residential Frigidaire/Stack Dryer
FSEB39RGS0 Residential Dryer-Frigidaire Best Buy
FD955EAW0 Dryer/Best Buy
WDE116REW0 Wwh(V0) / Dryer
FDEB23RGS0 Residential Dryer
WDE336RED1 Wwh(V1) / Dryer
WDE336REW1 Wwh(V2) / Dryer
GDE337REW0 Residential Gibson/Fs Dryer
WDE336RES0 Wwh(V0) / Dryer
WDE336REW0 Wwh(V0) / Free Standing Dryer
FDEB23RGS1 Residential Dryer
FDEB34RGS1 Residential Dryer
FDE336RET2 Residential Frigidaire/Fs Dryer
FSE446RHS1 Residential Dryer
FDE336CFS2 Residential Frigidaire-Dryer
FDE336RES2 Residential Frigidaire/Fs Dryer
FSE447GHS1 Residential Dryer
FDEB55RGS0 Residential Frigidaire Best Buy Dryer
GLEQ332AS0 Residential Dryer
GSGR642AS5 Residential Dryer
SGGR341AS0 Residential Dryer
FDE647RFS0 Residential Frigidaire / Dryer
GLGQ332AS3 Residential Dryer
FDEB55RGS1 Residential Best Buy/Fs Dryer
GLGQ332AS2 Residential Dryer
GSGR642AS3 Residential Dryer
GLGQ642AS2 Residential Dryer
GSGQ642AS2 Residential Dryer
FDE647RFS1 Residential Frigidaire/Fs Dryer
GSGR642AS4 Residential Dryer
FSE849GHQ1 Residential Dryer
FSE849GHS1 Residential Dryer
GSEQ642AS0 Residential Dryer
GSGQ642AS3 Residential Dryer
GLEQ332AS1 Residential Dryer
GLEQ642AS0 Residential Dryer
GLGQ642AS3 Residential Dryer
FDE648GFT1 Residential Frigidaire/Fs Dryer
FDE437GHS0 Residential Dryer-Frigidaire
MDG546RES0 Frg(V2) / Gas Dryer
MDG546RED0 Frg(V1) / Gas Dryer
FDE648GFS1 Residential Frigidaire/Fs Dryer
FDE875GHS0 Residential Dryer-Frigidaire
FDE855RHS0 Residential Dryer-Frigidaire
FDE875GHT0 Residential Dryer-Frigidaire
FDE546RET2 Residential Frigidaire/Fs Dryer
MDG546RET0 Frg(V3) / Gas Dryer
FDE546RES2 Residential Frigidaire/Fs Dryer
CREF342AS1 Residential Dryer
MDG546REW0 Frg(V4) / Gas Dryer
FDE7974HW0 Residential Dryer-Frigidaire Mont Ward
CREF342AS0 Residential Dryer
GLEQ642AS1 Residential Dryer
GSEQ642AS1 Residential Dryer
FDE648GHT0 Residential Dryer-Frigidaire
WDG546RFS0 Wwh(V0) / Dryer
FDG747GES0 Residential Frigidaire Gas Dryer
FDE558GHS0 Residential Dryer-Frigidaire
FDG546RET1 Residential Frigidaire Gas-Dryer
FDG336RES1 Residential Frigidaire Gas-Dryer
FSG747GES1 Residential Dryer
FDE7971EW2 Residential Montgomery Wards/Fs Dryer
FDG336RET1 Residential Frigidaire Gas-Dryer
FDG648GFS0 Residential Frigidaire Gas-Dryer
FDG648GFT0 Residential Frigidaire Gas-Dryer
FDE558GGS0 Residential Frigidaire/Fs Dryer
FER111AS0 Residential Dryer
FDG546RES1 Residential Frigidaire Gas-Dryer
FDG848GFT0 Residential Frigidaire Gas-Dryer
MDG336RES1 Frg(V0) / Gas Dryer
MDG436REW1 Frg(V2) / Gas Dryer
MDG436RED1 Frg(V1) / Gas Dryer
FER111AS1 Residential Dryer
FDG848GFS0 Residential Frigidaire Gas-Dryer
FDEB23RGS2 Residential Dryer
FDEB34RGS2 Residential Dryer
LDG333PEW0 Residential Frigidaire Gas Dryer
FER231AS0 Residential Dryer
FER211AS1 Residential Dryer
FSG747GES0 Residential Dryer
FER331AS0 Residential Dryer
FER231AS1 Residential Dryer
FER331AS1 Residential Dryer
GLER331AQ1 Residential Dryer
CRER5700AS0 Residential Dryer
CRER7900AS0 Residential Dryer
GLER331AS1 Residential Dryer
CER3600AS0 Residential Dryer
GSER642AS2 Residential Dryer

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Dryer
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Electrolux, Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, Kelvinator, Westinghouse, Uni, Crosley
Product Number: 134156200
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.05 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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