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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch

Screw,​ Flg M6x1.​0x40

Part Number: M-651040-S
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Price: $2.99
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Product Information

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CH20S-64730 Engine
CH20S-64745 Engine
CH20S-64746 Engine
CH20S-64749 Engine
CH20S-64753 Engine
CH22GS-66562 Engine
CH22S-76501 Engine
CH22S-76521 Engine
CH23S-76513 Engine
LH640-0001 Engine
LH685-0003 Engine
LH685-0010 Engine
LH685-0011 Engine
LH685-0014 Engine
LH690-0003 Engine
LH690-0010 Engine
LH690-0011 Engine
LH690-0013 Engine
LH750-0001 Engine
LH755-0002 Engine
LH755-0003 Engine
LH775-0001 Engine
LH775-0012 Engine
CH730GS-CH730-0023 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0004 Engine
CH640S-CH640-0027 Engine
CH640S-CH640-3015 Engine
CH640S-CH640-3016 Engine
CH640S-CH640-3018 Engine
CH670S-CH670-0010 Engine
CH670S-CH670-0011 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0008 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0009 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0010 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0011 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0012 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0014 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0018 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0020 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0021 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0024 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0027 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0028 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0029 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0030 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0033 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0034 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0035 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0036 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0037 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0038 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0039 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0040 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0044 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0045 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0047 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0050 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0054 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0055 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0059 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0060 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0063 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0064 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0065 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0067 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0068 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0069 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0072 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0077 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0082 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0084 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0085 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0086 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0088 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0092 Engine
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