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Retainer-Air Filter

Part Number: 691908
Briggs and Stratton
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 691908
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This is an authentic Briggs & Stratton replacement part, sourced from the original manufacturer for use with small engines. The special air filter retainer is commonly used to secure the engine's air filter. This air filter retainer is available as an individual replacement part, please see model diagram for associative parts.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
93400 Series (0010-1286) Engine
9K400 Series Engine
09K432-0022-01 Engine
09K432-0023-01 Engine
09K432-0024-01 Engine
09K432-0115-01 Engine
09K432-0116-01 Engine
09K432-0116-02 Engine
09K432-0117-01 Engine
09K432-0118-01 Engine
091412-0120-E1 Engine
091412-0130-B1 Engine
091412-0130-E1 Engine
093432-1282-E1 Engine
093432-1286-B1 Engine
093452-0049-01 Engine
093452-0141-01 Engine
093452-0168-01 Engine
093452-0349-A1 Engine
093452-1049-B1 Engine
093452-1049-E1 Engine
093452-1049-E5 Engine
093452-1241-E1 Engine
093452-1242-E1 Engine
093452-1277-E1 Engine
093452-1283-B1 Engine
093452-1283-E1 Engine
093412-0011-01 Engine
093412-0011-02 Engine
093412-0015-01 Engine
093412-0039-01 Engine
093412-0060-01 Engine
093412-0136-01 Engine
093412-0136-02 Engine
093412-0139-01 Engine
093412-0150-01 Engine
093412-0153-01 Engine
093412-0154-01 Engine
093412-0169-01 Engine
093412-0169-02 Engine
093412-0172-01 Engine
093412-0174-01 Engine
093412-0315-A1 Engine
093412-0339-A1 Engine
093412-0360-A1 Engine
093412-0636-A1 Engine
093412-0669-A1 Engine
093412-1015-E1 Engine
093412-1039-E1 Engine
093412-1060-E1 Engine
093412-1236-E1 Engine
093412-1236-E2 Engine
093412-1253-E1 Engine
093412-1254-E1 Engine
093412-1269-E1 Engine
093412-1274-E1 Engine
093412-1278-E1 Engine
093432-0035-01 Engine
093432-0035-02 Engine
093432-0035-03 Engine
093432-0036-01 Engine
093432-0036-03 Engine
093432-0036-04 Engine
093432-0037-01 Engine
093432-0038-01 Engine
093432-0038-03 Engine
093432-0041-01 Engine
093432-0140-01 Engine
093432-0145-01 Engine
093432-0149-01 Engine
093432-0152-01 Engine
093432-0157-01 Engine
093432-0158-01 Engine
093432-0160-01 Engine
093432-0192-B1 Engine
093432-0335-A1 Engine
093432-0336-A1 Engine
093432-0337-A1 Engine
093432-0338-A1 Engine
093432-1035-B1 Engine
093432-1035-E1 Engine
093432-1035-E2 Engine
093432-1035-E4 Engine
093432-1036-B1 Engine
093432-1036-E1 Engine
093432-1037-E1 Engine
093432-1038-B1 Engine
093432-1038-E1 Engine
093432-1240-B1 Engine
093432-1240-E1 Engine
093432-1257-E1 Engine
093432-1258-E1 Engine
093432-1280-B1 Engine
093432-1280-E1 Engine
093432-1281-B1 Engine
093432-1281-E1 Engine
093432-1282-B1 Engine
134402-0113-01 Engine
134402-0513-A1 Engine
134402-0513-E1 Engine
134402-1011-E1 Engine
134402-1113-B2 Engine
134402-1113-E1 Engine
134402-1113-E2 Engine
134402-1113-E3 Engine
134402-1120-B1 Engine
134402-1120-B2 Engine
134402-1120-E1 Engine
134402-1120-E2 Engine
133402-0011-01 Engine
133402-0011-02 Engine
133402-0011-03 Engine
133402-0083-01 Engine
133402-0083-02 Engine
133402-0113-99 Engine
133402-0511-A1 Engine
133402-0555-A1 Engine
133402-1011-E1 Engine
133402-1011-E2 Engine
133412-0003-01 Engine
133412-0003-02 Engine
133412-0006-01 Engine
133412-0006-02 Engine
133412-0008-01 Engine
133412-0024-01 Engine
133412-0024-02 Engine
133412-0024-03 Engine
133412-0030-01 Engine
133412-0039-01 Engine
133412-0039-02 Engine
133412-0040-01 Engine
133412-0040-02 Engine
133412-0059-01 Engine
133412-0060-01 Engine
133412-0060-02 Engine
133412-0070-01 Engine
133412-0070-02 Engine
133412-0080-02 Engine
133412-0080-03 Engine
133412-0085-01 Engine
133412-0324-A1 Engine
133412-0340-A1 Engine
133412-0359-A1 Engine
133412-0360-A1 Engine
133412-0360-A2 Engine
133412-0571-A1 Engine
133412-1024-B1 Engine
133412-1024-E1 Engine
133412-1030-E1 Engine
133412-1040-B1 Engine
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This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 691908
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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