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Plug,​​ Cup 25 139 27-S

Part Number: 25 139 27-S
Availability: Factory Backorder
Price: $2.99
Date Available: Unknown
Product Information

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CH940S-CH940-0002 Engine
CH960S-CH960-0002 Engine
CH980S-CH980-0002 Engine
CH980S-CH980-0010 Engine
CH980S-CH980-0011 Engine
CV492-27506 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27516 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27517 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27518 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27525 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27531 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27534 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27539 Command Pro Single Engine
CV491-27501 Command Pro Engine
CV491-27502 Command Pro Engine
CV491-27509 Command Pro Engine
CV493-27512 Engine
CV493-27513 Engine
CV493-27521 Engine
CV493-27524 Engine
CV493-27526 Engine
CV493-27530 Engine
CV490 (27508) Command Engine
CV490-27508 Small Engine
CH1000-0002 40 HP Engine
CH1000-0010 40 HP Engine
CH1000-0011 40 HP Engine
CH1000-0012 40 HP Engine
CH1000-0013 40 HP Engine
CH1000-0014 40 HP Engine
CH1000-0016 40 HP Engine
CH1000-2010 40 HP Engine
CH1000-2012 40 HP Engine
CH1000-2018 40 HP Engine
CH1000-2019 40 HP Engine
CH1000-2020 40 HP Engine
CH1000-2024 40 HP Engine
CH1000-2026 40 HP Engine
CH940-0002 34 HP Engine
CH940-0003 34 HP Engine
CH940-0005 34 HP Engine
CH940-0010 34 HP Engine
CH940-0011 34 HP Engine
CH940-0012 34 HP Engine
CH940-0013 34 HP Engine
CH940-0014 34 HP Engine
CH940-2002 34 HP Engine
CH940-2003 34 HP Engine
CH940-2005 34 HP Engine
CH940-2011 34 HP Engine
CH940-2012 34 HP Engine
CH940-2015 34 HP Engine
CH940-2016 34 HP Engine
CH940-2018 34 HP Engine
CH960-0002 36 HP Engine
CH960-0003 36 HP Engine
CH960-0011 36 HP Engine
CH960-0012 36 HP Engine
CH960-2002 36 HP Engine
CH960-2003 36 HP Engine
CH960-2010 36 HP Engine
CH960-2011 36 HP Engine
CH960-2012 36 HP Engine
CH980-0002 38 HP Engine
Expand the 150+ compatible machines
Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
  • • Lawn Tractor

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Product Information
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Suite 5
Midvale, UT 84047
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