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Part Number: 703232
MurrayBriggs and StrattonSnapperSimplicityCraftsman
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: MT15X145MA, MT15X116MA, 722393, 722400, 1920397, 95661YP, 15X116, 7091603, 7076978, 15X116MA, 7076978SM, 7091603SM, 1920397SM, 15X145MA, 711632MA, 015X116MA and MU15X116MA.

Product Information
This is an authentic OEM sourced replacement part that is specially produced for use on lawn and garden equipment. This high quality nut has multiple applications depending on your unit, please make sure to check appropriate diagrams for correct location and use of this hardware. Note this durable metal item is sold individually.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

7800292 (385002x108C) Lawn Tractor
7800412 (EYK125380) Lawn Tractor
7800303 (425621x108D) Lawn Tractor
7800410 (ELT155420G) Lawn Tractor
7800411 (ELT155420H) Lawn Tractor
7800413 (EYK155420G) Lawn Tractor
7800414 (EYK155420H) Lawn Tractor
7800399 (ELT175460H) Lawn Tractor
7800400 (ELT12460H) Lawn Tractor
7800416 (EYK12460H) Lawn Tractor
7800494 (465624x108A) Lawn Tractor
7800495 (465625x108A) Lawn Tractor
7800272 (312006x11E) Lawn Tractor
7800274 (312006x11E) Lawn Tractor
7800336 (312006x51A) Lawn Tractor
7800337 (309007x51A) Lawn Tractor
7800275 (309006x78C) Lawn Tractor
7800276 (385048x114) Lawn Tractor
7800277 (385048x51A) Lawn Tractor
7800292 (385002x108C) Lawn Tractor
7800294 (385002x78D) Lawn Tractor
7800319 (385048x151) Lawn Tractor
7800278 (405021x114) Lawn Tractor
7800279 (405021x51) Lawn Tractor
7800280 (405628x114) Lawn Tractor
7800281 (405628x51) Lawn Tractor
7800295 (405012x108) Lawn Tractor
7800297 (405012x108) Lawn Tractor
7800300 (405606x78C) Lawn Tractor
7800320 (405021x151) Lawn Tractor
7800321 (405628x151) Lawn Tractor
7800282 (425307x51A) Lawn Tractor
7800302 (425017x78B) Lawn Tractor
7800303 (425621x108C) Lawn Tractor
7800304 (425622x78C) Lawn Tractor
7800283 (465307x51) Lawn Tractor
7800306 (465624x78B) Lawn Tractor
880418X51N Lawn Mower
880419X51N Lawn Mower
880609X120N Lawn Mower
880610X120N Lawn Mower
880746X120N Lawn Mower
880420X51N Lawn Mower
880421X51N Lawn Mower
880422X51N Lawn Mower
880499X51N Lawn Mower
880611X120N Lawn Mower
880612X120N Lawn Mower
880747X120N Lawn Mower
880805X51N Lawn Mower
880806X51N Lawn Mower
880891X51N Lawn Mower
7800256 (201013X51A) Lawn Mower
7800201 (MD2250) Lawn Mower
7800202 (MD2255) Lawn Mower
7800203 (M2265HW) Lawn Mower
7800204 (MP2265) Lawn Mower
7800205 (MP22675HW) Lawn Mower
7800239 (NMD2250) Lawn Mower
7800240 (NM2255) Lawn Mower
7800241 (NM2265HW) Lawn Mower
7800242 (NMP2265) Lawn Mower
7800243 (NMP226575HW) Lawn Mower
7800247 (EMP2265) Lawn Mower
7800248 (EMP22675HW) Lawn Mower
7800258 (M2255FC) Lawn Mower
7800260 (MP2265FC) Lawn Mower
7800267 (BTP2265HW) Lawn Mower
7800322 (BTD2250FC) Lawn Mower
7800323 (BT2265FC) Lawn Mower
7800324 (BTP22675HWFC) Lawn Mower
880751X51N Lawn Mower
880752X51N (SP/IC) Lawn Mower
TM6000x51NA Trimmer
7800461 (EMP2265) Lawn Mower
7800462 (EMP22675HW) Lawn Mower
7800477 (BTP22675HW) Lawn Mower
7800503 (309007x151A) Lawn Tractor
7800528 (309029x11G) Lawn Tractor
7800529 (309007x51B) Lawn Tractor
7800336 (312006x51A) Lawn Tractor
7800337 (309007x51A) Lawn Tractor
312006x50C Lawn Tractor
385002x108B Lawn Tractor
385003x108 Lawn Tractor
385047x51A Lawn Tractor
405013x50C Lawn Tractor
405020x51A Lawn Tractor
405606x50C Lawn Tractor
405612x108 Lawn Tractor
405627x51A Lawn Tractor
1695539 (2008) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695557 (C950-52846-0)(2008) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695558 (C950-52847-0)(2008) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
LP1695444-726E (2008) 26" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695488 (18-2863-29)(2008) 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695489 (18-2829-29)(2008) 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695506 (18-2830-39)(2008) 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695507 (18-2856-29)(2008) 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695555 (C950-52843-0)(2008) 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695559 (C950-52813-0)(2008) 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695560 (C950-52850-0)(2008) 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695540 (2008) 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695541 (2008) 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695566 (2008) 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695340-1171 HST (2008) 28" Dual Stage Snowthrower
LP1695441-928E (2008) 28" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695561 (C950-52848-0)(2008) 30" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695562 (C950-52816-0)(2008) 30" Dual Stage Snowthrower
425018x00A 42" Lawn Tractor
425621x108B 42" Lawn Tractor
425622x50C 42" Lawn Tractor
465617x51A 46" Lawn Tractor
309006x50C 30" Lawn Tractor
309006x78A-SW 30" Lawn Tractor
309029x11E (10/30) 30" Lawn Tractor
201010x51A 20" Lawn Mower
SST22500 Trimmer
TM6000x11NB Trimmer
TM6000x50NB Trimmer
312006x190A (552550) 30" Lawn Tractor
312006x50B-SW 30" Lawn Tractor
312006x78B 30" Lawn Tractor
385002x190A (552544) 38" Lawn Tractor
385002x50B-SW 38" Lawn Tractor
385002x78C 38" Lawn Tractor
385044x51A-SW 38" Lawn Tractor
405013x50B-SW 40" Lawn Tractor
405017x190A (552545) 40" Lawn Tractor
405606x190A (552546) 40" Lawn Tractor
405606x50B-SW 40" Lawn Tractor
405606x78B 40" Lawn Tractor
405607x78A 40" Lawn Tractor
405625x51A-SW 40" Lawn Tractor
425017x190A (552548) 42" Lawn Tractor
425622x50B-SW 42" Lawn Tractor
425622x78B 42" Lawn Tractor
425624x190A (552547) 42" Lawn Tractor
425640x50B-SW 42" Lawn Tractor
TM6000x11NA String Trimmer
TM6000x50NA String Trimmer
461004x92B 46" Lawn Tractor
461605x99A 46" Lawn Tractor
312002x11B 30" Lawn Tractor
312006x50A 30" Lawn Tractor
385000x68B 38" Lawn Tractor
385001x51A 38" Lawn Tractor
385002x108A 38" Lawn Tractor
385002x50A 38" Lawn Tractor
385002x78A 38" Lawn Tractor
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Questions & Answers

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Locknut - 703232
Pin, Wheel Lock 1/4-20 - 1501856YZMA
Spring, Compression - 164X34MA
Hub, Wheel Lock Centered - 1501857MA
Knob, Wheel Lock - 1501855MA
Capscrew, 1/4-20 X 2-1/4 Hex Head - 73839MA
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
Socket set, Adjustable Wrench
Bolt broke and entire wheel lock assembly fell off and was lost.
1. Wished that the entire assembly was sold as 1 piece.
2. Assembled the parts into the entire assembly.
3. Bolted it to the axle.
Works great!
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Tool Type:
Lawn Mower
Parts Used:
Locknut - 703232
Tank, Fuel - 7601045MA
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
Gas tank leaking
Remove the screws holding the gas tank remove old tank replace with new one and replace screws
Did you find this story helpful?
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