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Nut,​ Loxit (3/​8")

Part Number: 7103P130-60
SamsungMaytagAdmiralHardwickAmanaJenn-AirNorgeCrosleyMagic Chef
Availability: Factory Backorder [ more info ]
Price: $7.22
Date Available: Unknown
Product Information
Manufacturer: Samsung, Maytag, Admiral, Hardwick, Amana, Jenn-Air, Norge, Crosley, Magic Chef
Product Number: 7103P130-60
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.02 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CWG4600AAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG3600AAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWGA800AAE Built-In, Gas Admiral Cooking
CWGA200AAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG4510BAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWGA800AAB Built-In, Gas Admiral Cooking
CWG4020BAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG3020BAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG3020BAE Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG3020AAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG4020AAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG3510AAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG4510AAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG402 Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG3510BAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG302 Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG451 Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG351 Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
GA3216WRAM Gas Admiral Cooking
G3110PRA-M Gas Brands Cooking
D31100PATL Freestanding, Gas Magic Chef Cooking
G1110PRA Freestanding, Gas Brands Cooking
G1110PRW Freestanding, Gas Brands Cooking
GA3277WUWM Gas Admiral Cooking
GC3277WUAM Gas Crosley Cooking
GA3216WRWM Gas Admiral Cooking
GV3177WUA Gas Brands Cooking
GV3177WUW Gas Brands Cooking
GV3277XUW Gas Brands Cooking (Export)
GV3277XUA Gas Brands Cooking (Export)
G3110PRA5K Gas Brands Cooking
G3287XRA Gas Brands Cooking
G3287XRW Gas Brands Cooking
G3110PRW-M Gas Brands Cooking
CRP205 Gas Maytag Cooking
LCRP205 Gas Maytag Cooking
G3216WRA-M Gas Magic Chef Cooking
GC3277WUWM Gas Crosley Cooking
G3227WRA-M Gas Brands Cooking
GA3277WUAM Gas Admiral Cooking
G3227WRW-M Gas Brands Cooking
GM3267XUWM Gas Magic Chef Cooking
D3110PRALT Gas Magic Chef Cooking
G3267XRAM3 Gas Brands Cooking
GM3267WUAM Gas Magic Chef Cooking
GM3267WUWM Gas Magic Chef Cooking
G3267XRW-M Gas Brands Cooking
G3267XRWM4 Gas Brands Cooking
G3267XRAM4 Gas Brands Cooking
G3227XRA-M Gas Brands Cooking
GM3267XUAM Gas Magic Chef Cooking
G3267XRWM3 Gas Brands Cooking
G3227XRW-M Gas Brands Cooking
GV1110PRW Gas Brands Cooking
LCRG505 Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG505 Gas Maytag Cooking
G3127WRA Gas Magic Chef Cooking
G3127WRA-5 Gas Magic Chef Cooking
G3267XRA-M Gas Brands Cooking
CRL5300BXA Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG583 Gas Maytag Cooking
D31113XATL Freestanding, Gas Dixie Cooking
LCRG583 Gas Maytag Cooking
CRL5300BXW Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG7400BAL Gas Maytag Cooking
LCRG405 Slide-In, Gas Maytag Cooking
CRP5300AXL Gas Maytag Cooking
GM1110PRW Gas Magic Chef Cooking
CRG405 Slide-In, Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG355 Gas Maytag Cooking
G3110PRW5K Gas Brands Cooking
LCRG355 Gas Maytag Cooking
GM3110PRAM Freestanding, Gas Magic Chef Cooking
GA3177WUV Gas Admiral Cooking
CRP5300AXW Gas Maytag Cooking
LCRG305 Gas Maytag Cooking
LCRG383 Gas Maytag Cooking
GV3177WUW5 Gas Brands Cooking (Export)
GM3110PRWM Freestanding, Gas Magic Chef Cooking
CRG383 Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG602 Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG305 Gas Maytag Cooking
G3267XRA-3 Gas Brands Cooking
G3227XRA Gas Brands Cooking
G3227XRW Gas Brands Cooking
LCRG502 Gas Maytag Cooking
LCRG602 Gas Maytag Cooking
G3267XRA Gas Brands Cooking
CRG502 Gas Maytag Cooking
G3267XRW-3 Gas Brands Cooking
GCBG501 Gas Maytag Cooking
G3267XRW-4 Gas Brands Cooking
G3267XRA-4 Gas Brands Cooking
CBG501 Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
LCRG760 Gas Maytag Cooking
G3267XRW Gas Brands Cooking
CRG760 Gas Maytag Cooking
G3227WRAM3 Gas Brands Cooking
LCBG501 Gas Maytag Cooking
G3227WRAM4 Gas Brands Cooking
GM3216WRWM Gas Magic Chef Cooking
4251WTA Freestanding, Gas Magic Chef Cooking
GM4251WTW Gas Magic Chef Cooking
4151WTA Freestanding, Gas Magic Chef Cooking
GM4251WTA Gas Magic Chef Cooking
4151WTW Freestanding, Gas Magic Chef Cooking
4151WTB Freestanding, Gas Magic Chef Cooking
GM4151WTW Gas Magic Chef Cooking
4251WTW Freestanding, Gas Magic Chef Cooking
GM4151WTA Gas Magic Chef Cooking
GA4251WTW Gas Admiral Cooking
CHG9800AAE Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG7400AAL Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG7400AAW Gas Maytag Cooking
G3127WRA-3 Gas Magic Chef Cooking
G3127WRA-4 Gas Magic Chef Cooking
CHG9800AAB Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
D3121WTALT Gas Magic Chef Cooking
G3216WRW-M Gas Magic Chef Cooking
G3227XRA-3 Gas Brands Cooking
D3110PRWLT Gas Magic Chef Cooking
G3227XRW-4 Gas Brands Cooking
G3227XRW-3 Gas Brands Cooking
D31100PAAL Freestanding, Gas Magic Chef Cooking
G3216SRA-M Gas Magic Chef Cooking
G3227XRA-4 Gas Brands Cooking
G3216SRW-M Gas Magic Chef Cooking
GM3111GXAW Freestanding, Gas International Cooking
D31100PAWL Freestanding, Gas Magic Chef Cooking
D31100SAAL Freestanding, Gas Magic Chef Cooking
D31103SAWL Gas Dixie Cooking
D31100SAWL Freestanding, Gas Magic Chef Cooking
D31103SAAL Freestanding, Gas Dixie Cooking
BCRG860 Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG860 Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
LCRG860 Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
GM31113WAM Freestanding, Gas Magic Chef Cooking
CNP2010BXW Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG7600AAL Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG7600AAW Gas Maytag Cooking
D31111WAAL Gas Dixie Cooking
D31111WAWL Gas Dixie Cooking
G3127WRV Gas Magic Chef Cooking
CRG7400BAW Gas Maytag Cooking
CNP2010BXL Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
GM3111SXAW Freestanding, Gas International Cooking
D3120SRALT Gas Magic Chef Cooking
D3120SRWLT Gas Magic Chef Cooking
GM3110MPAW Freestanding, Gas Magic Chef Cooking
GA3277XUW Gas Admiral Cooking

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Microwave
  • • Oven
  • • Range
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