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Nut,​ Keps,​ 1024

Part Number: 5303013272
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 5305151612 and 5304463707.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Electrolux, Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, Kelvinator, Westinghouse, Uni, Crosley
Product Number: 5303013272
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

FEC3X7XAS5 Frg/Electric Cooktop
FEC3X5XESA Electric Frigidaire Electric Cooktop
FEC3X7XABF Electric Frigidaire Electric Cooktop
FEC3X7XAT5 Frg/Electric Cooktop
FEC3X7XATE Frg/Electric Cooktop
FEC3X5XAD3 Electric Frigidaire Electric Cooktop
FEC3X5XAW3 Electric Frigidaire Electric Cooktop
FEC3X5XEBA Electric Frigidaire Electric Cooktop
FEC3X5XEBB Electric Frigidaire Electric Cooktop
FEC3X5XESB Electric Frigidaire Electric Cooktop
FEC3X7XAB5 Frg/Electric Cooktop
FEC3X7XAB6 Electric Frigidaire Electric Cooktop
FEC3X7XABE Frg/Electric Cooktop
FEC3X7XASE Frg/Electric Cooktop
FEC3X7XASF Electric Frigidaire Electric Cooktop
FEC6X6XABC Electric Frigidaire Electric Cooktop
FEC6X6XACC Electric Frigidaire Electric Cooktop
FEC6X6XADC Electric Frigidaire Electric Cooktop
FEC6X6XAWC Electric Frigidaire Electric Cooktop
FEC6X9XCCE Electric Frigidaire Electric Cooktop
FEC3X7XATF Frg(V6) / Electric Cooktop
FEC3X7XAS6 Frg(V3) / Electric Cooktop
FEC3X7XAT6 Frg(V5) / Electric Cooktop
FEC6X6XACD Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC6X6XABD Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC6X6XAW4 Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC6X6XAB4 Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC6X6XAD4 Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC6X6XADD Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC6X6XAWD Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC3X5XETA Frg/Electric Cooktop
FGC3X3XEDB Gas Gas Cooktop
PGP332LW3 Wwh(V2) / Gas Cooktop
FGC3X3XEWB Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC3X3XEDA Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC3X3XEWA Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
PGP332LD3 Wwh(V1) / Gas Cooktop
RBS138L5 Electric Built-in Cooking Top
RBS137L5 Electric Built-in Cooking Top
RBS137C2 Electric Built-in Cooking Top
RBS137L Electric Built-in Cooking Tops
RBS137L2 Electric Built-in Cooking Top
RBS137L4 Electric Built-in Cooking Top
RBS138L Electric Built-in Cooking Tops
RBS138L2 Electric Built-in Cooking Top
RBS138L4 Electric Built-in Cooking Top
FDB1050REB5 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB4315LFB3 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB4315LFC3 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB4315LFS3 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDBB4365FB3 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDBB4365FC3 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDBB4365FS3 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
GLD4355RFB3 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
GLD4355RFS3 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
PLD4375RFC3 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
PLD4555RFC3 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB4050LHB0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB4050LHB1 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB4050LHC0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB4050LHC1 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB4050LHS0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB4050LHS1 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB4315LFB2 Dishwasher
FDB4315LFC2 Dishwasher
FDB4315LFS2 Dishwasher
FDBB4365FB2 Dishwasher
FDBB4365FC2 Dishwasher
FDBB4365FS2 Dishwasher
GLD4050RHB0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
GLD4050RHB1 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
GLD4050RHS0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
GLD4050RHS1 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
GLD4355RFB2 Dishwasher
GLD4355RFS2 Dishwasher
MDB124BAB1 Universal/Dishwasher
PLD4050RHC0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
PLD4050RHC1 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
PLD4375RFC2 Dishwasher
PLD4555RFC2 Dishwasher
FBD2400KS0A Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB1050REB1 Dishwasher
FDB1050REB2 Dishwasher
FDB1050REC1 Dishwasher
FDB1050REC2 Dishwasher
FDB1050REM1 Dishwasher
FDB1050REM2 Dishwasher
FDB1050REQ1 Dishwasher
FDB1050REQ2 Dishwasher
FDB1050RES1 Dishwasher
FDB1050RES2 Dishwasher
FDB1051REB1 Dishwasher
FDB1051REB2 Dishwasher
FDB1051REM1 Dishwasher
FDB1051REM2 Dishwasher
FDB1051REQ1 Dishwasher
FDB1051REQ2 Dishwasher
FDB1051RES1 Dishwasher
FDB1051RES2 Dishwasher
FDB4315LFB0 Dishwasher
FDB4315LFB1 Dishwasher
FDB4315LFC0 Dishwasher
FDB4315LFC1 Dishwasher
FDB4315LFS0 Dishwasher
FDB4315LFS1 Dishwasher
FDBB4365FB0 Dishwasher
FDBB4365FB1 Dishwasher
FDBB4365FC0 Dishwasher
FDBB4365FC1 Dishwasher
FDBB4365FC4 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDBB4365FS0 Dishwasher
FDBB4365FS1 Dishwasher
FGHD2433KB0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FGHD2433KF0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FGHD2433KW0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
GLD4355RFB0 Dishwasher
GLD4355RFB1 Dishwasher
GLD4355RFS0 Dishwasher
GLD4355RFS1 Dishwasher
LEDB500FEE0 Dishwasher
MDB124BAB0 Universal/Dishwasher
MDB124BAS0 Universal/Dishwasher
MDB124BAS1 Universal/Dishwasher
PLD4375RFC0 Dishwasher
PLD4375RFC1 Dishwasher
PLD4555RFC0 Dishwasher
PLD4555RFC1 Dishwasher
BGHD2433KB0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
BGHD2433KB1 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
BGHD2433KF0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
BGHD2433KF1 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
BGHD2433KW0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
BGHD2433KW1 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
DGHD2433KF0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
DGHD2433KF1 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
DW8500AWL1 Frg(V3) / 24 " Built
F71C885BS0 24" Built-in Dishwasher
FBD2400KB0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FBD2400KB2A Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FBD2400KQ0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FBD2400KQ2A Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FBD2400KW0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FBD2400KW2A Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB101SAW1 Dishwasher
FDB101SAW2 Dishwasher
FDB101SAW3 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB102SDW0 Dishwasher
FDB1050REB3 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB1050REB4 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB1050REC3 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Dishwasher
  • • Range
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Electrolux, Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, Kelvinator, Westinghouse, Uni, Crosley
Product Number: 5303013272
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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