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Part Number: 391569S
Briggs and StrattonMurray
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: and 391569.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton, Murray
Product Number: 391569S
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
8799-1 Portable Generator
28B702-0001-01 Engine
28B702-0001-02 Engine
28B702-0102-01 Engine
28B702-0124-01 Engine
28B702-0134-01 Engine
28B702-0610-A1 Engine
28B702-0633-A1 Engine
28B702-1001-E1 Engine
28B702-1001-E3 Engine
28B702-1015-E1 Engine
28B702-1016-E1 Engine
28B702-1019-E1 Engine
28B702-1020-E1 Engine
28B702-1031-E1 Engine
28B702-1041-E1 Engine
28B702-1113-E1 Engine
28B702-1118-E1 Engine
28B702-1124-E1 Engine
28B702-1133-E1 Engine
28B702-1134-E1 Engine
28B702-1138-E1 Engine
28B702-1143-E1 Engine
28B702-1147-E1 Engine
28B702-1148-E1 Engine
28B702-1154-E1 Engine
28B702-1161-E1 Engine
28B702-1163-E1 Engine
28B702-1173-E1 Engine
28B702-1193-E1 Engine
28B702-1194-E1 Engine
28B702-1194-E2 Engine
28B705-0129-01 Engine
28B705-0629-A1 Engine
28B705-1129-E1 Engine
28B706-1030-99 Engine
28B707-0008-01 Engine
28B707-0009-01 Engine
28B707-0101-01 Engine
28B707-0111-01 Engine
28B707-0112-01 Engine
28B707-0113-01 Engine
28B707-0115-01 Engine
28B707-0116-01 Engine
28B707-0117-01 Engine
28B707-0118-01 Engine
28B707-0119-01 Engine
28B707-0120-01 Engine
28B707-0122-01 Engine
28B707-0123-01 Engine
28B707-0126-01 Engine
28B707-0127-01 Engine
28B707-0128-01 Engine
28B707-0130-01 Engine
28B707-0131-01 Engine
28B707-0132-01 Engine
28B707-0135-01 Engine
28B707-0136-01 Engine
28B707-0137-01 Engine
28B707-0138-01 Engine
28B707-0139-01 Engine
28B707-0145-01 Engine
28B707-0146-01 Engine
28B707-0151-01 Engine
28B707-0604-A1 Engine
28B707-0630-A1 Engine
28B707-0632-A1 Engine
28B707-1008-E1 Engine
28B707-1019-E1 Engine
28B707-1021-E1 Engine
28B707-1025-E1 Engine
28B707-1026-E1 Engine
28B707-1101-E1 Engine
28B707-1112-E1 Engine
28B707-1114-E1 Engine
28B707-1117-E1 Engine
28B707-1120-E1 Engine
28B707-1123-E1 Engine
28B707-1125-E1 Engine
28B707-1128-E1 Engine
28B707-1130-E1 Engine
28B707-1131-E1 Engine
28B707-1132-E1 Engine
28B707-1135-E1 Engine
28B707-1136-E1 Engine
28B707-1139-E1 Engine
28B707-1140-E1 Engine
28B707-1142-E1 Engine
28B707-1144-E1 Engine
28B707-1146-E1 Engine
28B707-1150-E1 Engine
28B707-1151-E1 Engine
28B707-1152-E1 Engine
28B707-1153-E1 Engine
28B707-1155-E1 Engine
28B707-1160-E1 Engine
28B707-1162-E1 Engine
28B707-1164-E1 Engine
28B707-1166-E1 Engine
28B707-1168-E1 Engine
28B707-1172-E1 Engine
28B707-1174-E1 Engine
28B707-1201-E1 Engine
28B707-1205-E1 Engine
28C702-0015-01 Engine
28C702-0102-01 Engine
28C702-0118-01 Engine
28C707-0026-01 Engine
28C707-0029-01 Engine
28C707-0101-01 Engine
28C707-0110-01 Engine
28C707-0114-01 Engine
28C707-0115-01 Engine
28C707-0116-01 Engine
28C707-0117-01 Engine
28C707-0118-99 Engine
28C707-0136-01 Engine
28C707-0137-01 Engine
28C707-0604-A1 Engine
220431-0142-99 Engine
220431-0143-99 Engine
220431-0156-99 Engine
220432-0111-99 Engine
220432-0112-99 Engine
220432-0113-99 Engine
220432-0133-99 Engine
220432-0134-99 Engine
220432-0135-99 Engine
220432-0136-99 Engine
220432-0137-99 Engine
220432-0138-99 Engine
220432-0139-99 Engine
220432-0145-99 Engine
220432-0146-99 Engine
220432-0147-99 Engine
220432-0149-99 Engine
220432-0151-99 Engine
220432-0152-99 Engine
220432-0153-99 Engine
220432-0154-99 Engine
220432-0155-99 Engine
220432-0157-99 Engine
220432-2035-99 Engine
220432-2037-99 Engine
220432-2070-99 Engine
220435-0132-99 Engine
220435-0134-99 Engine
220437-0120-99 Engine
220437-0144-99 Engine
220437-0148-99 Engine
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
  • • Generator
Questions & Answers

the pictured muffler shows the pipe being stright on the muffler, my mine is more of an S shape coming from the side of engine and twisting to the front and hanging down the front of the of the engine. Which muffler do i purchase to replace mine?
Lorrie for model number 283707-0217-01 asked on 2019-07-08
Hello Lorrie, The manufacturer tells us that part number 391569S would be the compatible part for your muffler, obviously your old parts looks different. Please contact the manufacturer directly for assistance. Hope this helps.
what is the size of the exhaust pipe? I've got what appears to be the original pipe but it is too small, it is one inch. the exhaust port is 1 1/8 dia.
jon asked on 2019-10-28
Hello Jon, thank you for your inquiry! The dimensions of the part are approximately 0.98 inches by 7 inches by 8 inches. I hope this information helps!
Muffler-Exhaust Part Number: 391569S Is the part referenced above 1 NPT
Jim for model number 28R707 1120-E1 asked on 2018-09-18
Hello Jim, thank you for your question. Unfortunately, we weren't able to confirm if the part number is 1 NPT. However, per your model number, 28R707 1120-E1, the replacement part number for the muffler is Muffler Part Number: 691874. I hope this helps!
Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton, Murray
Product Number: 391569S
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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