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Kit-Carburetor Overhaul (Nikki Carburetor)

Part Number: 696146
Briggs and Stratton
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: and 696147.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 696146
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.02 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This is a genuine OEM sourced rebuild kit designed for use with Briggs and Stratton engines. This kit contains all the necessary gaskets, diaphragms and other parts to rebuild your carburetor. It helps to fix common problems associated with worn out gaskets or diaphragms, including leaks and sluggish performance and other carburetor related issues.

Includes: float bowl gasket; pin-float hinge; kit-idle speed; valve-float needle; gasket-intake; gasket-intake; plug-welch; gasket-air cleaner; seal-choke; throttle shaft

Replacing these items you would need a screwdriver and pliers.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
20A113-0533-E1 Engine
20A114-0120-E1 Engine
20A114-0131-E1 Engine
20A114-0132-E1 Engine
20A114-0133-E1 Engine
20A114-0134-E1 Engine
20A114-0363-E1 Engine
20A114-0537-E1 Engine
20A114-0537-E2 Engine
20A114-0541-E1 Engine
20A114-0650-E1 Engine
20A114-0730-E1 Engine
20A114-0733-E1 Engine
20A114-0922-E1 Engine
20A114-1120-E1 Engine
20A412-0007-E1 Engine
20A412-0009-E1 Engine
20A412-0100-E1 Engine
20A412-0105-E1 Engine
20A413-0123-E1 Engine
20A414-0110-E1 Engine
20A414-0111-E1 Engine
20A414-0113-E1 Engine
20A414-0114-E1 Engine
20A414-0115-E1 Engine
20A414-0116-E1 Engine
20A414-0117-E1 Engine
20A414-0118-E1 Engine
20A414-0119-E1 Engine
20A414-0120-E1 Engine
20A414-0348-E1 Engine
20A414-0353-E1 Engine
20A414-0365-E1 Engine
20A414-0375-E1 Engine
20A414-0737-E1 Engine
20A414-0919-E1 Engine
20A416-0108-E1 Engine
20B412-0100-E1 Engine
20B414-0017-E1 Engine
20B414-0019-E1 Engine
20B414-0113-E1 Engine
20B414-0121-E1 Engine
20B414-0122-E1 Engine
20B414-0369-E1 Engine
20B414-0698-E1 Engine
20B437-0111-E1 Engine
20B437-0112-E1 Engine
20C112-0100-E1 Engine
20C113-0253-E1 Engine
20C114-0269-E1 Engine
20C114-0270-E1 Engine
20C114-0274-E1 Engine
20C414-0111-E1 Engine
20C414-0148-E1 Engine
20C414-0160-E1 Engine
20C414-0206-E1 Engine
20C414-0372-E1 Engine
20D412-0100-E1 Engine
20D414-0017-E1 Engine
20D414-0019-E1 Engine
20D414-0111-E1 Engine
20D414-0112-E1 Engine
20E114-0110-E1 Engine
20E114-0112-E1 Engine
20E114-0113-E1 Engine
20E114-0114-E1 Engine
20E114-0115-E1 Engine
20E114-0120-E1 Engine
20E114-0121-E1 Engine
20E114-0122-E1 Engine
20E114-0349-E1 Engine
20E114-0364-E1 Engine
20E114-0644-E1 Engine
20E114-0695-E1 Engine
20E114-0699-E1 Engine
20E114-0702-E1 Engine
20E114-0927-E1 Engine
20E214-0015-E1 Engine
20E214-0110-E1 Engine
20E214-0111-E1 Engine
20E214-0112-E1 Engine
20E214-0113-E1 Engine
20E214-0118-E1 Engine
20E214-0119-E1 Engine
20E214-0358-E1 Engine
20E214-0359-E1 Engine
20E337-0110-E1 Engine
20E412-0100-E1 Engine
20E414-0162-E1 Engine
20E414-0163-E1 Engine
20E414-0204-E1 Engine
20F412-0100-E1 Engine
20F412-0105-E1 Engine
20F414-0017-E1 Engine
20F414-0019-E1 Engine
20F414-0112-E1 Engine
20F437-0113-E1 Engine
20F437-0114-E1 Engine
20G412-0100-E1 Engine
20H132-0110-B1 Engine
20H132-0110-E9 Engine
20H132-0111-B1 Engine
20H132-0111-E9 Engine
20H132-0114-B1 Engine
20H132-0114-E9 Engine
20H132-0117-B1 Engine
20H132-0117-E9 Engine
20H132-0118-B1 Engine
20H132-0118-E9 Engine
20H132-0120-B1 Engine
20H132-0120-E9 Engine
20H132-0121-B1 Engine
20H132-0121-E9 Engine
20H132-0122-B1 Engine
20H132-0122-E9 Engine
20H132-0130-B1 Engine
20H132-0133-B1 Engine
20H132-0137-H1 Engine
20H136-0126-B1 Engine
20H136-0126-E9 Engine
20H137-0119-B1 Engine
20H137-0119-E9 Engine
20H137-0124-B1 Engine
20H137-0124-E9 Engine
20H137-0125-B1 Engine
20H137-0129-B1 Engine
20H137-0131-B1 Engine
20H137-0132-B1 Engine
20H137-0136-B1 Engine
20H137-0138-H1 Engine
20H232-0122-B1 Engine
20H232-0124-B1 Engine
20H232-0126-B1 Engine
20H232-0128-B1 Engine
20H232-0134-B1 Engine
20H232-0135-B1 Engine
20H237-0113-B1 Engine
20H237-0113-E9 Engine
20H237-0115-B1 Engine
20H237-0123-B1 Engine
20H237-0125-B1 Engine
20H237-0127-B1 Engine
20H237-0127-H7 Engine
20H237-0131-B1 Engine
20H237-0132-B1 Engine
20H237-0133-B1 Engine
20M107-0146-E1 Engine
20M113-0533-E1 Engine
20M113-0636-E1 Engine
20M113-1214-E1 Engine
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  • • Engine
Questions & Answers
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What is the item number for replacement paper gaskets on the Nikki carburetor on this machine?
Marci for model number Husky 5000 generator Briggs and Stratton 030436 asked on 2019-08-19
Hi Marci, Thank you for your question. Based on the information listed on our website, the kit includes the following parts: float bowl gasket; pin-float hinge; kit-idle speed; valve-float needle; gasket-intake; gasket-intake; plug-welch; gasket-air cleaner; seal-choke; throttle shaft. If this does not include the information you need, please provide us with the complete model number from your engine and we will be happy to investigate this for you. The model number can be found near either the spark plug, the air filter or the muffler and a Briggs and Stratton engine model number would be a series of 6 numbers followed by a series of 4 numbers followed by a series of 2 numbers. I hope this helps. Thank you and have a great day!
Looking for a replacement carburetor for nikki carburetor (original year 2004) - part # 796329. Briggs & Stratton portable generator 10 hp OHV 5500, Mod # 204412, Type 0147E1
Tim asked on 2019-07-13
Hello Tom thanks for writing. carburetor part number 591378 is compatible with your model. Hope this helps.
Looking for Nikki carburetor 791722
Jim for model number John Deere 19 horse Briggs and Stratton asked on 2018-12-05
Hello Jim, Thank you for the question. The replacement carburetor for the 791722 is Part Number: 593433. Thank you for your inquiry, good luck with this repair!
Is this carburetor available.
Peg for model number 13AF698G131 asked on 2022-05-10
Hello Peg, Thank you for your inquiry. In order to verify this part number, we actually need the model number and type code/spec number of the engine, as the engine parts are listed separately under the engine's model number. If you could resubmit your question with the model number and type code/spec number of the engine, we will be happy to help you. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Looking for a carb kit or carb for Brute Snowblower 13.5 model 1695576 aka Briggs & Stratton 1350 series
Ryan for model number 1695576 asked on 2021-12-30
Hello Ryan, thank you for contacting us, In order for us to locate the correct parts and repair information we will require the model number of the Engine. Once you have located the model number please feel free to resubmit the question and we will be happy to help you. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Need carburetor for this model or rebuild kit like square carburetor starts runs awile then gave to choke it stay running then dies has new pump fuel getting gas to carburetor new fuel filter
Richard for model number 303777-1032-A1 asked on 2021-10-12
Hello Richard, Thank you for your inquiry. We have researched the model you have provided and have found the part for the carburetor overhaul kit for is 842890. We hope this helps.
I need a carburetor overhaul kit for a Nikki Carb 697978. G025235Z07.RN. Can you help me with the kit I need to order.
Dennis for model number 697978 asked on 2021-07-30
Hi Dennis, Thank you for your question. There is a replacement kit listed for the carburetor, The part number listed under your model number for the carburetor kit is 591378. If you would like to place an order for it, you may order it either online or by calling our customer service line and anyone will be happy to assist you. We hope this helps! If you have any questions, please let us know.
Hi, I took some numbers off a sticker on the engine as follows. FAMILY YBXSX.3052HT 274808 I'm looking for a carb and have emailed you prior to this. serial 7163123 Thank You
Ron for model number Generator model 01646-0 5500 series serial 7163123 asked on 2019-10-26
Hello Ron and thanks for writing. The carburetor # 677396 is for your model. The part you are requesting is discontinued and is no longer available. We have no known replacement information in our system. We recommend you contact the manufacturer of the part to see if they have recently released a new substitute.
I was given an old Wheelhouse, Generac generator with a Briggs engine that i need a carb for. Cannot find any info on the briggs engine. The carb on it is a Nikki with the following numbers stamped on it. 695114 G02502 0922A What would be the replacement carb for this? Thank You
Ron for model number Generator Model 01646-0 5500 series Serial 7163123 asked on 2019-10-26
Hi Ron, we were not able to find a replacement carb with these numbers. We will need the engine model number. This is usually stamped onto the metal sheets on the side of the engine, if you still cannot find it, I recommend contacting the manufacture and getting them to help you find the model information. Thank you for your question and good luck with your repair!
I am looking to buy a new Nikki carburetor for this B&S engine model. Is it still available? thanks
Alan for model number 20G4140114E1 asked on 2019-09-15
Hello Alan and thanks for writing. Yes here it is Part Number : 796122 is in the list of compatible items for your model. Hope this helps . Please contact us anytime.
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  • GREAT perfect FIT parts for Nikki Carb on B&S Motor
    I needed to rebuild the Carb on my B&S Briggs & Stratton Generator and this Nikki Carb kit had ALL THE PARTS that I needed. The unit now Idles perfectly, runs with no issues and uses quite a lot less of fuel !!! Thank you for a one stop solution
    JUDE - July 30, 2019 Verified Purchase
    Great Part, Part works well
    Part was in good condition had fast shipping and good customer service.
    Guest - September 23, 2021 Verified Purchase
    Verified Purchase
    eReplacementParts Team
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    Product Information
    Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
    Product Number: 696146
    Classification: Part
    Weight: 0.02 lbs.
    Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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