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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch

Kit,​​ Air Cleaner Cover 24 743 06-S

Part Number: 24 743 06-S
Availability: Ships in 7 - 12 business days
Price: $94.16
Leaves our warehouse within
7 - 12 business days
Product Information
This is an original replacement part sourced directly from the manufacturer. The air cleaner cover kit is commonly found in Kohler small engines. This is a complete kit, and includes the plastic cover, knob, seal, and two metal brackets. It is used to hold the air cleaner element in place. No tools are required when replacing this item. Simply unscrew the knob so the cover can be removed, then put the new part in its place.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CH25GS-68701 Engine
CH25GS-68713 Engine
CH23GS-76554 Command Series Engine
CH18S-62632 CH18S
CH18S-62636 CH18S
CH18S-62640 CH18S
CH18S-62649 CH18S
CH20S-64639 Engine
CH20S-64642 Engine
CH20S-64646 Engine
CH20S-64667 Engine
CH20S-64673 Engine
CH20S-64685 Engine
CH20S-64688 Engine
CH20S-64689 Engine
CH20S-64691 Engine
CH20S-64695 Engine
CH20S-64696 Engine
CH20S-64698 Engine
CH22-66501 Engine
CH22-66504 Engine
CH20ST-64577 Engine
CH20ST-64669 Engine
CH20S-64714 Engine
CH20S-64715 Engine
CH20S-64716 Engine
CH20S-64722 Engine
CH20S-64723 Engine
CH20S-64725 Engine
CH20S-64730 Engine
CH20S-64762 Engine
CH20S-64763 Engine
CH22QS-66550 Engine
CH22QS-66556 Engine
CH22GS-66562 Engine
CH22-66514 Engine
CH22-66515 Engine
CH22-66516 Engine
CH22-66524 Engine
CH22-66535 Engine
CH22-66536 Engine
CH22S-66539 Engine
CH22S-66543 Engine
CH22S-66547 Engine
CH22S-76501 Engine
CH22S-76509 Engine
CH23S-76525 Engine
CH730GS-CH730-0023 Engine
CH640S-CH640-0027 Engine
CH640S-CH640-3021 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0008 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0009 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0010 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0011 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0014 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0018 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0020 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0024 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0030 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0039 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0040 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0045 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0054 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0055 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0060 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0064 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0068 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0077 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0082 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0086 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0093 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0094 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0095 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0003 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0005 Engine
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine

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