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Key,​​ Square

Part Number: 056534MA
Availability: Special Order [ more info ]
Price: $4.98
Leaves our warehouse within
4 - 8 business days

*This part replaces obsolete part #: 56534, 056534 and MU056534MA.

Product Information
This item is available as an individual replacement part. The square key attaches to the axle and is made of metal. A screwdriver might be required during the replacement of this item. It will require replacing if it breaks or gets lost. This is a genuine replacement part sourced from the original manufacturer for use with lawn tractors and snowblowers made by Murray and Simplicity.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

7800336 (312006x51A) Lawn Tractor
7800336 (312006x51A) Lawn Tractor
7800337 (309007x51A) Lawn Tractor
7800337 (309007x51A) Lawn Tractor
7800503 (309007x151A) Lawn Tractor
7800528 (309029x11G) Lawn Tractor
7800529 (309007x51B) Lawn Tractor
309006x50C 30" Lawn Tractor
309006x78A-SW 30" Lawn Tractor
309029x11E (10/30) 30" Lawn Tractor
309000x8C 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309002x24B 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309002x24C 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309006x50A 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309007x8A 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309007x8B 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309008x92A 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309008x92B 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309008x99A 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309008x99B 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309009x18A 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309029x11C 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
536.270300 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
536.270301 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
536.270302 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
C950-60405-1 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
C950-60405-2 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309000x8A (2003) 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309000x8NA (2003) 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309001x18A (2003) 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309001x48A (2003) 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309003x99A (2003) 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309029x11B (2003) 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309029x50B (2003) 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309029x51B (2003) 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309029x92B (2003) 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309029x92NA (2003) 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309300x30A (2003) 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309300x50A (2003) 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309311x692A (2003) 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309311x92A (2003) 30" Mid-Engine Lawn Tractor
309029x11A (2002) 30" Lawn Tractor
309029x50A (2002) 30" Lawn Tractor
309029x51A (2002) 30" Lawn Tractor
309029x68A (2002) 30" Lawn Tractor
309304x31B (2002) 30" Lawn Tractor
309304x8D (2002) 30" Lawn Tractor
309304x8E (2002) 30" Lawn Tractor
30505x92A (2000) 30" Rear Engine Lawn Tractor
30577x31B (2000) 30" Rear Engine Lawn Tractor
30577x8A (2000) 30" Rear Engine Lawn Tractor
30500x92A (1998) 30" Cut Lawn Tractor
30540x98A (1998) 30" Cut Lawn Tractor
30540x20G (1998) 30" Cut Lawn Tractor
30546x99A (1998) 30" Cut Lawn Tractor
30540x29B (1998) 30" Cut Lawn Tractor
30550G (1998) 30" Cut Lawn Tractor
30550H (1998) 30" Cut Lawn Tractor
30540x67D (1998) 30" Cut Lawn Tractor
30500x92A (1999) 30" Rear Engine Rider
30504x92A (1999) 30" Rear Engine Rider
30540x29D (1999) 30" Rear Engine Rider
30540x67F (1999) 30" Rear Engine Rider
30540x98B (1999) 30" Rear Engine Rider
30545x92B (1999) 30" Rear Engine Rider
30550H (1999) 30" Rear Engine Rider
30560x50C (1999) 30" Rear Engine Rider
30550x30A (1998) 30" Cut Lawn Tractor
30560x99A (1998) 30" Cut Lawn Tractor
30560F (1998) 30" Cut Lawn Tractor
30565B (1998) 30" Cut Lawn Tractor
30560x50B (1998) 30" Cut Lawn Tractor
30576x10B (1998) 30" Cut Lawn Tractor
30560x51B (1998) 30" Cut Lawn Tractor
30577x31A (1998) 30" Cut Lawn Tractor
30577x8A (1998) 30" Cut Lawn Tractor
30560x51C (1999) 30" Rear Engine Rider
30577x8A (1999) 30" Rear Engine Rider
30560x99A (1999) 30" Rear Engine Rider
30576x10D (1999) 30" Rear Engine Rider
30577x31B (1999) 30" Rear Engine Rider
309007X51F Mid-Engine Riders
30544X92D (1996) Rear Engine Riders
30544X192A (1996) Rear Engine Riders
1696155-00 (924MD)(2012) 24" Dual Stage Snowblower
30575X8C Rear Engine Rider RER
309304X8B (2001) Mid-Engine Rider Lawn Tractor
30540X20E (1996) Rear Engine Rider
30540X67A (1996) Rear Engine Rider
30550X199A (1996) Rear Engine Rider
30560D (1996) Rear Engine Rider
30560X20E (1996) Rear Engine Rider
30560X66B (1996) Rear Engine Rider
30575X7A (1996) Rear Engine Rider
30575X8A (1996) Rear Engine Rider
30540X20F (1997) Rear Engine Rider
30540X29A (1997) Rear Engine Rider
30540X66F (1997) Rear Engine Rider
30540X67C (1997) Rear Engine Rider
30545X92A (1997) Rear Engine Rider
30545X192A (1997) Rear Engine Rider
30546X4A (1997) Rear Engine Rider
30546X199A (1997) Rear Engine Rider
30550F (1997) Rear Engine Rider
30560E (1997) Rear Engine Rider
30560X50A (1997) Rear Engine Rider
30560X59A (1997) Rear Engine Rider
30565A (1997) Rear Engine Rider
30575X8B (1997) Rear Engine Rider
30575X31A (1997) Rear Engine Rider
30577X7A (1997) Rear Engine Rider
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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
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Tool Type:
Lawn Tractor
Parts Used:
Key, Square - 056534MA
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, small Jack or just a cinder block or even a piece of firewoo
Tiny Axel key Square has slipped out of the axle slot and is lost.
If you remove a rim and wheel from your Murray riding mower...... be very careful not to let the tiny axle key slip out of the slot and fall into the grass. You might find it but I sure couldn't. But that tiny piece of metal about the size of half a masonry nail is required to drive the wheels forward.... Otherwise your axle just turns in place. When you go to order one just look for the smallest part on the rear axle diagram.
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