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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch
Grip - 720-0274:RyobiGrip - 720-0274:RyobiGrip - 720-0274:Ryobi

Grip 720-0274

Part Number: 720-0274
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 9126, GW-9126 and 1703539.

Product Information
This is an original replacement part sourced directly from the manufacturer. The grip is commonly found in tillers and snowthrowers from MTD, Ryobi, Yard Machines, Bolens, and Yard Man. This part is made of flexible rubber, and is placed on the two handles of the handle assembly to provide the user with a secure hold on the machine. No tools are required when replacing this item. Simply remove the old part and slot the new one into place. This product comes in a set of two.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

21A-392B004 (2009) Tiller
17AC2ACG004 RZT-42 (2008) 17-Z-Series
17AD2ACP004 RZT-50 (2008) 17-Z-Series
17AE2ACG004 (2009) 17-Z-Series
17AF2ACP004 (2009) 17-Z-Series
316E610E382 (1996) Snowblower
316E640F382 (1996) Snowblower
317E610E382 (1997) Snowblower
31AE600E382 (1998) Snowblower
31AE640F382 (1998) Snowblower
31AE600E382 (1999) Snowblower
31AE6C0F382 (1999) Snowblower
31AE600E300 (2003) Snowblower
31AE660G300 (2003) Snowblower
31AE6COF300 (2003) Snowblower
31AE600E300 (2004) Snowblower
31AE660G300 (2004) Snowblower
31AE6C0F300 (2004) Snowblower
31AE6AHE722 (2005) Snowblower
31AE6BHE722 (2005) Snowblower
31AE6GLF722 (2005) Snowblower
31AE6LLG722 (2005) Snowblower
31AH6LKH722 (2005) Snowblower
317E640F033 (1997) Snowblower
316-610E147 (1996) Snow Blower
316E610E088 (TMO-3525302) (1996) Snow Blower
316E660G352 (1619743) (1996) Snow Blower
316E640F013 (1996) Snow Blower
316E740F352 (1652670) (1996) Snow Blower
316E740F752 (1652670) (1996) Snow Blower
315E610E000 (1995) Snow Blower
315E640F000 (1995) Snow Blower
316E760F118 (590678) (1996) Snow Blower
315E660G000 (1995) Snow Blower
314-610E000 (1994) Snowblower
315E740F000 (1995) Snow Blower
314-612E000 (1994) Snowblower
314-640F000 (1994) Snowblower
314-642F000 (1994) Snowblower
313-610E000 (1993) Snowblower
314-660G000 (1994) Snowblower
313-612E000 (1993) Snowblower
313-640F000 (1993) Snowblower
313-642F000 (1993) Snowblower
313-660G000 (1993) Snowblower
312-612E000 (1992) Snowblower
312-642F000 (1992) Snowblower
31AE5KLF795 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF795 (2007) Snow Thrower
31AE5MLH795 (2007) Snow Thrower
31AE6BHE718 (2005-2) Snow Thrower
31AE6GFF795 (2007) Snow Thrower
31AE6GLF795 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE6LFH718 (2005) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF304 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF372 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF401 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF720 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF730 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF301 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF709 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF371 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF307 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF513 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF713 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF382 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF000 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF121 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF205 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF705 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF706 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF026 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF726 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF054 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF745 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF754 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF704 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF029 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF229 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF134 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF138 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF729 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF929 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF129 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF151 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF206 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF308 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF033 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF019 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF057 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF118 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF131 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF022 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF722 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF002 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF715 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF077 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF977 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF777 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF724 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF105 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF009 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF016 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF145 (2006) Snow Thrower
31AE5KLF196 (2006) Snow Thrower
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Lawn Mower
  • • Lawn Tractor
  • • Snowblower

Questions & Answers for Grip

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Grip - 720-0274
Screw-oval C-sunk - 710-1233
Hanle Asm-clutch L - 631-04133A
Handle-upper Lh W/ - 749-04191A-0637
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
1-2 hours
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers, Socket set, Wrench Set
LH upper handle on snowblower broke
1. Remove broken upper handle.
2. Installed new upper handle
3. Installed new blower clutch on upper handle
4. Set blower clutch to work as intended with the self propelled clutch
5. Tested blower operation. Seems to work fine. Ready for next year's snow.
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Tool Type:
Lawn Mower
Parts Used:
Grip - 720-0274
Screw 7/16-14 X 1 - 1765196
Handlebar Left - 1764922010
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
30-60 minutes
Tools Used:
Pliers, Socket set, Wrench Set, Hammer
The handle failed at the point where it's bolted to the chassis of the mower
1. Removed the safety lever mechanism from the handle
2. Removed the clutch lever from the handle
3. Removed the bolts that secured the handle to the cross piece between the 2 handles
4. Removed the bolts that secured the handle to the chassis
5. Removed the tie wrap that secured the throttle cable to the handle
5. Installed the new handle and secured with the 4 bolts removed in step 3 and 4
6. Connected the 2 levers removed in steps 1 and 2
7. Installed new tie wrap to secure the throttle cable to the new handle
8. Installed the new grip onto the handle ( used a mallet to tap it into place
The part called a washer, slide is actually a 7/16-14 hex head bolt. I have no idea why it's called washer, slide???
9. Replaced the 7/16-14 bolts that secure the 2 blades to the shafts. The old bolts were getting rounded from 25 years of mowing. This is a Troy -Bilt 33" mower
Everything fit perfectly and it looks and works great
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Product Information
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