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Front Roller Bushing

Front Roller Bushing

Part Number: 219550
NordicTrackProFormHealthRiderGolds GymWeslo
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Product Information
Manufacturer: NordicTrack, ProForm, HealthRider, Golds Gym, Weslo
Product Number: 219550
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
It is a genuine item that is supplied by the original equipment manufacturer for NordicTrack exercise equipment. This is an identical replacement for a missing or damaged front roller bushing that was originally installed on a new unit, please make sure to refer to the appropriate diagrams of your model for the correct location and application of this hardware. Keep in mind this high-quality item is made of durable metal and is sold individually.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

NTL078060 (C2250) Treadmill
NTL078061 (C2255) Treadmill
NTL078062 (C2255) Treadmill
NTL078063 (C2255) Treadmill
NTL078064 (C2255) Treadmill
NTL078065 (C2255) Treadmill
NTL098060 (C2400) Treadmill
NTL098061 (C2400) Treadmill
NTL10751 (C2100) Treadmill
NTL108050 (C2150) Treadmill
NTL108051 (C2150) Treadmill
NTL108052 (C2150) Treadmill
NTL108053 (C2150) Treadmill
NTL108054 (C2150) Treadmill
NTL10840 (C2000) Treadmill
NTL10841 (C2000) Treadmill
NTL10842 (C2000) Treadmill
NTL10850 (A2050) Treadmill
NTL10851 (A2050) Treadmill
NTL109050 (C2200) Treadmill
NTL109051 (C2200) Treadmill
NTL109052 (C2200) Treadmill
NTL109053 (C2200) Treadmill
NTL10940 (C1900) Treadmill
NTL10941 (C1900) Treadmill
NTL10942 (C1900) Treadmill
NTL10950 (C2050) Treadmill
NTL10951 (C2050) Treadmill
NTL10952 (C2050) Treadmill
NTL10953 (C2050) Treadmill
NTL11920 (C2200) Treadmill
NTL12840 (C2250) Treadmill
NTL12841 (C2250) Treadmill
NTL129050 (C2300) Treadmill
NTL129051 (C2300) Treadmill
NTL129052 (C2300) Treadmill
NTL129053 (C2300) Treadmill
NTL129054 (C2300) Treadmill
NTL129055 (C2300) Treadmill
NTL12940 (C2300) Treadmill
NTL12941 (C2300) Treadmill
NTL12942 (C2300) Treadmill
NTL12943 (C2300) Treadmill
NTL12944 (C2300) Treadmill
NTL12950 (C2270) Treadmill
NTL12951 (C2270) Treadmill
NTL12952 (C2270) Treadmill
NTL12953 (C2270) Treadmill
NTL149050 (2800) Viewpoint Treadmill
NTL149052 (2800) Viewpoint Treadmill
NTL149053 (2800) Viewpoint Treadmill
NTL14940 (E 2500) Treadmill
NTL14941 (E 2500) Treadmill
NTL14942 (E 2500) Treadmill
NTL170090 (T14VT) Treadmill
NTL17941 (E3500) Treadmill
NTL19920 (E3800) Treadmill
NTL19921 (E3800) Treadmill
NTL19922 (E3800) Treadmill
NTL24820 (E4400) Treadmill
NTL24821 (E4400) Treadmill
NTL778060 (A2250) Treadmill
NTL778061 (A2250) Treadmill
NTL778062 (A2250) Treadmill
NTL99030 (C1800I) Treadmill
NTTL09510 (EXP1000S) Treadmill
NTTL09610 (EXP1000S) Treadmill
NTTL09611 (EXP1000S) Treadmill
NTTL09612 (EXP1000S) Treadmill
NTTL09613 (EXP1000S) Treadmill
NTTL09710 (EXP1000XI) Treadmill
NTTL09711 (EXP1000XI) Treadmill
NTTL09712 (400MX) Epic Treadmill
NTTL09900 (EXP1000I) Treadmill
NTTL09901 (EXP1000I) Treadmill
NTTL09990 (EXP1000) Treadmill
NTTL09991 (EXP1000) Treadmill
NTTL09992 (EXP1000) Treadmill
NTTL09993 (EXP1000) Treadmill
NTTL09994 (EXP1000) Treadmill
NTTL10510 (EXP2000X) Treadmill
NTTL10610 (EXP2000XI) Treadmill
NTTL10611 (EXP2000XI) Treadmill
NTTL10612 (EXP2000XI) Treadmill
NTTL11900 (EXP2000I) Treadmill
NTTL11901 (EXP2000I) Treadmill
NTTL11902 (EXP2000I) Treadmill
NTTL11903 (EXP2000I) Treadmill
NTTL11990 (EXP2000) Treadmill
NTTL11991 (EXP2000) Treadmill
NTTL11992 (EXP2000) Treadmill
NTTL11993 (EXP2000) Treadmill
NTTL11994 (EXP2000) Treadmill
NTTL15020 (4500X) Summit Treadmill
NTTL15021 (4500X) Summit Treadmill
NTTL15900 (EXP3000XI) Treadmill
NTTL15990 (EXP3000) Treamill
NTTL15991 (EXP3000) Treamill
NTTL15992 (EXP3000) Treamill
NTTL15993 (EXP3000) Treamill
NTTL16900 (4500) Summit Treadmill
NTTL16901 (4500) Summit Treadmill
NTTL16902 (4500) Summit Treadmill
NTTL17900 (5500) Summit Treadmill
246670 (C2250) Treadmill
246671 (C2250) Treadmill
246672 (C2250) Treadmill
246673 (C2255) Treadmill
246674 (C2255) Treadmill
246675 (C2255) Treadmill
246690 (C2400) Treadmill
246691 (C2400) Treadmill
246770 (A2250) Treadmill
246771 (A2250) Treadmill
246772 (A2250) Treadmill
293090 (C2200)
NTL16920 (E3200)
293160 (E3800)
293161 (E3800)
293162 (E3800)
NTTL99120 (C1800S)
293290 (E4400)
293291 (E4400)
293370 (C1800I)
294070 (C1900)
294071 (C1900)
294072 (C1900)
294110 (E2500)
294111 (E2500)
294112 (E2500)
294140 (E3500)
NTL17940 (E3500)
294270 (C2000)
294271 (C2000)
294272 (C2000)
294990 (C2300)
294991 (C2300)
294992 (C2300)
294993 (C2300)
294994 (C2300)
295070 (N2050)
295071 (A2050)
295090 (C2270)
295091 (C2270)
295092 (C2270)
295093 (C2270)
295270 Treadmill
295271 (C2050)
295272 (C2050)
295273 (C2050)
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Treadmill
Questions & Answers

Treadmill runs smoothly until I step on it. Then it gets very jerky & seems to slow down. Any suggestions on why it's started doing this?
Susan for model number Summit 4500X
Hello Susan, thank you for contacting us, In order for us to locate the correct parts and repair information we will require the model number of the unit. Summit 4500X is just the name of the unit. Once you have located the model number please feel free to resubmit the question and we will be happy to help you. Look forward to hearing from you!
Followup... the only model numbers I can find...motor model c3456b3135 and icon p/n M 161168 ..2hp@ 130 vdc, e62788. The belt tension seems fine, it's been lubricated. Problem is machine runs fine but when I step on it the machine is jerky. Motor beltnseems fine too. No cracks or undo slack. Any suggestions on what could be causing this? Thanks
Susan Fenlon for model number Summit 4500 x
Hello Susan, thank you for writing. This is due to either a faulty Front Roller Bushing, part number 219550, or Motor Belt, part number 184797 for your model. Good luck with your repair!
On the manual it shows the part I need as a "Roller Arm Bushing" your part number 219550 seem to match, but on your detailed list, I did not see this make and model. Can you verify if this indeed is the correct part?
Sal for model number 23906.1 NordicTrack E7.5Z
Hello Sal and thank you for writing. The model number you provided is not recognized. Please verify the number you provided us. If it is correct, we recommend contacting the manufacturer and seeing if they could provide you with a part number, and then you are always welcome to check back to see if we carry the part! Part # 219550 might still work with your unit; however, as we do not have your model number in our database so we can not confirm the fit. We hope this helps. Please contact us anytime if you require further assistance.
Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
1 of 2 people found this instruction helpful
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Motor Belt - 248521
Front Roller Bushing - 219550
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
1-2 hours
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers, Wrench Set, Adjustable Wrench, extra light and wrench that came with treadmill
Making a lot of noise while running
1. Found on You Tune that showed how to work on this treadmill as I did not know what to do or how to fix it -- but was easy to do with this direction for me
2. Took it apart to see what was wrong and then ordered parts
3. When parts arrived --- only part on it that gave me trouble was getting the spring to unhook it as I am 75 years old and short on strength use a piece of wire and made loop and put it under hook of spring and just long enough that I could put a small bar under it then using the frame as pry point I was able to unhook and rehook it this way -- spring on belt to tighten it
I put the new parts on the treadmill and started it up --- guess what
it never has run this quiet before even when it was new - hope it will stay this quiet as I can watch TV with out turning the volume up on the TV now
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0 of 1 people found this instruction helpful
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Front Roller Bushing - 219550
Motor Belt - 216749
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
30-60 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Socket set
Bad vibration and loud noise while treadmill was running.
1. Turn off power.
2. Remove cover over motor assembly.
3. Loosen mounting bolt on motor.
4. Loosen both adjusting screws on treadmill belt.
5. Remove adjusting bolt on left side of front roller.
6. Lift left end of front roller and slide it to the left and out of the right side bushing.
7. Remove and replace motor belt and front bushing.
8. Reverse above steps.
My treadmill now runs quieter than it ever has.
Point of interest; my owners manual parts diagram and the diagram on your web site does not show the or list the front roller bushing.
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    Product Information
    Manufacturer: NordicTrack, ProForm, HealthRider, Golds Gym, Weslo
    Product Number: 219550
    Classification: Part
    Weight: 0.01 lbs.
    Shipping: Ships Worldwide
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