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Part Number: 591759
Briggs and Stratton
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 591759
Classification: Part
Weight: 6.86 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
33M977-0007-G1 Engine
217807-0001-B1 Engine
217807-0153-G5 Engine
217807-0967-B1 Engine
217807-0984-G5 Engine
219807-0001-G5 Engine
219977-0106-G1 Engine
219977-0160-B1 Engine
21B807-0136-H1 Engine
21B807-0137-H1 Engine
21B807-0141-H1 Engine
21B807-0668-H1 Engine
21B807-0842-H1 Engine
21B807-0884-H1 Engine
21B807-0941-H1 Engine
21B807-1499-H1 Engine
21B807-4120-H1 Engine
21B977-0162-H1 Engine
21R507-0003-H1 Engine
21R507-0004-H1 Engine
21R507-0005-H1 Engine
21R507-0006-H1 Engine
21R507-0009-H1 Engine
21R507-0010-H1 Engine
21R507-0012-H1 Engine
21R607-0001-H1 Engine
21R607-0003-H1 Engine
21R607-0006-H1 Engine
21R607-0007-H1 Engine
21R607-0010-H1 Engine
21R607-0011-H1 Engine
21R607-0013-H1 Engine
21R607-0015-H1 Engine
21R707-0004-B1 Engine
21R707-0004-H1 Engine
21R707-0005-B1 Engine
21R707-0008-B1 Engine
21R707-0009-B1 Engine
21R707-0010-B1 Engine
21R707-0015-G1 Engine
21R707-0018-B1 Engine
21R707-0019-B1 Engine
21R707-0021-B1 Engine
21R707-0026-B1 Engine
21R707-0029-B1 Engine
21R707-0032-B1 Engine
21R707-0034-G1 Engine
21R707-0035-B1 Engine
21R707-0039-G1 Engine
21R707-0040-B1 Engine
21R707-0045-G1 Engine
21R707-0048-G1 Engine
21R707-0060-G1 Engine
21R707-0063-B1 Engine
21R707-0068-G1 Engine
21R707-0071-G1 Engine
21R707-0073-B1 Engine
21R707-0076-G1 Engine
21R707-0081-B1 Engine
21R707-0082-G1 Engine
21R707-0084-G1 Engine
21R707-0086-F1 Engine
21R707-0098-G1 Engine
21R707-0103-B1 Engine
21R707-0104-G1 Engine
21R707-0105-G1 Engine
21R707-0115-B1 Engine
21R707-0118-B1 Engine
21R707-0125-B1 Engine
21R707-0126-G1 Engine
21R707-0133-B1 Engine
21R707-0134-B1 Engine
21R777-0027-B1 Engine
21R777-0088-G1 Engine
21R777-0100-B1 Engine
21R777-0135-B1 Engine
21R807-0003-B1 Engine
21R807-0006-B1 Engine
21R807-0008-G1 Engine
21R807-0012-B1 Engine
21R807-0017-B1 Engine
21R807-0025-G1 Engine
21R807-0026-B1 Engine
21R807-0033-F1 Engine
21R807-0040-G1 Engine
21R807-0041-B1 Engine
21R807-0042-G1 Engine
21R807-0043-G1 Engine
21R807-0045-G1 Engine
21R807-0046-B1 Engine
21R807-0048-F1 Engine
21R807-0051-G1 Engine
21R807-0059-B1 Engine
21R807-0064-B1 Engine
21R807-0065-G1 Engine
21R876-0053-G1 Engine
21R877-0032-B1 Engine
21R877-0049-G1 Engine
319775-0001-E1 Engine
319775-0109-E1 Engine
319775-0117-E1 Engine
31A607-0037-B1 Engine
31C707-0985-G5 Engine
31E577-0018-B1 Engine
31E677-0149-B1 Engine
31E677-0150-G5 Engine
31N707-4374-G5 Engine
31P677-0979-B1 Engine
31Q507-0002-H1 Engine
31Q507-0004-H1 Engine
31Q507-0005-H1 Engine
31Q507-0010-H1 Engine
31Q507-0011-H1 Engine
31Q577-0009-H1 Engine
31Q577-0013-H1 Engine
31R507-0002-G1 Engine
31R507-0003-B1 Engine
31R507-0008-B1 Engine
31R507-0013-B1 Engine
31R507-0021-B1 Engine
31R507-0023-B1 Engine
31R507-0024-B1 Engine
31R507-0030-B1 Engine
31R577-0009-B1 Engine
31R577-0010-B1 Engine
31R577-0017-B1 Engine
31R577-0019-B1 Engine
31R577-0027-B1 Engine
31R577-0028-B1 Engine
31R607-0003-B1 Engine
31R607-0005-G1 Engine
31R607-0006-G1 Engine
31R607-0007-G1 Engine
31R607-0009-G1 Engine
31R607-0011-G1 Engine
31R607-0012-B1 Engine
31R607-0013-B1 Engine
31R607-0015-B1 Engine
31R607-0016-B1 Engine
31R677-0002-B1 Engine
31R707-0001-G1 Engine
31R707-0004-B1 Engine
31R707-0013-G1 Engine
31R707-0017-B1 Engine
31R707-0020-G1 Engine
31R707-0021-G1 Engine
31R707-0023-G1 Engine
31R707-0025-B1 Engine
31R707-0033-G1 Engine
31R707-0034-G1 Engine

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
Questions & Answers

I need fan or broan that goes on top of fly wheel
Syeve for model number 31r907 0018 g1
Hi Syeve, the fan for the fly wheel is part 796083. Thank you for your question and good luck with your repair!
What would cause my engine to lock up and the magnet to ground up next to fly wheel?
Marvin Burtchett for model number 31R707 0001 G1
Hi Marvin, Thank you for your question. If your engine is locking up, it may be a result of ignition module failure. If the ignition module is not working correctly, it is likely due to the heat caused from improper wiring of the ground wire to battery voltage. It could also be a result of a sheared flywheel key. You will need to test the magnets to verify if they are working correctly. You will also need to check the spark plug. I hope this helps. Thank you and have a great day!
I need afanfor this motor
monza for model number 33R877-0009-G1
Hello monza and thank you for writing. The part number for the fan or better know as the "Flywheel" is part number 591759. We hope this helps!
Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 591759
Classification: Part
Weight: 6.86 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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