Troy-Bilt Parts

Flange Screw

Part Number: 1754128
CraftsmanTroy-BiltCub Cadet
Availability: Special Order [ more info ]
Price: $3.27
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1 - 4 business days

*This part replaces obsolete part #: 710-04461, GW-1754128 and 9573.

Product Information

This part is compatible with the following machines:

47279 Chipper/Vac
12212 Rear-Tine Tiller
15009 (150090100101-0400101) Troy-Bilt Pony Rear-Tine Tiller
15010 (150100100101-UP) Econo-Horse(6hp)
15010 (E0036752-E0047260) Econo-Horse(6hp) Opc
15010 (E0047261-UP) Econo-Horse(6hp) Opc
15011 (150110100101-UP) Econo-Horse(6hp)
15011 (E0036752-E0047260) Econo-Horse(6hp) Opc
15011 (E0047261-UP) Econo-Horse(6hp) Opc
6211 (E0001001-E0008843) Econo-Horse(6hp)
6311 (E0001001-E0008843) Econo-Horse(6hp)
6411 (E0008844-E0032773) Econo-Horse(6hp) Opc
6511 (E0008844-E0032773) Econo-Horse(6hp) Opc
ECONO-HORSE OPC (E0032774-E0036751) Econo-Horse(6hp) Opc
15006 (M0108417-M0115494) Junior Vi Opc (4hp)
15006 (M0115495-UP) Junior Vi Opc (4hp)
15006C (15006C0100101-15006C0399) Junior Vi Opc (4hp)
15006S (M0100970-M0108416) Junior V Opc (4hp)
15021 (M0108417-M0115494) Junior Vi Opc (4hp)
15021 (M0115495-UP) Junior Vi Opc (4hp)
15021S (M0100970-M0108416) Junior V Opc (4hp)
50173 (M8204-M0067998) Junior Ii (3.5hp)
50204 (M8204-M0067998) Junior Ii (3.5hp)
5211 (M0067999-M0075089) Junior Iii (3.5hp)
5311 (M0067999-M0075089) Junior Iii (3.5hp)
5611 (M0075090-M0100969) Junior Iv Opc (4hp)
5711 (M0075090-M0100969) Junior Iv Opc (4hp)
12062 (120620100101 & HIGHER) Pony Opc (5hp)
12066 (120660100101-120660100334) Pony Opc (5hp)
12181 (121811100101-121811199999) Pony Opc 6hp
12182 (121821100101-121821199999) Pony Opc 6hp
12212 (122121100101-122121699999) Pony 7 Hp Elec
15008 (S0242650-S0254903) Pony Vii Opc (5hp)
15008 (S0254904-S0268636) Pony Viii Opc (5hp)
15008C (15008C0300101-0400101) Pony Opc (5hp)
15008C (15008C0400101-UP) Pony Opc (5hp)
15008S (150080100101-0400101) Pony Opc (5hp)
15008S (S0242650-S0254903) Pony Vii Opc (5hp)
15009 (150090400101-UP) Pony Opc (5hp)
15009 (S0242650-S0254903) Pony Vii Opc (5hp)
15009 (S0254904-S0268636) Pony Viii Opc (5hp)
15009C (15009C0300101-0400101) Pony Opc (5hp)
15009C (15009C0400101-UP) Pony Opc (5hp)
15020 (150200100101-0400101) Pony Opc (5hp)
15020 (150200400101-UP) Pony Opc (5hp)
15020S (S0242650-S0254903) Pony Vii Opc (5hp)
15020S (S0254904-S0268636) Pony Viii Opc (5hp)
12194 (121941100101-121941199999) Horse-Opc 8hp Rototiller
12079 (120790100101-UP) Junior Vi Opc (4hp)
15006 (M0100970-M0108416) Junior V Opc (4hp)
15006 (150060100101-150060399999) Junior Vi Opc (4hp)
15006 (150060400101-150061199999) Junior Vi Opc (4hp)
15006 (1500612101-UP) Junior Vi Opc (4hp)
21A-530-081 (12181)(1100101-119999) Pony Tiller
21A-530-081 (15008)(0400101-1199999)(15008C) Pony Tiller
5151 Pony V
5150 (S186072-S0204132) Pony V 5hp Elec
21A-531-081 (12211) Pony Tiller
5008 (5008 S)(150080400101-UP) Pony Opc (5hp)
5011 (S164133-S860712) Pony Iv 5hp Std
5151 (S186072-S0204132) Pony V 5hp Elec
5411 (S0204133-S0242649) Pony Vi Opc (5hp)
5511 (S0204133-S0242649) Pony Vi Opc (5hp)
5040 (S186072-S0204132) Pony V 5hp Std
5041 (S186072-S0204132) Pony V 5hp Std
5111 (S164133-S186071) Pony Iv 5hp Elec
42047 8hp/26-Inch Auger Snowthrower
42048 10hp/30-Inch Auger Snowthrower
42049 13hp/32-Inch Auger Snowthrower
12086 (120860100101-UP) Econo-Horse(6hp)
12174 (121741100101-UP) Econo-Horse(6hp) Opc Ohv
12185 (121851100101-121851199999) Econo-Horse 7hp Opc
21AE662M066 (2008) 250cc Elec Roto-Tiller
21A-663E766 (2006) 6.5hp Roto-Tiller
21A-665B766 (2006) 5.5hp Frt Roto-Tiller
21AE663E766 (2006) 6.5hp Elec Roto-Tiller
21A-663L066 (2007) 6.5hp Roto-Tiller
21A-663M266 (2007) 6.5hp Roto-Tiller
21A-665B766 (2007) Frt Roto-Tiller
21AE663D266 (2007) 6.5hp Elec Roto-Tiller
21AE663E066 (2007) 6.5hp Elec Roto-Tiller
21AE663E766 (2007) 6.5hp Elec Roto-Tiller
21A-662D066 (2008) 250cc Roto-Tiller
21A-663M266 (2008) 195cc Roto-Tiller
21A-665B766 (2008) Frt Roto-Tiller
Cub Cadet
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