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Element- Air Cleaner - 17211-899-000:Honda 360 View
Element- Air Cleaner - 17211-899-000:HondaElement- Air Cleaner - 17211-899-000:HondaElement- Air Cleaner - 17211-899-000:Honda 360 View

Element- Air Cleaner 17211-899-000

Part Number: 17211-899-000
Availability: Ships in 7 - 12 business days
Price: $9.55
Leaves our warehouse within
7 - 12 business days
Product Information
This is an original Honda replacement part that is manufactured for use with small engines. The purpose of the Air Cleaner Element is to filter dirt and debris from entering the engine and clogging it, therefore, comprimising the performance of the engine. Over time the air cleaner element will clog and needs to be replaced. This foam filter is an individually sold part.
Frequently Purchased With

This part is compatible with the following machines:

GX340U1 (Type VC2)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340U1 (Type VWC)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340U1 (Type VWE)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340U1 (Type VWS)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340U1 (Type ENT)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340U1 (Type ENT2)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340U1 (Type EDE2)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340U1 (Type EDN2)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340U1 (Type EDT)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340U1 (Type EDT6)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340U1 (Type EDS2)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340U1 (Type EN6)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340U1 (Type EDS6)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340RT1 (Type VWE)(VIN# GCAVT-1000001) Small Engine
GX340RT1 (Type VC2)(VIN# GCAVT-1000001) Small Engine
GX340U1 (Type ED6)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340RT1 (Type VWC)(VIN# GCAVT-1000001) Small Engine
GX340R1 (Type VWC)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340R1 (Type VWE)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340R1 (Type VC2)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340R1 (Type VWS)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340R1 (Type ED6)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340R1 (Type EN6)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340R1 (Type EDE2)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340R1 (Type ENT)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340R1 (Type EDN2)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340R1 (Type ENT2)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340R1 (Type EDS2)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine
GX340K1 (Type VWE)(VIN# GC05-3600001-9999999) Small Engine
GX340K1 (Type VWC)(VIN# GC05-3600001-9999999) Small Engine
GX390K1 (Type ED6)(VIN# GCAA-2000001-3399999) Small Engine
GX390K1 (Type EDD2)(VIN# GCAA-3400001-9999999) Small Engine
GX390K1 (Type ED6A)(VIN# GCAA-3400001-9999999) Small Engine
GX390K1 (Type EDS2)(VIN# GCAA-3400001-9999999) Small Engine
GX390K1 (type EN6)(VIN# GCAA-3400001-9999999) Small Engine
GX390K1 (Type ENT2)(VIN# GCAA-3400001-9999999) Small Engine
GX340K1 (Type ED6)(VIN# GC05-2000001-3599999) Small Engine
GX340K1 (Type ED6/A)(VIN# GC05-3600001-9999999) Small Engine
GX340K1 (Type EDE2)(VIN# GC05-2000001-3599999) Small Engine
GX340K1 (Type EDE2/A)(VIN# GC05-3600001-9999999) Small Engine
GX340K1 (Type EDN2)(VIN# GC05-2000001-3599999) Small Engine
GX340K1 (Type EDN2/A)(VIN# GC05-3600001-9999999) Small Engine
GX340K1 (Type EDS2)(VIN# GC05-2000001-3599999) Small Engine
GX340K1 (Type EDS2/A)(VIN# GC05-3600001-9999999) Small Engine
GX340K1 (Type EDT)(VIN# GC05-2000001-3599999) Small Engine
GX340K1 (Type EDT/A)(VIN# GC05-3600001-9999999) Small Engine
GX340K1 (Type EDT2)(VIN# GC05-2000001-3599999) Small Engine
GX390K1 (Type VC2)(VIN# GCAA-3400001-9999999) Small Engine
GX390K1 (Type VMS2)(VIN# GCAA-3400001-9999999) Small Engine
GX390K1 (Type VPX5)(VIN# GCAA-3400001-9999999) Small Engine
GX390K1 (Type VWC)(VIN# GCAA-3400001-9999999) Small Engine
GX390K1 (Type VXG)(VIN# GCAA-3400001-9999999) Small Engine
GX390K1 (Type VWE)(VIN# GCAA-3400001-9999999) Small Engine
GX390K1 (Type VXG2)(VIN# GCAA-2000001-3399999) Small Engine
GX390R1 (Type ED6)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390R1 (Type ENT2)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390K1 (Type VXG2A)(VIN# GCAA-3400001-9999999) Small Engine
GX390R1 (Type EDD2)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390R1 (Type EDS2)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390R1 (Type VWS)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390R1 (Type EN6)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390R1 (Type VXG)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390R1 (Type VC2)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390R1 (Type VWC)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type ED6)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type EDS6)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390R1 (Type VWE)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type ENT2)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390RT1 (Type VXG)(VIN# GCAKT-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type EDD2)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type EDT6)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type EDS2)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type EN6)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VAA1)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VC2)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VAA8)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VKX4)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VKX9)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VMS2)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VE39)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VPE5)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VPX5)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VS49)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VKE4)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VPE7)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VPX7)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VTH4)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VEP9)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VKE9)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VPE9)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VPX9)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VPE4)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VSD4)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VX39)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VS39)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VPX4)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VWE)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VXG2)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VWC)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VWS)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390UH1 (Type VPX5)(VIN# GCAHH-0000001) Small Engine
GX390U1 (Type VXG)(VIN# GCANK-1000001) Small Engine
GX390UT1 (Type VC2N)(VIN# GCAKT-1000001) Small Engine
GX390UT1 (Type VPX4)(VIN# GCAKT-1000001) Small Engine
GX390UT1 (Type VKX4)(VIN# GCAKT-1000001) Small Engine
GX390UT1 (Type VPX9)(VIN# GCAKT-1000001) Small Engine
GX390UT1 (Type VXG)(VIN# GCAKT-1000001) Small Engine
GX340K1 (Type VC2)(VIN# GC05-2000001-3599999) Small Engine
GX340K1 (Type VC2/A)(VIN# GC05-3600001-9999999) Small Engine
GX240K1 (Type ED2/A)(VIN# GC04-4400001-9999999) Small Engine
GX240K1 (Type EDN2)(VIN# GC04-3000001-4399999) Small Engine
GX240K1 (Type EDS2/A)(VIN# GC04-4400001-9999999) Small Engine
GX240K1 (Type EDN2/A)(VIN# GC04-4400001-9999999) Small Engine
GX240K1 (Type EDT2)(VIN# GC04-3000001-4399999) Small Engine
GX240K1 (Type ED2)(VIN# GC04-3000001-4399999) Small Engine
GX240K1 (Type EDS2)(VIN# GC04-3000001-4399999) Small Engine
GX240K1 (Type VMT2)(VIN# GC04-4400001-9999999) Small Engine
GX240U1 (Type ED2)(VIN# GCAKK-1000001) Small Engine
GX240U1 (Type EDT6)(VIN# GCAKK-1000001) Small Engine
GX240R1 (Type VMT2)(VIN# GCAKK-1000001) Small Engine
GX240U1 (Type EDN2)(VIN# GCAKK-1000001) Small Engine
GX240U1 (Type EN2)(VIN# GCAKK-1000001) Small Engine
GX240U1 (Type EDS2)(VIN# GCAKK-1000001) Small Engine
GX240RT1 (Type VMT2)(VIN# GCATT-1000001) Small Engine
GX240U1 (Type EDS6)(VIN# GCAKK-1000001) Small Engine
GX240U1 (Type VMT2)(VIN# GCAKK-1000001) Small Engine
GX240U1 (Type VWS)(VIN# GCAKK-1000001) Small Engine
GX270 (Type VMS2)(VIN# GCAB-2000001-9999999) Small Engine
GX270 (Type VPE5)(VIN# GCAB-2000001-9999999) Small Engine
GX270 (Type VMX2)(VIN# GCAB-2000001-9999999) Small Engine
GX270 (Type VPX5)(VIN# GCAB-2000001-9999999) Small Engine
GX270R (Type VKE4)(VIN# GCALK-1000001) Small Engine
GX270R (Type VMS2)(VIN# GCALK-1000001) Small Engine
GX270R (Type VMX2)(VIN# GCALK-1000001) Small Engine
GX270RT (Type VPE2)(VIN# GCAJT-1163870) Small Engine
GX270U (Type VKX4)(VIN# GCALK-1000001) Small Engine
GX270U (Type VKE4)(VIN# GCALK-1000001) Small Engine
GX270U (Type VKX9)(VIN# GCALK-1000001) Small Engine
GX270U (Type VKE9)(VIN# GCALK-1000001) Small Engine
GX270U (Type VE39)(VIN# GCALK-1000001) Small Engine
GX270U (Type VPE4)(VIN# GCALK-1000001) Small Engine
GX270U (Type VMS2)(VIN# GCALK-1000001) Small Engine
GX270U (Type VPE5)(VIN# GCALK-1000001) Small Engine
GX270U (Type VMX2)(VIN# GCALK-1000001) Small Engine
GX270U (Type VPE7)(VIN# GCALK-1000001) Small Engine
GX270U (Type VPX4)(VIN# GCALK-1000001) Small Engine
GX270U (Type VPE9)(VIN# GCALK-1000001) Small Engine
GX270U (Type VS37)(VIN# GCALK-1000001) Small Engine
GX270U (Type VPX5)(VIN# GCALK-1000001) Small Engine
GX270U (Type VPX7)(VIN# GCALK-1000001) Small Engine
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine

Questions & Answers for Element- Air Cleaner

what are the dimensions of this part
RONALD asked on 2023-11-06
Hello Ronald, Thank you for the question. According to the 1" Grid in the picture, this Element is 5" X 7". We hope this helps!
eReplacementParts Team November 06, 2023
Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Element- Air Cleaner - 17211-899-000
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
, none required
needed a new air filter
just replaced the new air filter
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Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Element- Air Cleaner - 17211-899-000
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
, No tools required
Air cleaner old
Remove air filter housing held by two clips.
Remove and replace air filter.
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Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Element- Air Cleaner - 17211-899-000
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
, no tool required
old foam air filter dirty and broken into pieces
Just open the cover of air filter cleaned inside and place the new air filter inside and closed cover.
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  • great part
    easy to work with
    Guest - May 7, 2022 Verified Purchase
    Great Customer Service!
    I must admit, I selected the wrong part on the website, but I was able to trim it to size and make it work, rather than go through a return and reorder. It was a great price and it came in the time they said it would.
    JERRY - January 29, 2021 Verified Purchase
    Got part fast!
    Got my part sooner than I expected.
    Guest - September 3, 2020 Verified Purchase
    everything worked just fine
    parts were in new condition
    Guest - April 1, 2020 Verified Purchase
    Generator tune up old engine
    Part was exact match for original. Your description and image very helpful. Have used you many times and always got right part delivered when promised.
    Guest - September 18, 2019 Verified Purchase
    Delivered quickly and looks like it will fit. Have not installed it installed
    Guest - August 9, 2019 Verified Purchase
    Verified Purchase
    eReplacementParts Team
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