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Briggs and Stratton
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 797901
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.12 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This item is an authentic OEM sourced part that is intended to be used with Briggs and Stratton engines which are commonly installed on a variety of lawn and garden equipment. The elbow-intake is used to guide the air into the unit. Over time it may wear out or get damaged eventually requiring a replacement. It is made of high-quality material and is sold as an individual item. Refer to the appropriate diagrams for your model to ensure the correct repair procedure.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
21B807-0136-B1 Engine
21B807-0137-B1 Engine
21B807-0138-B1 Engine
21B807-0139-B1 Engine
21B807-0140-B1 Engine
21B807-0141-B1 Engine
21B807-0142-B1 Engine
21B807-0143-B1 Engine
21B807-0146-B1 Engine
21B807-0668-B1 Engine
21B807-0842-B1 Engine
21B807-0852-G1 Engine
21B807-0852-G5 Engine
21B807-0884-B1 Engine
21B807-0941-B1 Engine
21B807-1499-B1 Engine
21B807-4120-B1 Engine
21B807-4123-B1 Engine
21B976-4194-B1 Engine
21B977-0162-B1 Engine
21B977-0168-B1 Engine
21B977-0213-B1 Engine
21B977-0215-B1 Engine
21B977-0216-H1 Engine
21B977-0843-B1 Engine
21B977-4156-B1 Engine
21B977-4195-B1 Engine
21B977-4198-B1 Engine
21D807-1546-G1 Engine
21D807-1546-G5 Engine
31A507-0131-B1 Engine
31A507-0132-G5 Engine
31A507-0133-G1 Engine
31A507-0133-G5 Engine
31A507-0134-B1 Engine
31A507-0135-G1 Engine
31A507-0135-G5 Engine
31A507-0136-B1 Engine
31A507-0137-G5 Engine
31A507-0138-B1 Engine
31A507-0140-B1 Engine
31A507-0141-B1 Engine
31A507-0143-B1 Engine
31A507-0839-B1 Engine
31A507-0871-G1 Engine
31A507-0871-G5 Engine
31A507-1498-G1 Engine
31A507-1498-G5 Engine
31A507-1516-B1 Engine
31A507-1516-G5 Engine
31A507-2391-B1 Engine
31A507-2471-B1 Engine
31A507-3405-G1 Engine
31A507-3405-G5 Engine
31A507-4111-B1 Engine
31A507-4117-B1 Engine
31A507-4405-G1 Engine
31A507-4405-G5 Engine
31A607-3026-G5 Engine
31A607-3472-G5 Engine
31A607-3496-G1 Engine
31A607-3496-G5 Engine
31A607-4116-B1 Engine
31A607-4118-B1 Engine
31A607-4139-B1 Engine
31A607-0155-B1 Engine
31A607-0156-B1 Engine
31A607-0157-B1 Engine
31A607-0158-B1 Engine
31A607-0160-B1 Engine
31A607-0161-B1 Engine
31A607-0950-G5 Engine
31A607-0968-B1 Engine
31A607-2149-B1 Engine
31A607-2151-B1 Engine
31A607-2392-B1 Engine
31A607-2432-B1 Engine
31A607-2470-B1 Engine
31A707-0874-G1 Engine
31A707-0874-G5 Engine
31A707-2121-B1 Engine
31A707-2454-B1 Engine
31A807-0905-G5 Engine
31C707-0110-B1 Engine
31C707-0160-B1 Engine
31C707-0897-B1 Engine
31C707-2429-B1 Engine
31C707-2506-B2 Engine
31C707-2826-B1 Engine
31C707-3005-G5 Engine
31C707-3026-G5 Engine
31C707-3346-G1 Engine
31C707-3346-G2 Engine
31C707-3346-G5 Engine
31C707-3346-G6 Engine
31C707-3487-G1 Engine
31C707-3487-G5 Engine
31C707-4346-G1 Engine
31C707-4346-G5 Engine
31E507-0137-B1 Engine
31E577-0114-G1 Engine
31E577-0114-G5 Engine
31E577-0115-G5 Engine
31E577-0116-G5 Engine
31E577-0117-G5 Engine
31E577-1596-G5 Engine
31E607-2116-B1 Engine
31E607-4140-B1 Engine
31E677-0118-B1 Engine
31E677-0147-B1 Engine
31E677-0148-B1 Engine
31E677-2117-B1 Engine
31E677-2438-B1 Engine
31E677-2772-B1 Engine
31E677-4143-B1 Engine
31E777-1628-G5 Engine
31E777-2439-B1 Engine
31E777-3136-G1 Engine
31E777-3136-G5 Engine
31E777-4500-G5 Engine
31E777-0117-B1 Engine
31E777-0118-B1 Engine
31E777-0142-B1 Engine
31E777-0143-G5 Engine
31E777-0144-B1 Engine
31E777-1500-G1 Engine
31E777-1500-G5 Engine
31E777-1501-B1 Engine
31G707-0175-B1 Engine
31G707-3026-G5 Engine
31G777-0148-B1 Engine
31G777-0150-B1 Engine
31G777-0153-B1 Engine
31G777-0154-B1 Engine
31G777-0155-B1 Engine
31G777-0156-G1 Engine
31G777-0156-G5 Engine
31G777-0157-B1 Engine
31G777-0158-B1 Engine
31G777-0159-B1 Engine
31G777-0160-G5 Engine
31G777-0161-B1 Engine
31G777-0162-B1 Engine
31G777-0171-G5 Engine
31G777-0174-G5 Engine
31G777-0194-B1 Engine
31G777-0203-B1 Engine
31G777-0204-B1 Engine
31G777-0235-G1 Engine
31G777-0235-G5 Engine

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
Questions & Answers

will this intake manifold work with my older Briggs and Stratton on my John Deere lawn tractor model D05
Barbara Bryant for model number 31R9770001G1
Hello Barbara, Thank you for the question. I have researched the model you have provided and can confirm the Part Number: 797901 is correct for your appliance. Hope this helps!
Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 797901
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.12 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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