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25CC Cylinder Kit

Part Number: UP07145A
Availability: 3 in stock
Price: $35.49
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: UP04136A, A00108, UP07145 and UP04136.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Homelite
Product Number: UP07145A
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.83 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

B25C (UT-20768) Trimmer
B25C (UT-20770) Trimmer
B25S (UT-15182) Trimmer
BC800 (UT-15184) Trimmer
BC900 (UT-15166) Trimmer
BC900 (UT-15172) Trimmer
C300 (UT-20755) Trimmer
C300 (UT-20775) Trimmer
UT20696 (D725CD) Trimmer
D725CD (UT-20714) Trimmer
UT20695 (D725CDE) Trimmer
UT20713 (D725CDE) Trimmer
D725CDE (UT-20773) Trimmer
UT20711 (D825CA) Trimmer
D825CA (UT-20736) Trimmer
UT20705 (D825CDP) Trimmer
UT15152 (D825SB) Trimmer
UT15160 (D825SB) Trimmer
UT15165 (D825SB) Trimmer
UT15170 (D825SB) Trimmer
UT20700 (D825SD) Trimmer
UT20701 (D825SD) Trimmer
UT20709 (D825SD) Trimmer
D825SD (UT-20729) Trimmer
D825SD (UT-20774) Trimmer
D825SD (UT-20784) Trimmer
UT-20680 Trimmer
UT-20680-A Trimmer
UT-20703 Trimmer
UT-20704 Trimmer
UT-20715 Trimmer
UT-20724 Trimmer
UT-20730 Trimmer
UT-20737 Trimmer
UT-20738 Trimmer
UT-20749 Trimmer
UT-20758 Trimmer
UT-20769 Trimmer
UT-20769-A Trimmer
UT-20785 Trimmer
UT-20699 Trimmer
UT-20678 Trimmer
UT-20678-A Trimmer
UT-20688 Trimmer
UT-20688-A Trimmer
UT-20688-B Trimmer
UT-20693 Trimmer
UT-20780 Easy Trim String Trimmer
UT-20780 Easy Trim String Trimmer
UT-20780 Easy Trim String Trimmer
UT-20712 Expand-It 3 in 1 String Trimmer
UT-20710 Expand-it Plus String Trimmer
UT-20681 Expand-it String Trimmer
UT-20681-A Expand-it String Trimmer
UT-20735 Expand-it String Trimmer
F2020 (UT-20788) String Trimmer
F2020 (UT-20789) String Trimmer
F2040 (UT-20791) String Trimmer
F3040 (UT-15176) String Trimmer
F3050 (UT-15179) String Trimmer
GST (UT-20593) String Trimmer
UT-20593-A GST String Trimmer
HBC18 (UT-15075-A) String Trimmer
HBC30 (UT-15071-A) String Trimmer
HBC30 (UT-15085-A) String Trimmer
HBC30B (UT-15086-A) String Trimmer
HBC30Bi (UT-15175) String Trimmer
HBC30i (UT-15174) String Trimmer
HGT (UT-20583) String Trimmer
HGT (UT-20583-A) String Trimmer
HLT17C (UT-20586-A) String Trimmer
HLT17C (UT-20596-A) String Trimmer
ST185 (UT-15039-B) String Trimmer
HB25150V (UT-08035-AR) Blower
BC2500AZ (UT-15205) Trimmer
BC2500AZ (UT-15201) Trimmer
BC2500AZ (UT-15202) Trimmer
UT15204 (BC2500MR) Trimmer
UT-08057-A Blower
UT08067C Zip Start Blower
BC1725SBR (UT-15158-R) Trimmer
UT-20590 String Trimmer
UT-20772 Trim 'N Edge
BC800 (UT-15183) Trimmer
UT-15040-C String Trimmer
HB180 (UT-08009-B) Blower
ST155 (UT-20539-A) String Trimmer
UT08102 (Bandit 2000) Blower
UT08092 (D25B) Blower
UT08109 (D25B) Blower
UT08123 (HB25155) Blower
UT08124 (HB25155) Blower
UT08087 (Yard Broom) Blower
UT08110 (Yard Broom) Blower
BC1725SBR (UT-15203) Trimmer
UT15159R (BC2500MR) Trimmer
UT15200 (BC2500R) Trimmer
UT-08079 (D25B) Blower
UT-08074 (Yardvark) Blower
UT-08074-A (Yardvark) Blower
UT-08074-B (Yardvark) Blower
UT-08077 (Yardvark) Blower
UT-08011 (HB100) Blower
UT-08011-A (HB100) Blower
UT08111 BackPacker Blower
UT08111A BackPacker Blower
UT08083 BackPacker Blower
UT08017L BackPacker Blower
UT08103 BBV25 Blower
UT08097 BP250 (I) Blower
UT08101 BP25175 Blower
UT08122 BP25175 Blower
UT08080 D25MHA Blower
UT08086 D25MHA Blower
UT08108 D25MHA Blower
UT08099 HB25155V Blower
UT08120 HB25155V Blower
UT08081 Yard Sweeper Blower
UT08082 Yard Sweeper Blower
UT08106 Yard Sweeper Blower
UT08119 Yard Sweeper Vac Blower
ST145 (UT20556) String Trimmer
ST145 (UT20556-A) String Trimmer
ST145 (UT20556-B) String Trimmer
ST145 (UT20582) String Trimmer
ST145 (UT20592) String Trimmer
ST145 (UT20592-A) String Trimmer
UT-20706 TrimLite Gas String Trimmer
UT20771 Power Trim
UT-20581-3 (ST285BC) String Trimmer
UT-20581-C (ST285BC) String Trimmer
UT-20581-E (ST285BC) String Trimmer
UT-20598-1 (ST285BC) String Trimmer
UT-20615 (ST285BC) String Trimmer
UT-20593-A String Trimmer
Z625CDV (UT-20631) String Trimmer
UT-15136 String Trimmer
s825cdv (UT-20632) String Trimmer
s825cdv (UT-20632-A) String Trimmer
UT08052C Gas Blower
UT08110A (Yard Broom) Blower
UT15084 (GSTBC) String Trimmer
UT15084A (GSTBC) String Trimmer
UT08084 (D25MHV) Zip Start Blower, 25cc
UT08090 (I25MHV) Zip Start Blower, 25cc
UT08105 (D25MHV) Zip Start Blower, 25cc
UT08100 (HB25255V) Zip Start Blower, 25cc
UT08085 (Vac Attack) Zip Start Blower, 25cc
UT08095 (I25MHV) Zip Start Blower, 25cc

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Blower
  • • Grass Trimmer
  • • Hedge Trimmer
  • • Trimmer
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