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Caster w/​out lock

Part Number: 79499
Availability: Factory Backorder
Price: $35.90
Date Available: Unknown
Product Information
Manufacturer: Weber
Product Number: 79499
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.68 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This is an original Weber replacement part. The caster is designed by the manufacturer for use on grills. The caster is made of metal and high-quality plastic, and comes with a plastic insert. No tools are required when replacing this item. Simply remove the old part and slot the new part into place.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

6511001 Genesis 310 LP Grill
6511301 Genesis 310 LP Grill
6511701 Genesis 310 LP Grill
6521001 Genesis 320 LP Grill
6521301 Genesis 320 LP Grill
6521701 Genesis 320 LP Grill
6531001 Genesis 330 LP Grill
6531301 Genesis 330 LP Grill
6531701 Genesis 330 LP Grill
6550001 Genesis 310 LP Grill
6611001 Genesis 310 NG Grill
6611301 Genesis 310 NG Grill
6611701 Genesis 310 NG Grill
6621001 Genesis 320 NG Grill
6621301 Genesis 320 NG Grill
6631001 Genesis 330 NG Grill
6631301 Genesis 330 NG Grill
6650001 Genesis 310 NG Grill
6519099 Genesis E-310, Espresso, LP Gas Grill
6619099 Genesis E-310, Espresso, NG Gas Grill
6570001 Genesis S-330, Stainless, LP Gas Grill
6670001 Genesis S-330, Stainless, NG Gas Grill
86611701 (2013)(NG) Genesis CEP-310 Grill
86611001 (2013)(NG) Genesis E-310 Grill
86519099 (2013)(LP) Genesis E-310 Grill - Espresso Brown
86511701 (2013)(LP) Genesis CEP-310 Grill - Black
86511001 (2013)(LP) Genesis E-310 Grill - Black
86619099 (2013)(NG) Genesis E-310 Grill - Espresso Brown
86611301 (2013)(NG) Genesis EP-310 Grill - Black
86511301 (2013)(LP) Genesis EP-310 Grill - Black
86550001 (2013)(LP) Genesis S-310 Grill - SS
86650001 (2013)(NG) Genesis S-310 Grill - SS
86631301 (2013)(NG) Genesis EP-330 Grill - Black
86670001 (2013)(NG) Genesis S-330 Grill - SS
86570001 (2013)(LP) Genesis S-330 Grill - SS
97221001 (2012)(NG) Summit E-420 Grill - Black
97121001 (2012)(LP) Summit E-420 Grill - Black
97120001 (2012)(LP) Summit S-420 Grill - SS
97220001 (2012)(NG) Summit S-420 Grill - SS
97171001 (2012)(LP) Summit E-470 Grill - Black
97271001 (2012)(NG) Summit E-470 Grill - Black
97170001 (2012)(LP) Summit S-470 Grill - SS
97270001 (2012)(NG) Summit S-470 Grill - SS
97321001 (2012)(LP) Summit E-620 Grill - Black
97421001 (2012)(NG) Summit E-620 Grill - Black
97320001 (2012)(LP) Summit S-620 Grill - SS
97420001 (2012)(NG) Summit S-620 Grill - SS
97371001 (2012)(LP) Summit E-670 Grill - Black
97471001 (2012)(NG) Summit E-670 Grill - Black
97370001 (2012)(LP) Summit S-670 Grill - SS
97470001 (2012)(NG) Summit S-670 Grill - SS
97160001 (2012)(LP) Summit S-460 Built-In Grill
97260001 (2012)(NG) Summit S-460 Built-In Grill
97360001 (2012)(LP) Summit S-660 Built-In Grill
97460001 (2012)(NG) Summit S-660 Built-In Grill
7590 Genesis Accessory Cabinet Ss
7591 Genesis Accessory Cabinet Blk
86621001 (2013) Genesis E-320 Ng Blk (Usa/Canada)
86521001 (2013) Genesis E-320 Lp Blk (Us/Ca/Mx)
86631001 (2013) Genesis E-330 Ng Blk (Usa/Canada)
86531001 (2013) Genesis E-330 Lp Blk (Us/Ca/Mx)
86531301 (2013) Genesis Ep-330 Lp Blk (Us/Ca/Mx)
86531701 (2013) Genesis Cep-330 Lp Blk (Usa/Canada)
86631701 (2013) Genesis Cep-330 Ng Blk (Usa/Canada)
77270001 (2017) Summit S-470 Ng Ss (Us/Ca)
77271001 (2017) Summit E-470 Ng Blk (Us/Ca)
77470001 (2017) Summit S-670 Ng Ss (Us/Ca)
77471001 (2017) Summit E-670 Ng Blk (Us/Ca)
77170001 (2017) Summit S-470 Lp Ss (Us/Ca/Mx)
77171001 (2017) Summit E-470 Lp Blk (Us/Ca/Mx)
77370001 (2017) Summit S-670 Lp Ss (Us/Ca)
77371001 (2017) Summit E-670 Lp Blk (Us/Ca/Mx)
77260001 (2017) Summit S-460 Ng Ss Built-In (Us/Ca/Mx)
77460001 (2017) Summit S-660 Ng Ss Built-In (Us/Ca)
77160001 (2017) Summit S-460 Lp Ss Built-In (Us/Ca/Mx)
77360001 (2017) Summit S-660 Lp Ss Built-In (Us/Ca)
91740301 Summit S-450 Lp Ss
6636701 Genesis Cep-330 Ng
3752701 Genesis Cep-320 Lp
6535701 Genesis Cep-330 Lp
GENESIS PREMIUM CEP-330 Genesis Premium Cep-330
GENESIS EP-320 (2007-2010 Models) Genesis Ep-320
GENESIS S-320 Genesis S-320
6635701 Genesis Cep-330 Ng
7321001 Summit E-620 Lp Blk
87171074 Summit E-470 Lp
GENESIS SPIRIT E-210 Genesis Spirit E-210
6517001 Genesis E-310 Lp
6519399 Genesis Ep-310 Lp
6512001 (2013) Genesis E-310 Lp
86650001 Genesis S-310 Ng Ss
GENESIS E-310 (2007-2010 Models) Genesis E-310
6536701 Genesis Cep-330 Lp
GENESIS EP-310 Genesis Ep-310
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Questions & Answers

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Outdoor Grill
Parts Used:
Caster w/out lock - 79499
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
, blocks to balance grill
Lost one of the non-locking casters
Easy - press the retainer into the square metal leg, insert the caster, pull block out from under the grill and roll away...
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Weber
Product Number: 79499
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.68 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
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