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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch
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Case,​​ Gear,​​ Lh

Part Number: 10576MA
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Price: $23.56
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 10576 and 721647.

Product Information
This (left hand) gear case is supplied directly from the original equipment manufacturer. Constructed of durable metal, the gear case is made for use with many snowthrower machines. This item is secured onto the right hand gear case, through the shaft auger output. The gear case is designed to protect the inner gears and components, as well as securing necessary lubricants. Wrench and socket sets are needed in making the proper installation. Please refer to the specific manual for repair instructions. This part is sold individually.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

1695539 (2008) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695557 (C950-52846-0)(2008) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695558 (C950-52847-0)(2008) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
LP1695444-726E (2008) 26" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695505 (18-2830-29) (2008) 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695506 (18-2830-39)(2008) 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695507 (18-2856-29)(2008) 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695540 (2008) 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695541 (2008) 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695425 (6240900x196A)(2007) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695459 (Series 900)(2007) 26" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695427 (C950-52721-0)(2007) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695361 (6240810X54)(2007) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
626752x16B (ST7526)(2007) 26" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695362 (6240810X61)(2007) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
6271200x110 (18-2830-88)(2007) Castlegarden SN927 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
6271200x113A (18-2830-38)(2007) Alpina AN927 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695372 (6240900x43)(2007) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
6271200x85 (18-2830-28)(2007) Sno Blizzard 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695382 (C950-52729-0)(2007) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
6271270x85 (18-2856-28)(2007) Sno Unlimited 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
6240810x110 (18-2827-88)(2007) Castlegarden SN624 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
6240810x85 (18-2857-28)(2007) 24" Snow Park Dual Stage Snowthrower
624650x16B (ST6524)(2007) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
624555X110B (SN624)(2006) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
624555X85B (2006) 24" Snow Storm Dual Stage Snowthrower
624555x61A (2005) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
627852X85B (2006) 27" Snow Blizzard Dual Stage Snowthrower
624555x85A (2005) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
624650X16A (ST6524)(2006) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
624808x4F (2005) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
627855X110A (SN927)(2006) 27" Dual Stage Snowthrower
536.88165 (2005) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
C950-52419-2 (2005) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
624554x16A (2005) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
C950-52429-1 (2005) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
626752X16A (ST7526)(2006) 26" Dual Stage Snowthrower
624555x110A (2005) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
626750x16C (2005) 26" Dual Stage Snowthrower
624555x54A (2005) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
MH61900 (2011) Hybrid Frame Dual Stage Snow Thrower
MH61900 (2010) Hybrid Frame Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624808X4E (2004) Dual Stage Snowblower
624808X4NA (2003) Dual Stage Snowblower
1696154-00 (824LD)(2012) 24" Dual Stage Snowblower
622505X0A (2003) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
1695978 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
1695979 (2011) 24" Dual Stage Snowthrower
622505X0B Dual Stage Snow Thrower
1695835 27-In Dual Stage Snowthrower
624508x4B (2000) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624505X4D Snow Thrower
1696047 (2011) 24-In. Dual Stage Snowthrower
622515X31B (2000) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624505X54B (2000) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624505X54B (2001) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624505X85B (2000) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624508X61A (2000) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624515X4B (2000) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624604X89A (2000) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624605X61A (2000) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
622518X31C (2001) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624504X4C (2003) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624505X54C (2001) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624505X85C (2001) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624509X4A (2001) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624604X89B (2001) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
622505X4A (2003) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
622518X31D (2002) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
622518X31E (2003) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624505X54E (2003) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624505X85D (2002) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624508X61D (2003) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624604X0A (2003) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624604X43A (2003) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
627808X5A (2003) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
627850X0A (2003) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
624501X85A (2003) Single Stage Snow Thrower
622505X4B (2004) Dual Stage Snow Thrower
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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Case, Gear, Rh - 10577MA
Case, Gear, Lh - 10576MA
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
1-2 hours
Tools Used:
Socket set, Wrench Set, thread tapper
My snowblower auger slurped up a log chain and broke the gear case and auger drive gear.
I removed the three forward most bolts on each side of the snowblowers main body, just behind the impeller body to separate the main body from the auger/impeller body. Then, I removed the auger/impeller drive pulley from the impeller shaft. Remove the 3 bolts at both ends of the auger shaft, pull the auger and impeller assembly out of the body, remove the shear bolts from the auger shaft, and slide the augers off of the shaft. Remove bolts from the gearcase, separate the case, remove bushings and inspect them for any damage, inspect the worm gear on impeller shaft for any damage, use a press or 18' pipe to press or drive off the brass auger gear, inspect the woodruff key and its groove in the auger shaft. Replace any bent, deeply scratched/grooved, or broken parts and be sure to order a new gear case gasket. Drive out and inspect the seals from the old gear cases. The new gear case has a provision for a fill-plug, but threads need to be tapped with a 3/8" coarse thread tap. The bushings have a flat edge on their flanges that align with flat bosses in case. Reverse the procedure for reassembly. tighten gear case bolts to 15-19 ft/lbs, fill the case with Duraplate white lube.
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