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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch

Cap-fuel Tank 795221

Part Number: 795221
Briggs and Stratton
Availability: Factory Backorder
Price: $21.38
Date Available: Unknown
Product Information
This tank fuel cap is an authentic Briggs and Stratton replacement part and is compatible with engines. This fuel cap seals the fuel tank to ensure it stays contained as well as keep debris from getting in the tank. The fuel cap is made of plastic and is sold individually. No tools are required for installation, simply screw on the fuel cap firmly to the fuel tank to secure.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
20L132-0110-G1 Engine
20L132-0111-F1 Engine
20L132-0112-F1 Engine
20L132-0115-F1 Engine
20L136-0113-F1 Engine
20S132-0111-F1 Engine
20S157-0110-F1 Engine
20S202-0127-F1 Engine
20S207-0120-F1 Engine
20S212-0112-F1 Engine
20S212-0117-G1 Engine
20S212-0118-F1 Engine
20S212-1151-F1 Engine
20S212-1194-G1 Engine
20S212-1309-F1 Engine
20S217-0113-F1 Engine
20S232-0035-F1 Engine
20S232-0036-F1 Engine
20S232-0037-F1 Engine
20S232-0038-F1 Engine
20S232-0063-F1 Engine
20S232-0108-F1 Engine
20S232-1124-F1 Engine
20S232-1127-F1 Engine
20S232-1246-F1 Engine
20S237-0041-F1 Engine
20S237-0042-F1 Engine
20S237-0109-F1 Engine
20S237-0123-F1 Engine
20S237-1116-F1 Engine
20S237-1216-F1 Engine
20S237-1322-F1 Engine
20S237-1533-F1 Engine
20S252-0049-F1 Engine
20S252-0121-F1 Engine
20S252-0122-F1 Engine
20S257-0050-F1 Engine
20S257-0124-F1 Engine
20S257-1197-F1 Engine
20T132-0598-F1 Engine
20T202-0914-F1 Engine
20T212-0120-G1 Engine
20T212-0121-F1 Engine
20T212-0835-F1 Engine
20T212-1125-F1 Engine
20T212-1147-G1 Engine
20T212-1171-G1 Engine
20T215-1117-F1 Engine
20T215-1177-G1 Engine
20T217-0122-F1 Engine
20T232-0036-F1 Engine
20T232-0122-F1 Engine
20T232-0125-F1 Engine
20T232-0753-F1 Engine
20T232-0935-F1 Engine
20T232-1116-F1 Engine
20T237-0599-F1 Engine
20T237-0936-F1 Engine
21S132-0034-F1 Engine
21S132-0035-F1 Engine
21S132-0036-F1 Engine
21S132-0063-F1 Engine
21S137-0033-F1 Engine
21S137-0041-F1 Engine
21S157-0050-F1 Engine
21S215-1120-G1 Engine
21S217-0112-G1 Engine
21S232-0034-F1 Engine
21S232-0036-F1 Engine
21S232-0063-F1 Engine
21S237-0110-F1 Engine
21T112-0113-F1 Engine
21T112-0114-F1 Engine
21T202-0119-G1 Engine
21T202-0119-G5 Engine
21T202-0121-G1 Engine
21T202-0122-G1 Engine
21T202-0123-G1 Engine
21T212-0115-F1 Engine
21T212-0116-G1 Engine
21T212-0116-G5 Engine
21T212-1110-G1 Engine
21T212-1114-G1 Engine
21T212-1117-G1 Engine
21T212-1570-G1 Engine
21T215-0110-G1 Engine
21T215-0110-G2 Engine
21T215-1111-G1 Engine
21T215-1115-G1 Engine
21T232-1036-F1 Engine
12L332-0106-F8 Engine
12L332-0115-F8 Engine
12L336-0107-F8 Engine
12L336-0111-F8 Engine
12L337-0113-F8 Engine
12S402-0020-F8 Engine
12S402-0022-F8 Engine
12S402-0023-F8 Engine
12S402-0026-F8 Engine
12S402-0028-F8 Engine
12S402-0060-F8 Engine
12S402-0127-F8 Engine
12S402-0137-F8 Engine
12S402-2127-F8 Engine
12S402-2133-F8 Engine
12S402-2136-F8 Engine
12S402-2138-F8 Engine
12S402-2140-F8 Engine
12S407-2139-F8 Engine
12S412-0118-F8 Engine
12S412-0119-F8 Engine
12S412-0523-F8 Engine
12S412-0526-F8 Engine
12S412-0560-F8 Engine
12S432-0033-F8 Engine
12S432-0035-F8 Engine
12S432-0036-F8 Engine
12S432-0111-F8 Engine
12S432-0123-F8 Engine
12S432-0128-F8 Engine
12S432-0142-G8 Engine
12S432-0143-F8 Engine
12S432-0223-F8 Engine
12S432-0535-F8 Engine
12S432-0536-F8 Engine
12S432-2135-F8 Engine
12S432-2137-F8 Engine
12S432-2146-F8 Engine
12S432-2147-F8 Engine
12S432-2148-F8 Engine
12S432-2164-F8 Engine
12S432-2184-F8 Engine
12S435-0125-G8 Engine
12S436-0134-F8 Engine
12S437-0050-F8 Engine
12S437-0112-F8 Engine
12S437-0121-F8 Engine
12S437-0129-F8 Engine
12S437-0141-F8 Engine
12S437-0221-F8 Engine
12S437-2129-F8 Engine
12S437-2181-F8 Engine
12S452-0049-F8 Engine
12S452-0126-F8 Engine
12S452-0130-F8 Engine
12S452-0131-F8 Engine
12S452-0132-F8 Engine
12S452-0133-F8 Engine
12S452-0135-F8 Engine
12S452-0549-F8 Engine
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine

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