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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch

Cap,​ Oil Drain Valve

Part Number: 25 173 14-S
Availability: 1 in stock
Price: $2.99
Ships within 1 business day
Product Information

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CH740S-CH740-0090 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0091 Engine
CH740S-CH740-3117 Engine
CV12.5-1270 12.5 HP Engine
LH685-0013 Engine
LH690-0013 Engine
CH25PS-68661 Engine
CV14S-14100 Engine
CV14S-14106 Engine
CV14-1463 Engine
CV14-1481 Engine
CV15T-41631 Engine
CV15T-41633 Engine
CV18S-61556 Engine
CH11-16123 Command PRO Engine
SV720 23 HP Motor
SV710 23 HP Motor
SV715 23 HP Motor
SV730 23 HP Motor
SV740 23 HP Motor
SV810 23 HP Motor
SV820 23 HP Motor
SV830 23 HP Motor
SV840 23 HP Motor
CH13-22538 13 HP Engine
CH13-22539 13 HP Engine
CH13-22541 13 HP Engine
CH15-44524 15 HP Engine
CH15-44526 15 HP Engine
CH15-44532 15 HP Engine
CH15-44534 15 HP Engine
CH15-44538 15 HP Engine
CH15-44547 15 HP Engine
CH18-62571 18 HP Engine
CH18-62574 18 HP Engine
CH18-62580 18 HP Engine
CH18-62600 18 HP Engine
CH18-62603 18 HP Engine
CH18-62612 18 HP Engine
CH18-62619 18 HP Engine
CH18-62636 18 HP Engine
CH18-62637 18 HP Engine
CH18-62645 18 HP Engine
CH18-62657 18 HP Engine
CH20-62604 20 HP Engine
CH20-64600 20 HP Engine
CH20-64629 20 HP Engine
CH20-64635 20 HP Engine
CH20-64641 20 HP Engine
CH20-64653 20 HP Engine
CH20-64657 20 HP Engine
CH20-64662 20 HP Engine
CH20-64663 20 HP Engine
CH20-64674 20 HP Engine
CH20-64679 20 HP Engine
CH20-64681 20 HP Engine
CH20-64682 20 HP Engine
CH20-64683 20 HP Engine
CH20-64686 20 HP Engine
CH20-64701 20 HP Engine
CH20-64708 20 HP Engine
CH20-64709 20 HP Engine
CH20-64710 20 HP Engine
CH20-64711 20 HP Engine
CH20-64712 20 HP Engine
CH20-64713 20 HP Engine
CH20-64717 20 HP Engine
CH20-64739 20 HP Engine
CH20-64740 20 HP Engine
CH20-64760 20 HP Engine
CH22-76521 22 HP Engine
CH22-76529 22 HP Engine
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