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Bracket,​​glass Holder,​​door,​​(2) 318242702

Part Number: 318242702
Availability: Ships in 7 - 12 business days
Price: $15.01
Leaves our warehouse within
7 - 12 business days
Product Information

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CPMC3085KF1 Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
FPMC2785KFA Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
FPMC3085KFA Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
PLEB30M9ECF Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
CFEB30S5GC1 Built-In, Electric Wall Oven
CFEB30S5GC2 Built-In, Electric Wall Oven
CPEB27S9FC3 Built-In, Electric Wall Oven
CPEB30S9FC3 Built-In, Electric Wall Oven
CPEB30S9FC4 Built-In, Electric Wall Oven
CPEB30T9FC3 Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
FEB27S5GCA Built-In, Electric Wall Oven
FEB27S5GCB Built-In, Electric Wall Oven
FEB27S7FCC Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
FEB27T5GCA Built-In, Electric Wall Oven
FEB27T5GCB Built-In, Electric Wall Oven
FEB27T7FCC Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
FEB30S5GCA Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
FEB30S5GCB Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
FEB30S6FCC Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
FEB30S7FCC Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
FEB30T5GCB Built-In, Electric Wall Oven
FEB30T6FCC Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
FEB30T7FCC Built-In, Electric Walloven
PLEB27S9FCC Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
PLEB27S9FCD Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
PLEB27T9FCC Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
PLEB30S9FCC Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
PLEB30S9FCD Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
PLEB30T9FCC Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
CFEF372EC6 Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CFGS365FC3 Slide-In, Gas Gas Range
CFEF358EC4 Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FCS366ECF Slide-In, Electric Gas Combo Dual Fuel Range
BFES368EC7 Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
CFES366FC4 Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
CPCS389EC7 Slide-In, Electric Gas Combo Dual Fuel Range
CPGS389EC6 Slide-In, Gas Gas Range
CPLES399EC8 Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
CFEF358EC3 Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CPGS389EC7 Slide-In, Gas Gas Range
CPCS389EC6 Slide-In, Electric Gas Combo Dual Fuel Range
CFCS366EC5 Slide-In, Electric Gas Combo Dual Fuel Range
CFEF372EC5 Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CPGS389EC5 Slide-In, Gas Gas Range
CFCS367GC1 Slide-In, Electric Gas Combo Dual Fuel Range
CPLES399EC7 Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
CFES365EC5 Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
CFES366FC5 Frigidaire Canada/Electric Range
CFEF372EC7 Frigidaire Canada/Electric Range
CFCS367GC2 Frigidaire Canada/Gas Range
CFDS3035LS1 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CFEB30S5GC4 Frigidaire/Wall Oven
CFEB30S5GC3 Frigidaire Canada/Walloven
CFEW3025LSA Frigidaire/Wall Oven
CGDS3065KF2 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGDS3065KF3 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CPES3085KF3 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CPET3085KF1 Frigidaire/Walloven
CPEW2785KF1 Frigidaire/Walloven
CPEW3085KF2 Frigidaire/Wall Oven
CPGS3085KF1 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CPGS3085KF4 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CPGS3085KF5 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CFEF358EC5 Frigidaire/Range
CFES365EC7 Frigidaire/Range
CGEF304DKF3 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CPDS3085KF1 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CPEB27S9FC5 Frigidaire/Wall Oven
CPEB30T9FC5 Frigidaire/Wall Oven
CPES3085KF1 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CPGS389ECA Frigidaire Canada/Gas Range
CGES3065KF2 Frigidaire/Range
CGEW3065KFB Frigidaire/Wall Oven
CPCS3085LFA Frigidaire/Electric Range
CPDS3085KF2 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CPDS3085KF4 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CPEB30S9FC7 Frigidaire Canada/Walloven
CPES3085KF2 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CPEW2785KF2 Frigidaire/Wall Oven
CPEW3085KF1 Frigidaire/Walloven
CFES3025LS1 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CFES3035LS1 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CFES365EC6 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGDS3065KF1 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGEF304DKF1 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF304DKF2 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CPET3085KF2 Frigidaire/Wall Oven
CPGS389EC9 Frigidaire Canada/Gas Range
CPGS389ECB Frigidaire Canada/Gas Range
CPLES399EC9 Frigidaire Canada/Electric Range
CPGS3085KF2 Frigidaire/Range
CPLES399ECA Frigidaire Canada/Electric Range
CPCS389EC9 Frigidaire Canada/Gas Range
CPEB27S9FC4 Frigidaire/Wall Oven
CGES3065KF1 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGES3065KF3 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEW3065KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
CFGS3035LS1 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CPDS3085KF3 Frigidaire/Gas Range
FEB27S5GCC Frigidaire/Wall Oven
FEB27S7FCE Frigidaire/Wall Oven
FEB30T5GCC Frigidaire/Walloven
FEB27S5GCD Frigidaire/Wall Oven
FEB30S5GCC Frigidaire/Wall Oven
FEB30S6FCD Frigidaire/Walloven
FEB30S6FCF Frigidaire/Walloven
FEB30S7FCF Frigidaire/Walloven
FEB27S7FCD Frigidaire/Wall Oven
FEB27T5GCC Frigidaire/Wall Oven
FEB30T7FCE Frigidaire/Walloven
FEB30S5GCD Frigidaire/Walloven
FEB30S7FCD Frigidaire/Wall Oven
FEB30T6FCE Frigidaire/Walloven
FES365ECE Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
FED365KCA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FES366ECG Slide-In, Electric Range
FFGS3025LSA Frigidaire/Gas Range
FES365ECG Frigidaire/Range
FFED3025LSA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FFET2725LSA Frigidaire/Walloven
FES367FCD Frigidaire/Range
FFES3015LSA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FFES3027LSA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FES365ECF Frigidaire/Range
FFEW2725LSA Frigidaire/Wall Oven
FES366ECH Frigidaire/Range
FFES3025LSA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FFET3025LSA Frigidaire/Wall Oven
FFEW3025LSA Frigidaire/Wall Oven
FGS366ECG Slide-In, Gas Gas Range
FGS365ECE Slide-In, Gas Gas Range
FFGS3025LSC Frigidaire/Gas Range
FGEW2745KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGEW3065KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
FFGS3025LSB Frigidaire/Gas Range
FGDS3065KFC Frigidaire/Gas Range
FGDS3065KFD Frigidaire/Gas Range
FGET3045KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGET3065KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGEW3045KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGDS3065KFA Frigidaire/Gas Range
FGEF304DKBB Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGEF304DKBC Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGEF304DKFB Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGEF304DKWA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGES3045KFB Frigidaire/Electric Range
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Microwave
  • • Oven
  • • Range

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