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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch


Part Number: 112-0334
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Price: $11.96
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4 - 9 business days
Product Information

This part is compatible with the following machines:

13AX60RG544 (1L215B10000-) Lx420 Lawn Tractor, 2006
13AX60RG744 (1L215B10000-) Lawn Tractor
13BX60RG544 (1E237H10145-) Lawn Tractor
13AX61RH744 (1A117H10393-) Lx465 Lawn Tractor, 2007
13AX61RH748 (1A117H10393-) Lx465 Lawn Tractor, 2007
13AX60RH544 (1A056B50000-) Lx460 Lawn Tractor, 2006
13AX60RH744 (1A056B50000-) LX460 Lawn Tractor
13AP60RP544 (1A056B50000-) Lx500 Lawn Tractor, 2006
13AP60RP744 (1A096B50000-) LX500 Lawn Tractor Serial No. 1A096B50000 And Up
13AP62RP544 (1B157H20701-) Sl500 Super Lawn Tractor, 2007
14AQ81RP748 (1B087H30130-) Lawn Tractor
14AQ81RP544 (1A136H30000-) Lawn Tractor
14AQ81RP744 (1A136H30000-) Lawn Tractor
14AP80RP544 (1A136H30000-) Lawn Tractor
14AP80RP744 (1A136H30000-) Lawn Tractor
13AX61RH544 (1A117H10393-) Lx465 Lawn Tractor, 2007
13AL60RG048 (1L107H10100-) Lx426 Lawn Tractor, 2008
13AL60RG544 (1L107H10100-) Lx426 Lawn Tractor, 2008
13AL60RG044 (LX426)(1L107H10100)(2008) 13al60rg044, Lx426 Lawn Tractor, 2008 (Sn 1l107h10100 -)
13AX60RG744 (LX420)(1L215B10000)(2006) 13ax60rg744, Lx420 Lawn Tractor, 2006 (Sn 1l215b10000-)
13AX60RH744 (LX460)(1A056B50000)(2006) 13ax60rh744, Lx460 Lawn Tractor, 2006 (Sn 1a056b50000-)
13AX61RG848 (LX427)(1A019H10001-1A309H19999)(2009) 13ax61rg848, Lx427 Lawn Tractor, Built Before January 31 2009, 2009 (Sn 1a019h10001-1a309h19999)
13BX60RG544 (LX425)(1A087H10172-1E237H10144)(2007) 13bx60rg544, Lx425 Lawn Tractor, 2007 (Sn 1a087h10172-1e237h10144)
13BX60RG744 (LX425)(1C307H10418)(2007) 13bx60rg744, Lx425 Lawn Tractor, 2007 (Sn 1c307h10418-)
13BX60RG748 (LX425)(1E087H10251)(2007) 13bx60rg748, Lx425 Lawn Tractor, 2007 (Sn 1e087h10251-)
14AP80RP544 (GT2100)(1A136H30000)(2006) 14ap80rp544, Gt2100 Garden Tractor, 2006 (Sn 1a136h30000-)
14AP80RP744 (GT2100)(1A136H30000)(2006) 14ap80rp744, Gt2100 Garden Tractor, 2006 (Sn 1a136h30000-)
14AQ81RP544 (GT2200)(1)(2008) 14aq81rp544, Gt2200 Garden Tractor, 2008 (Sn 1-)
14AQ81RP744 (GT2200)(1A136H30000)(2006) 14aq81rp744, Gt2200 Garden Tractor, 2006 (Sn 1a136h30000-)
14AQ81RP748 (GT2200)(1B087H30130)(2007) 14aq81rp748, Gt2200 Garden Tractor, 2007 (Sn 1b087h30130-)
14AQ81RP848 (GT2200)(1-1)(2009) 14aq81rp848, Gt2200 Garden Tractor, 2009 (Sn 1-1)
14AQ94RP848 (GT2200)(1-1)(2012) 14aq94rp848, Gt2200 Garden Tractor, 2012 (Sn 1-1)
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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Lawn Tractor
Parts Used:
Bolt-Shoulder - 112-0334
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
Wrench Set, Adjustable Wrench
Deck float wheels worn as well as the shoulder bolts.
1. Removed the old wheels and shoulder bolts.
2. Greased up the shoulder bolts on smooth shaft and the bushings of the wheels.
3. Installed new bolts and wheels onto the deck to make rear bottom edge of deck 1/2" to 3/4" off level concrete.
4. Leveled the deck on front edge with rear bottom edge.
5. Cut lawn with no scalping or uneven rows.
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