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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch

Bolt,​ R.​H.​ Sq.​ Neck 1/​4-20x1"

Part Number: 52 211 04-S
Availability: Factory Backorder
Price: $4.76
Date Available: Unknown
Product Information
Manufacturer: Kohler, Toro
Product Number: 52 211 04-S
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.03 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

M18-24500 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24501 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24502 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24503 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24504 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24505 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24506 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24507 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24508 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24509 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24510 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24511 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24512 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24513 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24514 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24515 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24519 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24521 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24523 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24524 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24525 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24526 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24529 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24532 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24536 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24538 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24539 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24540 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24541 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24542 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24543 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24544 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24545 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24546 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24548 Magnum Series Engine
M18-24550 Engine
M18-24552 Engine
M18-24553 Engine
M18-24554 Engine
M18-24555 Engine
M18-24557 Engine
M18-24558 Engine
M18-24560 Engine
M18-24561 Engine
M18-24562 Engine
M18-24563 Engine
M18-24564 Engine
M18-24565 Engine
M18-24566 Engine
M18-24567 Engine
M18-24568 Engine
M18-24569 Engine
M18-24570 Engine
M18-24571 Engine
M18-24573 Engine
M18-24574 Engine
M18-24575 Engine
M18-24578 Engine
M18-24579 Engine
M18-24581 Engine
M18-24582 Engine
M18-24583 Engine
M18-24585 Engine
M18-24586 Engine
M18-24587 Engine
M18-24588 Engine
M18-24589 Engine
M18-24590 Engine
M18-24591 Engine
M18-24592 Engine
M18-24593 Engine
M18-24594 Engine
M18-24595 Engine
M18-24597 Engine
M18-24598 Engine
M18-24599 Engine
M18-24600 Engine
M18-24601 Engine
M18-24602 Engine
M18-24603 Engine
M18-24605 Engine
M18-24606 Engine
M18-24608 Engine
M18-24610 Engine
M18-24611 Engine
M18-24612 Engine
M18-24614 Engine
M18-24615 Engine
M18-24616 Engine
M18-24617 Magnum Series
M18-24618 Magnum Series
M18-24619 Magnum Series
M18-24620 Magnum Series
M18-24621 Magnum Series
M18-24622 Magnum Series
M18-24623 Magnum Series
M18-24624 Magnum Series
M18-24625 Magnum Series
M18-24626 Magnum Series
M18-24627 Magnum Series
M18-24628 Magnum Series
M18-24629 Magnum Series
M18-24630 Magnum Series
M18-24631 Magnum Series
M18-24632 Magnum Series
M18-24633 Magnum Series
M18-24634 Magnum Series
M18-24635 Magnum Series
M18-24636 Magnum Series
M18-24637 Magnum Series
M18-24638 Magnum Series
M18-24639 Magnum Series
M18-24640 Magnum Series
M18-24641 Magnum Series
KT17-24213 Engine
KT17 II-24302 Engine
KT17 II-24303 Engine
KT17 II-24304 Engine
KT17 II-24305 Engine
KT17 II-24307 Engine
KT17 II-24310 Engine
KT17 II-24312 Engine
KT17 II-24313 Engine
KT17 II-24314 Engine
KT17 II-24316 Engine
KT17 II-24317 Engine
KT17 II-24318 Engine
KT17 II-24320 Engine
KT17 II-24327 Engine
KT17 II-24328 Engine
KT17 II-24329 Engine
KT17 II-24330 Engine
KT17 II-24332 Engine
KT17 II-24333 Engine
KT17 II-24334 Engine
KT17 II-24335 Engine
KT17 II-24336 Engine
KT17 II-24337 Engine
KT17 II-24338 Engine
KT17 II-24341 Engine
KT17 II-24343 Engine
KT17 II-24365 Engine
KT19 II-49200 Engine
KT19 II-49201 Engine
KT19 II-49202 Engine
KT19 II-49203 Engine
KT19 II-49205 Engine
KT19 II-49206 Engine
KT19 II-49214 Engine
KT19 II-49217 Engine
Expand the 150+ compatible machines
Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
Questions & Answers

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Product Information
Manufacturer: Kohler, Toro
Product Number: 52 211 04-S
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.03 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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