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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch

Vegetable Pan

Part Number: WR32X10837
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Price: $78.14
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: WR32X10158 and WR32X10137.

Product Information

This part is compatible with the following machines:

GSE20IETCFBB Refrigerator T Series
GSS20IBMDWW Refrigerator
GSS20IBTAWW Refrigerator
GSS20IBMBWW Refrigerator
GSS20DBMDCC Refrigerator
GSA20IBPHFBB Refrigerator
GSG20IBMBFBB Refrigerator
GSG20IBSCFWW Refrigerator
GSA20IEPHFWW Refrigerator
GSS20IETACC Refrigerator
GSS20DBMBCC Refrigerator
GSS20IEPACC Refrigerator
GSA20IBPAFWW Refrigerator
GSG20IBMCFBB Refrigerator
GSG20IEPAFBB Refrigerator
GSS20IBPAWW Refrigerator
GSA20IBMCFWW Refrigerator
GSE20IETCFWW Refrigerator T Series
GSG20IBMDFBB Refrigerator
GSS20IEPMWW Refrigerator
GSS20IEPLBB Refrigerator
GSE20IBTBFWW Refrigerator T Series
GSA20IBPCFWW Refrigerator
GSS20DBPAWW Refrigerator
GSS20DBTBWW Refrigerator T Series
GSG20IEMDFBB Refrigerator
GSG20IBPDFBB Refrigerator
GSS20IEMDWW Refrigerator
GSS20DBPACC Refrigerator
GSS20IEPAWW Refrigerator
GSS20IEPKBB Refrigerator
GSS20IBMAWW Refrigerator
GSS20IEPMBB Refrigerator
GSS20GEWEBB Refrigerator W Series
GSG20IBPCFWW Refrigerator
GSG20IEMBFBB Refrigerator
GSS20IBPDCC Refrigerator
GSS20DBPMCC Refrigerator
GSG20IBPHFBB Refrigerator
GSS20DBPCCC Refrigerator
GSS20IEPAWH Refrigerator
GSS20IEPKWW Refrigerator
GSS20DBMCWW Refrigerator
GSG20IEMDFWW Refrigerator
GSS20IEPHWH Refrigerator
GSS20IEMACC Refrigerator
GSG20IESAFBB Refrigerator
GSS20IBPHCC Refrigerator
GSG20IBSAFBB Refrigerator
GSS20DBTEWW Refrigerator T Series
GSS20IEMBWH Refrigerator
GSS20IBTBWW Refrigerator T Series
GSS20DBPDCC Refrigerator
GSS20IEPHBB Refrigerator
GSA20IBPAFBB Refrigerator
GSS20IETEBB Refrigerator T Series
GSS20IBTEWW Refrigerator T Series
GSG20IBPCFBB Refrigerator
GSA20IEPAFWW Refrigerator
GSS20IBMCWW Refrigerator
GSS20IETAWW Refrigerator
GSS20DBPJCC Refrigerator
GSS20IEMDCC Refrigerator
GSA20IEMCFBB Refrigerator
GSG20IBMDFWW Refrigerator
GSA20IEPCFWW Refrigerator
GSA20IBPCFBB Refrigerator
GSS20GEWEWW Refrigerator W Series
GSS20IETEWW Refrigerator T Series
GSS20IEPMCC Refrigerator
GSS20IEMAWH Refrigerator
GSA20IEPHFBB Refrigerator
GSS20IEMAWW Refrigerator
GSE20IBTBFBB Refrigerator T Series
GSS20IBPCCC Refrigerator
GSS20IBTBCC Refrigerator T Series
GSS20DBPMWW Refrigerator
GSG20IEPDFBB Refrigerator
GSG20IBMCFWW Refrigerator
GSS20DBTAWW Refrigerator
GSG20IEPDFWW Refrigerator
GSS20IBMBCC Refrigerator
GSG20IEPCFWW Refrigerator
GSS20IEPJWH Refrigerator
GSG20IBPAFBB Refrigerator
GSS20IEMDWH Refrigerator
GSG20IBMBFWW Refrigerator
GSS20IEPJCC Refrigerator
GSG20IEMCFBB Refrigerator
GSS20DBTBCC Refrigerator T Series
GSS20IEMBWW Refrigerator
GSS20IEMCWH Refrigerator
GSS20IEPDWH Refrigerator
GSS20IEPCWH Refrigerator
GSA20IBMDFBB Refrigerator
GSG20IEPCFBB Refrigerator
GSG20IEPHFWW Refrigerator
GSG20IBSAFWW Refrigerator
GSS20DBMCCC Refrigerator
GSA20IEPDFWW Refrigerator
GSE20IBTAFBB Refrigerator
GSS20DBPHCC Refrigerator
GSG20IBPHFWW Refrigerator
GSA20IEPDFBB Refrigerator
GSS20IBPHWW Refrigerator
GSG20IBPAFWW Refrigerator
GSS20IEPDCC Refrigerator
GSG20IESAFWW Refrigerator
GSA20IEPAFBB Refrigerator
GSM20IEMCWW Refrigerator
GSS20IBPDWW Refrigerator
GSS20IEPJWW Refrigerator
GSG20IBSCFBB Refrigerator
GSA20IBPDFBB Refrigerator
GSS20IETECC Refrigerator T Series
GSE20IBTAFWW Refrigerator
GSS20IBMDCC Refrigerator
GSE20IETAFWW Refrigerator
GSS20IEPHCC Refrigerator
GSG20IESCFBB Refrigerator
GSS20IETABB Refrigerator
GSS20IBMCCC Refrigerator
GSS20IEPLWW Refrigerator
GSS20IEPJBB Refrigerator
GSS20DBPJWW Refrigerator
GSG20IEPHFBB Refrigerator
GSS20IBPMWW Refrigerator
GSS20DBPDWW Refrigerator
GSS20IBPACC Refrigerator
GSS20DBMACC Refrigerator
GSA20IEMDFWW Refrigerator
GSS20IEPDBB Refrigerator
GSS20IEPCWW Refrigerator
GST20IBMCWW Refrigerator
GST20IEMCWW Refrigerator
GST20DBPHCC Refrigerator
GST20DBMBCC Refrigerator
GST20IEMCCC Refrigerator
GST20DBPAWW Refrigerator
GST20IEMACC Refrigerator
GST20IBPDCC Refrigerator
GST20DBMCWW Refrigerator
GST20DBPDCC Refrigerator
GST20DBPHWW Refrigerator
GSG20IBPDFWW Refrigerator
GSS20IEMCCC Refrigerator
GSE20IETBFWW Refrigerator T Series
GSS20IEPHWW Refrigerator
GSS20DBTECC Refrigerator T Series
GSE20IETBFBB Refrigerator T Series
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