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Valve-Top Burner

Part Number: 316536003
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Price: $45.35
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6 - 12 business days.
Product Information
Manufacturer: Frigidaire, Crosley
Product Number: 316536003
Classification: Part
Weight: 2.00 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CFGF337GSA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
CFGF368GCA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
CFGF368GBA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
CFGF368GMA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
CFGF368GSA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
CFGF337GSD Frigidaire/Range
CFGF368GBC Frigidaire/Range
CFGF337GSB Frigidaire/Range
CGLGFZ86GCC Frigidaire/Range
CFGF368GCC Frigidaire/Range
CFGF368GSC Frigidaire/Range
CFGF368GMB Frigidaire/Range
CFGF368GBB Frigidaire/Range
CPLGFZ97GCB Frigidaire/Range
CPLGFZ97GCD Frigidaire/Range
CPLGFZ97GCC Frigidaire/Range
CFGF368GSB Frigidaire/Range
CGLGF389GBB Frigidaire/Range
CGLGF389GSB Frigidaire/Range
FGF337GBB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF337GSB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF337GCB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF368GBC Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF337GUC Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF368GMB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF337GWC Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF368GQX Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF368GSC Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF368GCB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF368GQC Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGFB79GSB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGFB79GBB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF337GSC Frigidaire/Range
FGF337GSD Frigidaire/Range
FGF337GBC Frigidaire/Range
FGF337GBD Frigidaire/Range
FGF337GCD Frigidaire/Range
FGF337GCE Frigidaire/Range
FGFL67HSC Frigidaire/Range
FGF337GUD Frigidaire/Range
FGF368GBD Frigidaire/Range
FGF337GWE Frigidaire/Range
FGFLZ87GCG Frigidaire/Range
FGFBZ90GCG Frigidaire/Range
FGFL79GQC Frigidaire/Range
FGFL87GSG Frigidaire/Range
FGF368GMC Frigidaire/Range
FGF368GMD Frigidaire/Range
FGF368GCD Frigidaire/Range
FGFL87GSF Frigidaire/Range
FGFL79GBD Frigidaire/Range
FGFL67HCC Frigidaire/Range
FGF337GUE Frigidaire/Range
FGFL87GSE Frigidaire/Range
FGFL87GSD Frigidaire/Range
FGFL67HSB Frigidaire/Range
GLGFS75DCK Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF337GWD Frigidaire/Range
FGFL79GSC Frigidaire/Range
FGFL79GSD Frigidaire/Range
FGF368GSD Frigidaire/Range
GLGFZ376FCE Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGFL67HBB Frigidaire/Range
FGFL67HBC Frigidaire/Range
FGFB79GBD Frigidaire/Range
FGFL79GCE Frigidaire/Range
FGFB79GCB Frigidaire/Range
FGFL67HCB Frigidaire/Range
FGFL67HSA Frigidaire/Range
FGFL67HBA Frigidaire/Range
FGFB79GSD Frigidaire/Range
FGFLZ87GCF Frigidaire/Range
FGF368GQE Frigidaire/Range
FGFL79GQD Frigidaire/Range
FGF368GQD Frigidaire/Range
FGF368GSE Frigidaire/Range
FGF368GCC Frigidaire/Range
FGFB79GBC Frigidaire/Range
FGFB79GSC Frigidaire/Range
FGF368GBE Frigidaire/Range
FGFL79GCD Frigidaire/Range
FGFBZ90GCE Frigidaire/Range
FGFB79GCD Frigidaire/Range
FGF368GCE Frigidaire/Range
FGFLMC55GCF Frigidaire/Range
FGFL79GBC Frigidaire/Range
FGFLMC55GCG Frigidaire/Range
FGFLZ87GCE Frigidaire/Range
FGFBZ90GCF Frigidaire/Range
FGFLMC55GCE Frigidaire/Range
GLGFS75DQK Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
GLGFS75DBK Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
GLGFS75DSK Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
GLGF376DQJ Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
GLGF376DSJ Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
GLGF376DBJ Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
GLGFZ386FCH Frigidaire/Range
GLGF389GBE Frigidaire/Range
GLGF389GBD Frigidaire/Range
GLGF389GSD Frigidaire/Range
GLGF389GSE Frigidaire/Range
GLGF386DQH Frigidaire/Range
GLGF386DBH Frigidaire/Range
GLGF386DSH Frigidaire/Range
GLGFZ386FCF Frigidaire/Range
GLGFZ386FCG Frigidaire/Range
GLGFZ386FCE Frigidaire/Range
GLGF386DQJ Frigidaire/Range
GLGF386DSJ Frigidaire/Range
GLGF386DBJ Frigidaire/Range
GLGF376DQK Frigidaire/Range
GLGF376DBM Frigidaire/Range
GLGFZ376FCG Frigidaire/Range
GLGF376DSK Frigidaire/Range
GLGFZ376FCF Frigidaire/Range
GLGFZ376FCH Frigidaire/Range
GLGF376DSM Frigidaire/Range
GLGF376DQM Frigidaire/Range
GLGF376DBK Frigidaire/Range
PLGFMZ98GCH Frigidaire/Range
PLGFMZ98GCF Frigidaire/Range
PLGFMZ98GCG Frigidaire/Range
PLGFMZ98GCE Frigidaire/Range
PLGFZ397GCG Frigidaire/Range
PLGFZ397GCF Frigidaire/Range
PLGFZ397GCE Frigidaire/Range
CRG3160GQQC Range
CRG3140GWBE Range
CRG3140GQQE Range
CRG3140GBBD Range
CRG3140GBBE Range
CRG3480GSSE Range
CRG3160GBBD Range
CRG3140GWWC Range
CRG3140GWBC Range
CRG3160GWWD Range
CRG3140GBBF Range
CRG3140GQQD Range
CRG3140GWBF Range
CRG3160GWWC Range
CRG3140GWBD Range
CRG3160GQQD Range
CRG3140GWWE Range
CRG3140GWWF Range
CRG3140GQQC Range
CRG3140GWWD Range
CRG3140GQQF Range
CRG3160GBBC Range
CRG3140GBBC Range
CRG3480GWBD Range
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Range
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Frigidaire, Crosley
Product Number: 316536003
Classification: Part
Weight: 2.00 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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