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Part Number: 6600W1K001C
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Maytag, LG
Product Number: 6600W1K001C
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This is an authentic OEM part LG for use with Microwaves. The door micro-switch monitors the door latch position and communicates to the electronic control board whether the latch is open or closed. The most common reason for replacing the door switch is when the microwave display is working but the microwave won’t start. This part is sold individually. The tools that you will need to replace the micro-switch are multi-screwdriver, Phillips head bit, and T15 Torx bit.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

LTM9000W (LTM9000W/01) Table Top Microwave Oven
LTM9020B Table Top Microwave
LTM9000ST (LTM9000ST/01) Table Top Microwave Oven
LMVH1750ST (LMVH1750ST/01) Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LRMM1430SB Table Top Microwave Oven
LRMM1430SW Table Top Microwave Oven
LRM1230B Table Top Microwave Oven
LRM1230W Table Top Microwave Oven
LMA2111ST Table Top Microwave Oven
LRM1260SW Table Top Microwave Oven
LRMP1270ST Table Top Microwave Oven
LMA1560SB Table Top Microwave Oven
LMV1680ST Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMV1680WW Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
MVH1615WW Mfg Number Cwhegse, Microwave Oven
MVH1670ST Mfg Number Csbegse, Microwave Oven
LMV2073BB Microwave Hood Combo Microwave Oven
LMV2073ST Microwave Hood Combo Microwave Oven
LMV1630BB Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMV1630ST Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMV1630WW Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMV2073WW (LMV2073WW/01) Microwave Hood Combo Microwave Oven
LRM1250B (LRM1250B/01) Table Top Microwave Oven
LMV2083ST Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMV2053ST Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMV2083SB Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMV2083SW Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMV2053SB Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMV2053SW Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMV2061SB Mfg Number Abkelca, Microwave Oven
LMVM2055SB Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMVM2055ST Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMVM2277ST (LMVM2277ST/01) Microwave Hood Combo Microwave/Hood Combo
LMVM2055SW Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMVM2075ST Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMVM2075SB Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMVM2075SW Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMVM2085ST Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMVM2085SB Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMVM2085SW Microwave Hood Combo Microwave
LMH1017CVST (LMH1017CVST/01) Table Top Microwave
LMC2075ST (CSSELNA) Microwave
LMV1762SB Microwave
LMV1762ST (CSBELGA) Microwave
LMV1762SW Microwave
LMV1831BD Microwave
LMV1831SB Microwave
LMV1831ST Microwave
LMV1831SW Microwave
LMVM2033BD Microwave
295 (AB1EWPC) Misc
295 (BKEWPC) Misc
295 (BSEWPC) Misc
295 (MWEWPC) Misc
3WG2532 Misc
61282 Misc
61289 Misc
62102 (CWHESEA) Misc
62109 (CBKESEA) Misc
62109 (KBKESEA) Misc
62299 Misc
62342 (AW1ESEA) Misc
62342 (AWHESEA) Misc
62344 (CBSESEA) Misc
62344 (KBSESEA) Misc
62362 (AWHESEA) Misc
62364 (ABSESEA) Misc
62365 Misc
62369 (ABKESEA) Misc
62462 (AWHESEA) Misc
62462 (CW1ESEA) Misc
62463 (ASBESEA) Misc
62463 (CS1ESEA) Misc
62464 (ABSESEA) Misc
62464 (CB6ESEA) Misc
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Microwave
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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Switch, Microwave - 3B73362F
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
15-30 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers
microwave would not heat and inner tray didn't rotate
Unplugged unit from wall. Removed top trim piece of wall-mounted microwave oven. Removed Phillips head screw to detach control panel. Unplugged connections to microswitches for door latches and turntable motor. Swapped out new parts and reassembled microwave. Plugged unit back in and it worked like new! Probably saved over $1K by not having to buy a new over the stove, wall-mount microwave oven!
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Maytag, LG
Product Number: 6600W1K001C
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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