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Rocker Switch WB24K5022

Part Number: WB24K5022
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Product Information

This part is compatible with the following machines:

JSP39WT1WW Electric Range
JSP39WV1WW Electric Range
JGBP26WEV2WW Gas Range
JB571GM6WH Electric Range
JBP15DM1WW Electric Range
JBP15WJ2WW Electric Range
JB579GR3WH Electric Range
JBP62WD2WW Electric Range
JB579GR2WH Electric Range
JB571GM3 Electric Range
EGR3000ED0WW Gas Range
EGR2000EC1WW Gas Range
JB571GM2 Electric Range
EGR3000ED3WW Gas Range
JBP15WJ1WW Electric Range
JBP62WD3WW Electric Range
JB579GR1 Electric Range
EGR2000EC0WW Gas Range
JGB902WEH3WW Gas Range
JGB905WEF2WW Gas Range
JB571GM1 Electric Range
JBP21WC1WW Electric Range
JB571GM5 Electric Range
EGR3000ED1WW Gas Range
JBP61WC1WW Electric Range
JBP21WC3WW Electric Range
JBP62WD1WW Electric Range
JBP62WD4WW Electric Range
JB579GR5WH Electric Range
EGR3000ED2WW Gas Range
JBP21WC4WW Electric Range
JBP21WC2WW Electric Range
JB579GR4WH Electric Range
JB571GM4 Electric Range
JDP39WT1WW Electric Range
JGBC18EV2WW Gas Range
JGBC20WEH1WW Gas Range
JGBC18EV1WW Gas Range
JGBC18EV4WW Gas Range
JBS07H2WW Electric Range
JBS27WC4WW Electric Range
JGB902WEH1WW Gas Range
JDP39WV1WW Electric Range
JGBC20WEA2WW Gas Range
JBS15M1WW Electric Range
JBS27WC2WW Electric Range
JCSP31WV2WW Electric Range
JCSP39WT1WW Electric Range
JBS61WC1WW Electric Range
JGB905WEF1WW Gas Range
JDP39WR1 Electric Range
JCBS28WJ1WW Electric Range
JGBC17GER1 Gas Range
JCSP31WT2WW Electric Range
JDP39WW4WW Electric Range
JGBC20WEA5WW Gas Range
JDP39WW5WW Electric Range
JGBC20WEA3WW Gas Range
JGB902WEH2WW Gas Range
JBS08PIC2WW Electric Range
JDP39WW6WW Electric Range
JBS07C2WW Electric Range
JBS15H1WW Electric Range
JGB900WEF3WW Gas Range
JCSP31WW2WW Electric Range
JGBC17PEA1WH Gas Range
JGB900WEF2WW Gas Range
JCSP31GP2WH Electric Range
JBS07C3WW Electric Range
JGBC17GER2 Gas Range
JGBC17GER4 Gas Range
JCSP31WV1WW Electric Range
JBS08PIC1WW Electric Range
JGBP79WEV2WW Gas Range
JGBP79WEB7WW Gas Range
JGBS07EV1WW Gas Range
JGBP26WEA4WW Gas Range
JGBP26WEW1WW Gas Range
JGBS23WEW3WW Gas Range
JGBP27WEL2WW Gas Range
JGBS21HEH1WW Gas Range
JGBS24LEK3WW Gas Range
JGBP79WEB6WW Gas Range
JGBP61WEV1WW Gas Range
JGBP86WEB1WW Gas Range
JGBP35GEP2 Gas Range
JGSP33WEV2WW Gas Range
JGBS18EV2WW Gas Range
JGBS17PEA3WH Gas Range
JGBS18EV3WW Gas Range
JGSP44WEY2WW Gas Range
JGBS24LEK1WW Gas Range
JGBP30WEA6WW Gas Range
JGSP31GER1WG Gas Range
JGBP26WEA3WW Gas Range
JGBP86WEB4WW Gas Range
JGBS07DEM1WW Gas Range
JGBS23WEH1WW Gas Range
JGBS21SEV2WH Gas Range
JGBC20WEA4WW Gas Range
JGBC20WEA1WW Gas Range
JGBC17PEA2WH Gas Range
JGBC18EV3WW Gas Range
JGBC20WEH2WW Gas Range
JDP39WW3WW Electric Range
JCSP39WV2WW Electric Range
JBS61WC2WW Electric Range
JGBC17PEA3WH Gas Range
JGBC20WEW1WW Gas Range
JBS27WC3WW Electric Range
JCBS25J1WW Electric Range
JBS08PIC3WW Electric Range
JDP39WW2WW Electric Range
JCSP39WW3WW Electric Range
JGB900WEF1WW Gas Range
JCSP39WW4WW Electric Range
JDP39WW1WW Electric Range
JCSP39WV1WW Electric Range
JGB905WEF3WW Gas Range
JBS07C1WW Electric Range
JDP39WR5WH Electric Range
JCSP31WW3WW Electric Range
JDP39WR3WH Electric Range
JCSP31WT1WW Electric Range
JCSP39WW1WW Electric Range
JGBC17GER3 Gas Range
JBS27WH2WW Electric Range
JBS07M1WW Electric Range
JCSP31GP1 Electric Range
JBS27WC1WW Electric Range
JCSP31WW4WW Electric Range
JCSP31WW1WW Electric Range
JGBS21SEV3WH Gas Range
JGBP75WEY1WW Gas Range
JGSP21GER2WH Gas Range
JGSP21GEP2 Gas Range
JGBS07PEW2WW Gas Range
JGRP19GEL3 Gas Range
JGBS23WEL1WW Gas Range
JGBS17GER3 Gas Range
JGSP33WEV5WW Gas Range
JGBS06ES1 Gas Range
JGBP79WEB1WW Gas Range
JGBP33WES1 Gas Range
JGSP31GEP6WG Electric Range
JGBS23WEL2WW Gas Range
JGBP30WEA5WW Gas Range
JGBS07PEA2WW Gas Range
JGSP44WEY6WW Gas Range
JGBS07PEM1WW Gas Range
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  • • Range

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