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Support Shelf

Part Number: WR02X12188
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Product Information
Manufacturer: GE
Product Number: WR02X12188
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

PSS26MGTABB Refrigerator
ESF25LGRBBB Refrigerator
GSK25LGTBCCC Refrigerator
ESS25KSTFSS Refrigerator T Series
DSD26DGWCBG Refrigerator W Series
DSS25KSTBSS Refrigerator
GCE21YETAFSS Refrigerator
GSF25TGWCBB Refrigerator W Series
GCE21LGTAFWW Refrigerator
ESS25KSTBSS Refrigerator
DSS25KGTBWW Refrigerator
ESF25LGREWW Refrigerator
GSE25SETACSS Refrigerator
DSS25KGREBB Refrigerator
GSE25MGTECWW Refrigerator T Series
ESF25KGTBWW Refrigerator
GSE25MGTBCWW Refrigerator T Series
GSE25METACBB Refrigerator
GSK25LHSCCCC Refrigerator
DSF26DHWCBB Refrigerator W Series
GIE21LGTAFBB Refrigerator
DSL26DHWASS Refrigerator W Series
DSF26DHWAWW Refrigerator W Series
DSL26DHWCSS Refrigerator W Series
DSS26DHWCSS Refrigerator W Series
GSF25LGWCBB Refrigerator W Series
GSL25LGTCBS Refrigerator
GSL25LGTBBS Refrigerator
CSS25USWASS Refrigerator W Series
GCG21YEMHFBB Refrigerator
ESF25LGRBCC Refrigerator
ESF25LGRBWW Refrigerator
GSK25LCSACCC Refrigerator
GCK23LASAFCC Refrigerator
GSK25LCSBCCC Refrigerator
GSF25KGWAWW Refrigerator W Series
GSF25KGWCWW Refrigerator W Series
GSF25KGWCBB Refrigerator W Series
GSF25TGWABB Refrigerator W Series
GSF25TGWCWW Refrigerator W Series
GSF25TGWAWW Refrigerator W Series
DSF25KGTBBG Refrigerator
GSF25TGTEBB Refrigerator
GCE21LGTAFBB Refrigerator
GSF25TGTBBB Refrigerator
GSF25TGTBWW Refrigerator
DSF25KGTABG Refrigerator T Series
DSS25KGTBBB Refrigerator
GCE21LGTAFSS Refrigerator
DSS25KSRESS Refrigerator
GCE21ZGTAFWW Refrigerator
GSF25XGREBB Refrigerator
GSE25MGTBCSS Refrigerator
ESF25LGRECC Refrigerator
ESF25KGTBCC Refrigerator
ESF25KGTACC Refrigerator
GSE25MGTBCBB Refrigerator T Series
ESF25KGTAWW Refrigerator
ESF25KGTABB Refrigerator
GIE21YETAFBB Refrigerator
GIE21IETAFKB Refrigerator
GSE25METACWW Refrigerator
GSK25LHTACCC Refrigerator
GSK25LHTBCCC Refrigerator
DSF26DHWCWW Refrigerator W Series
DSD26DHWCBG Refrigerator W Series
GSF26KHWABB Refrigerator W Series
DSF26DHWABB Refrigerator W Series
DSS26DHWASS Refrigerator W Series
GSF25LGWAWW Refrigerator W Series
GSF25LGWABB Refrigerator W Series
GSL25LGWCSS Refrigerator W Series
GSL25LGTEBS Refrigerator
DSS25MSSFSS Refrigerator
DSS25MSSHSS Refrigerator
GSL25LGTDBS Refrigerator
CSS25USWCSS Refrigerator W Series
GSS25XSRBSS Refrigerator
GCG21YEMHFWW Refrigerator
GSK25LGTACCC Refrigerator
GSS25KGTBWW Refrigerator
GSS25KGTBBB Refrigerator
GSS25KSTBSS Refrigerator
GSS25QGTBBB Refrigerator
GSS25KSTESS Refrigerator
GSF25KGWABB Refrigerator W Series
DSD26DGWABG Refrigerator W Series
GSS25KSWCSS Refrigerator W Series
GSS25TSWCSS Refrigerator W Series
GCE23LGTAFSS Refrigerator
GSS25KSWASS Refrigerator W Series
GCE23LBTAFWW Refrigerator
GCE23LBTAFBB Refrigerator
GCE23LGTAFWW Refrigerator
GSF25TGTEWW Refrigerator
GCE23LGTAFBB Refrigerator
GSS25QGTBCC Refrigerator
GSF25XGRECC Refrigerator
ESF25LGREBB Refrigerator
ESF25KGTBBB Refrigerator
ESS25LSRESS Refrigerator
GSE25MGTECSS Refrigerator T Series
GCU23MITAFBB Refrigerator
GSS26KHWASS Refrigerator W Series
GSF26KHWAWW Refrigerator W Series
DSD26DHWABG Refrigerator W Series
GIE21IETAFBB Refrigerator
GSL25LGWABS Refrigerator W Series
GSS25LSWASS Refrigerator W Series
GSF25LGWACC Refrigerator W Series
GSF25LGWCWW Refrigerator W Series
GSS23LGTCCC Refrigerator
GSS25LSTCSS Refrigerator
GSW25LSTDSS Refrigerator
GSS25LGTDBB Refrigerator
DSS25MSSGSS Refrigerator
GSS25LSTDSS Refrigerator
GCE21IETAFWW Refrigerator
GSS25MSSESS Refrigerator
GSS25QSTBSS Refrigerator
GSS25KGTAWW Refrigerator
GSS25TSTESS Refrigerator
GSS25TGPEWW Refrigerator
GSS25QGTBWW Refrigerator
GSS25TSRESS Refrigerator
GSS25XSRESS Refrigerator
GSS25LSWCSS Refrigerator W Series
GSS23LSTESS Refrigerator
GSS23LGTCBB Refrigerator
GSS25LSTESS Refrigerator
GSS23LGTCWW Refrigerator
GSS25LGTECC Refrigerator
GSS25LGTEWW Refrigerator
GSS25LGTDWW Refrigerator
GSS25LGTCBB Refrigerator
GSS25KGTABB Refrigerator
GSX25YBSBCWW Refrigerator
GSS25KGTEBB Refrigerator
GSS25TSWASS Refrigerator W Series
GSS25KGTEWW Refrigerator
GSS25TSTBSS Refrigerator
GSS25TGPECC Refrigerator
GSS23LGTEBB Refrigerator
GSS23LGTEWW Refrigerator
GSS23LGTECC Refrigerator
GSS23LSTCSS Refrigerator
GSW25LSTESS Refrigerator
GSS25LGTCCC Refrigerator
GSS25LGTEBB Refrigerator
GSS25LGTCWW Refrigerator
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Refrigerator
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Product Information
Manufacturer: GE
Product Number: WR02X12188
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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