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Support Orifice

Part Number: WR2X4845
Availability: Factory Backorder [ more info ]
Price: $15.92
Date Available: Unknown
Product Information
Manufacturer: GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WR2X4845
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

TFXH24RLP Refrigerator
TFXH24RLR Refrigerator
TFX24EFB Refrigerator
CSX20BIYFAD Refrigerator
CSX20BIYFWH Refrigerator
CSX27DRXDAA Refrigerator
CSX27DRXDWW Refrigerator
CSK27DHZBAA Refrigerator
CSK27PFZBAA Refrigerator
CSX22BCXDWH Refrigerator
CSK27PFZBWW Refrigerator
CSX19LAXFWH Refrigerator
CSK22GAXEAD Refrigerator
CSX20KWXDWH Refrigerator
MSX22BRSBWH Refrigerator
MRSC22BRSBWH Refrigerator
MSX22BRSMAD Refrigerator
MSX24GRSBAD Refrigerator
MSX22KWSMAD Refrigerator
MSX22BRSAWH Refrigerator
MSG22GATCWH Refrigerator
MRSC22BRSAAD Refrigerator
MSG24GRSMWH Refrigerator
MSX22KWXAAD Refrigerator
MSK22GRSMAD Refrigerator
MSX20GWSAAD Refrigerator
MSX22GRXAWW Refrigerator
MSG22GASMAD Refrigerator
MSX24GRXAAA Refrigerator
MSX20GWSAWH Refrigerator
MSG24GRSAWH Refrigerator
MSX20EASMWH Refrigerator
MSX20BAXAWH Refrigerator
MSX22GAXAAA Refrigerator
MSX24XLR Refrigerator
MSX24DLG Refrigerator
MSG20GABBWW Refrigerator
MSG20GABCWW Refrigerator
MST20GABCWW Refrigerator
MSX20GAZBAA Refrigerator
MST20GABBWW Refrigerator
MSG22GABEWW Refrigerator
MSX22GAZBAA Refrigerator
MST20GABGWW Refrigerator
MSK22GAZBAD Refrigerator
MSG22GAXFWW Refrigerator
MSK25GACGAA Refrigerator
MSZ20BWBBWW Refrigerator
MSX27DRXDWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GWCBWW Refrigerator
MSK27DRZAAA Refrigerator
MSZ20GWCEWW Refrigerator
MSK27PFXEWW Refrigerator
MSK27PFXEAA Refrigerator
MSX22GRZBWW Refrigerator
MSK27DRXAAA Refrigerator
MSZ20GWCGWW Refrigerator
MSK27PFZBWW Refrigerator
MSX27DRSBWH Refrigerator
MSK27DHXEWH Refrigerator
MSK25GRDAAA Refrigerator
MSX27DRXAAA Refrigerator
MSX27DRSAWH Refrigerator
MSK25GRBEAA Refrigerator
MST25GRBGWW Refrigerator
MSG20GWBAWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GWZBWW Refrigerator
MSX27DRTAWW Refrigerator
MSX27DRTAAA Refrigerator
MSZ20GWZAWW Refrigerator
MSX25DRZBAA Refrigerator
MSK27PFXAAA Refrigerator
MSX25GRYAAA Refrigerator
MST25GRZAWW Refrigerator
MSG25GRAAWW Refrigerator
MSG27DHVAWH Refrigerator
MSK22GRBAAD Refrigerator
MSK27PFTCWW Refrigerator
MST25GRYAWW Refrigerator
MRSC22DRAWH Refrigerator
MSX27DRAWH Refrigerator
MSG20GWSMWH Refrigerator
MSX22BRSBAD Refrigerator
MSG24GRTCWH Refrigerator
MSH24GRTAWW Refrigerator
MRSC22BRSMAD Refrigerator
MSG22GAVAWH Refrigerator
MSH22GRTAAA Refrigerator
MSG22GRVAWW Refrigerator
MSH24GRTAAA Refrigerator
MSX22GRSMWH Refrigerator
MSK22GATCAD Refrigerator
MSX20GWSMWH Refrigerator
MSX22GRSBWH Refrigerator
MSX22GRSBAD Refrigerator
MSG24GRVAWH Refrigerator
MSK22GRTCAD Refrigerator
MSX22GRSMAD Refrigerator
MSX24GRSMWH Refrigerator
MSX24GRSAWH Refrigerator
MSK22GRXAAD Refrigerator
MSG24GRSBWH Refrigerator
MSX24KWXAWH Refrigerator
MSG20GWSBWH Refrigerator
MSG22GRSCWH Refrigerator
MSX22KWXAWH Refrigerator
MSX20EASBAD Refrigerator
MSG20GWSCWH Refrigerator
MRSC20BASBAD Refrigerator
MRSC22BRSAWH Refrigerator
MSK22GRSCAD Refrigerator
MSX22BRSAAD Refrigerator
MSX22DMB Refrigerator
MSG20GWSAWH Refrigerator
MSX22GAXAWW Refrigerator
MSX20EASAWH Refrigerator
MSG22GASCWH Refrigerator
MSG22GASBAD Refrigerator
MSX24DLK Refrigerator
MSX24XLG Refrigerator
MSG22GASAAD Refrigerator
MSG22GASAWH Refrigerator
MSX22GASAWH Refrigerator
MSX20GAXAWW Refrigerator
MSX24DLJ Refrigerator
MSX20BAXAAD Refrigerator
MSX20GAXAAA Refrigerator
MSX24XLB Refrigerator
MSX24XLK Refrigerator
MSX24DLC Refrigerator
MSXH24DLR Refrigerator
MSX24DLL Refrigerator
MSX24DLP Refrigerator
MSG22GABCWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GABBWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GABEWW Refrigerator
MSX22GAZAWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GABGWW Refrigerator
MSG22GABKWW Refrigerator
MSX20GAZAAA Refrigerator
MSX20GAZBWW Refrigerator
MSX20GAZAWW Refrigerator
MSG20GABEWW Refrigerator
MSG22GABGWW Refrigerator
MSG27DHTCWH Refrigerator
MSX22GAZAAA Refrigerator
MSG20GABGWW Refrigerator
MSG20GABAWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GABKWW Refrigerator
MSG20GABKWW Refrigerator

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Refrigerator
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