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Part Number: WP1162526
Availability: Factory Backorder [ more info ]
Price: $37.72
Date Available: Unknown

*This part replaces obsolete part #: 8209274 and 1162526.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Roper, Crosley
Product Number: WP1162526
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

ACD052XH0 Air Conditioner
ACD052XJ0 Air Conditioner
ACG052XJ0 Air Conditioner
ACG072XJ0 Air Conditioner
ACM052MM0 Air Conditioner
ACM052XE1 Air Conditioner
ACM052XF0 Air Conditioner
ACM052XG0 Air Conditioner
ACM052XG1 Air Conditioner
ACM052XH1 Air Conditioner
ACM052XJ0 Air Conditioner
ACM052XK0 Air Conditioner
ACM052XK1 Air Conditioner
ACM062MM0 Air Conditioner
ACM062XG0 Air Conditioner
ACM062XJ0 Air Conditioner
ACM062XJ1 Air Conditioner
ACM062XK0 Air Conditioner
ACM062XK1 Air Conditioner
ACM062XK5 Air Conditioner
ACQ088MR0 Air Conditioner
ACQ102MR0 Air Conditioner
ACQ088MS0 Air Conditioner
ACQ102MS0 Air Conditioner
ACM082XP0 Air Conditioner
ACQ108MR0 Air Conditioner
ACQ062MP1 Air Conditioner
ACQ082XP0 Air Conditioner
ACV052XG0 Air Conditioner
ACV052XG1 Air Conditioner
ACV052XH0 Air Conditioner
AD0252XA1 Dehumidifier
AD025SG0 Dehumidifier
AD025SJ0 Dehumidifier
AD0302XA0 Dehumidifier
AD0302XA1 Dehumidifier
AD0302XA2 Dehumidifier
AD0302XZ1 Dehumidifier
AD0402XA0 Dehumidifier
AD0402XA1 Dehumidifier
AD0402XA2 Dehumidifier
AD0402XZ0 Dehumidifier
AD0402XZ1 Dehumidifier
AD040SG0 Dehumidifier
AD040SJ2 Dehumidifier
AD0502XA0 Dehumidifier
AD0502XA1 Dehumidifier
AD0502XZ0 Dehumidifier
AD050SG0 Dehumidifier
AD050SJ2 Dehumidifier
AD25BBK0 Dehumidifier
AD25BBL0 Dehumidifier
AD25BBL2 Dehumidifier
AD25BBL3 Dehumidifier
AD25BBL4 Dehumidifier
AD25BBL6 Dehumidifier
AD25BBL7 Dehumidifier
AD25BBL8 Dehumidifier
AD25CH0 Dehumidifier
AD25G0 Dehumidifier
AD25G1 Dehumidifier
AD25J0 Dehumidifier
AD25J2 Dehumidifier
AD25J3 Dehumidifier
AD25TH0 Dehumidifier
AD25TJ0 Dehumidifier
AD25TJ1 Dehumidifier
AD25TJ2 Dehumidifier
AD25TJ3 Dehumidifier
AD401J0 Dehumidifier
AD40DBK0 Dehumidifier
AD40DSL0 Dehumidifier
AD40DSL1 Dehumidifier
AD40DSL3 Dehumidifier
AD40DSL4 Dehumidifier
AD40DSL5 Dehumidifier
AD40G1 Dehumidifier
AD40G2 Dehumidifier
AD40J0 Dehumidifier
AD40J1 Dehumidifier
AD40J2 Dehumidifier
AD40LBK0 Dehumidifier
AD40LJ0 Dehumidifier
AD40LJ2 Dehumidifier
AD40TH0 Dehumidifier
AD40TJ0 Dehumidifier
AD40TJ1 Dehumidifier
AD40USL1 Dehumidifier
AD40USL3 Dehumidifier
AD40USL5 Dehumidifier
AD41G0 Dehumidifier
AD50DBK0 Dehumidifier
AD50DSL1 Dehumidifier
AD50DSL3 Dehumidifier
AD50DSL4 Dehumidifier
AD50DSL5 Dehumidifier
AD50G1 Dehumidifier
AD50G2 Dehumidifier
AD50J0 Dehumidifier
AD50J1 Dehumidifier
AD50J2 Dehumidifier
AD50LBK0 Dehumidifier
AD50LJ0 Dehumidifier
AD50LJ1 Dehumidifier
AD50LJ2 Dehumidifier
AD50USL1 Dehumidifier
AD50USL3 Dehumidifier
AD50USL4 Dehumidifier
AD50USL5 Dehumidifier
AD60LBK0 Dehumidifier
AD65LEK0 Dehumidifier
AD65USL1 Dehumidifier
AD65USM0 Dehumidifier
AD65USM1 Dehumidifier
AD65USM2 Dehumidifier
AD25DSS0 Dehumidifier
AD35DSS0 Dehumidifier
AD50DSS0 Dehumidifier
AD25BSS0 Dehumidifier
AD50USS0 Dehumidifier
AD50DSR1 Dehumidifier
AD70USR0 Dehumidifier
AD35USS0 Dehumidifier
AD70USS0 Dehumidifier
AD25BBR0 Dehumidifier
AD25BSR0 Dehumidifier
AD65USR1 Dehumidifier
AD25BBR1 Dehumidifier
AD40DSR1 Dehumidifier
AD40USR1 Dehumidifier
AD50USR1 Dehumidifier
AD25DSS1 Dehumidifier
AD35DSS1 Dehumidifier
AD35USS1 Dehumidifier
AD50DSS1 Dehumidifier
AD70USS1 Dehumidifier
AD40DSR0 Dehumidifier
AD40USR0 Dehumidifier
AD50USR0 Dehumidifier
AD65USR0 Dehumidifier
AD0502XA2 Dehumidifier
AK4000XZ2 Dehumidifier
BHDH4000AS2 Dehumidifier
D40A0 Dehumidifier
D50A0 Dehumidifier
SDH501B20 Dehumidifier
TD2500XF0 Dehumidifier
TD5000XF0 Dehumidifier
BHDH2500FS0 Dehumidifier
BHDH4000FS0 Dehumidifier
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Air Conditioner
  • • Dehumidifier
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Roper, Crosley
Product Number: WP1162526
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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