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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch

Solenoid-12V,​ 2 Post 1 Tab

Part Number: 112-0309
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Price: $28.72
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Product Information
The solenoid attaches to the external washer-lock and is made of metal. It is available as an individual replacement part. This item is an OEM from Toro for use in lawn tractors. A wrench might be needed during the installation process. It may become broken and will need to be replaced.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

13AP60RP744 (1A096B50000-) LX500 Lawn Tractor Serial No. 1A096B50000 And Up
13BX60RG544 (1E237H10145-) Lawn Tractor
14AP80RP544 (1A136H30000-) Lawn Tractor
14AP80RP744 (1A136H30000-) Lawn Tractor
13AP62RP544 (1B157H20701-) Sl500 Super Lawn Tractor, 2007
14AQ81RP544 (1A136H30000-) Lawn Tractor
14AQ81RP744 (1A136H30000-) Lawn Tractor
14AQ81RP748 (1B087H30130-) Lawn Tractor
13AX61RH544 (1A117H10393-) Lx465 Lawn Tractor, 2007
14AK81RK544 (1A186H30000-) Lawn Tractor
14AK81RK744 (1A186H30000-) Lawn Tractor
13AX60RG744 (LX420)(1L215B10000)(2006) 13ax60rg744, Lx420 Lawn Tractor, 2006 (Sn 1l215b10000-)
13AX60RH744 (LX460)(1A056B50000)(2006) 13ax60rh744, Lx460 Lawn Tractor, 2006 (Sn 1a056b50000-)
13BX60RG544 (LX425)(1A087H10172-1E237H10144)(2007) 13bx60rg544, Lx425 Lawn Tractor, 2007 (Sn 1a087h10172-1e237h10144)
13BX60RG744 (LX425)(1C307H10418)(2007) 13bx60rg744, Lx425 Lawn Tractor, 2007 (Sn 1c307h10418-)
13BX60RG748 (LX425)(1E087H10251)(2007) 13bx60rg748, Lx425 Lawn Tractor, 2007 (Sn 1e087h10251-)
14AK81RK544 (GT2300)(1A186H30000)(2006) 14ak81rk544, Gt2300 Garden Tractor, 2006 (Sn 1a186h30000-)
14AK81RK744 (GT2300)(1A186H30000)(2006) 14ak81rk744, Gt2300 Garden Tractor, 2006 (Sn 1a186h30000-)
14AP80RP544 (GT2100)(1A136H30000)(2006) 14ap80rp544, Gt2100 Garden Tractor, 2006 (Sn 1a136h30000-)
14AP80RP744 (GT2100)(1A136H30000)(2006) 14ap80rp744, Gt2100 Garden Tractor, 2006 (Sn 1a136h30000-)
14AQ81RP744 (GT2200)(1A136H30000)(2006) 14aq81rp744, Gt2200 Garden Tractor, 2006 (Sn 1a136h30000-)
14AQ81RP748 (GT2200)(1B087H30130)(2007) 14aq81rp748, Gt2200 Garden Tractor, 2007 (Sn 1b087h30130-)
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  • Cured the problem, fast repair
    Arrived fast, a plus. Great price
    Guest - July 7, 2019 Verified Purchase
    slow shipping, while grass is getting taller.
    These times are challenging for the post office, and this part has not arrived after several weeks of waiting for it. I sure hope it is not going by slow boat which takes 5-8 weeks! I just went to my mechanic who had the part 1 1/2 hr drive away. Nice to get out and drive. So when yours does arrive, I will have a back up. It is not your fault...other than not shipping flat rate, or priority.
    Guest - June 5, 2020 Verified Purchase
    Verified Purchase
    eReplacementParts Team
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