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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch

Baskt-ware WP8539066

Part Number: WP8539066
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Price: $53.32
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 711907, 304165, 302046, 8539066 and 3367166.

Product Information

This part is compatible with the following machines:

DU800DWGQ1 Dishwasher
DU800DWGX0 Dishwasher
DU800DWGX1 Dishwasher
DU801DWGQ0 Dishwasher
DU801DWGQ1 Dishwasher
DU801DWGX0 Dishwasher
DU805DWGQ0 Dishwasher
DU8100XT0 Dishwasher
DU8100XT1 Dishwasher
DU8100XT2 Dishwasher
DU8100XT3 Dishwasher
DU8100XT4 Dishwasher
DU8116XT0 Dishwasher
DU8116XT1 Dishwasher
DU8116XT2 Dishwasher
DU8116XT3 Dishwasher
DU8116XT4 Dishwasher
DU811DWGQ0 Dishwasher
DU8300XT0 Dishwasher
DU8300XT1 Dishwasher
DU8300XT2 Dishwasher
DU8300XT3 Dishwasher
DU8300XT4 Dishwasher
DU8300XT5 Dishwasher
DU400SWKW2 Dishwasher
DU400SWKW1 Dishwasher
DU810DWGU0 Under Counter Dishasher
DU805DWGQ1 Under Counter Dishwasher
DU810DWGX0 Under Counter Dishwasher
DU810DWGU1 Under Counter Dishwasher
DU805DWGB1 Under Counter Dishwasher
DU805DWGB0 Under Counter Dishwasher
DU810DWGQ1 Under Counter Dishwasher
DU801DWGX1 Under Counter Dishwasher
DU810DWGQ0 Under Counter Dishwasher
DU400SWWW1 Under Counter Dishwasher
DU400SWWW0 Under Counter Dishwasher
DU811DWGU0 Under Counter Dishwasher
GSHU3024W0 Dishwasher
GDU4050XPW0 Dishwasher
GSHU3024W1 Dishwasher
GDU3024XLW0 Dishwasher
GDU4050XPW4 Dishwasher
GDU4050XPW3 Dishwasher
GDU4050XPW1 Dishwasher
GDU3024XLW1 Dishwasher
SHU30011 Dishwasher
TUD4000EB0 Dishwasher
IUD4000RQ2 Undercounter Dishwasher
TUD4000EB1 Undercounter Dishwasher
SHU30140 Dishwasher
SHU30141 Dishwasher
IUD4000RQ0 Undercounter Dishwasher
SHF3801W0 Dishwasher
TUD4000EB2 Dishwasher
IUD4000RQ1 Undercounter Dishwasher
SHF3804W2 Dishwasher
IUD4000SQ0 Undercounter Dishwasher
IUD4000RQ3 Undercounter Dishwasher
SHU30041 Dishwasher
IUD4000WQ0 Undercounter Dishwasher
IUD4000WQ1 Undercounter Dishwasher
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Dishwasher

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Product Information
7174 South 400 West
Suite 5
Midvale, UT 84047
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