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Part Number: WP98008544
WhirlpoolRoperEstateMaytagAdmiralInternationalHardwickAmanaJenn-AirNorgeCrosleyMagic ChefHoover
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: and 98008544.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, Roper, Estate, Maytag, Admiral, International, Hardwick, Amana, Jenn-Air, Norge, Crosley, Magic Chef, Hoover
Product Number: WP98008544
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.12 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

GW399LXUS0 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUB0 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUS0 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUT0 Slide-in Gas Range
GY397LXUQ0 Electric Slide-in Range
GY397LXUS0 Electric Slide-in Range
GY397LXUT0 Electric Slide-in Range
GY397LXUB0 Electric Slide-in Range
GY399LXUS0 Electric Slide-in Range
GY399LXUT0 Electric Slide-in Range
GW397LXUQ6 Slide-in Gas Range
GW399LXUQ06 Slide-in Gas Range
GW399LXUQ6 Slide-in Gas Range
GW399LXUQ07 30" Slide-in Gas Range
SF303PEPQ3 Freestanding Gas Range
SF111PXSQ2 Freestanding Gas Range
GW397LXUT06 30" Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUQ06 Slide-in Gas Range
GY397LXUQ04 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GW399LXUQ1 Slide-in Gas Range
GW399LXUS1 Slide-in Gas Range
GW399LXUB1 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUQ1 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUT1 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUS1 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUB1 Slide-in Gas Range
GY397LXUQ03 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GY397LXUT03 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GW399LXUB0 Slide-in Gas Range
GW399LXUQ0 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUQ0 Slide-in Gas Range
GY399LXUQ05 30" Electric Slide-in Range
SF114PXSQ2 Freestanding Gas Range
SF114PXSB2 Freestanding Gas Range
SF315PEPQ1 Freestanding Gas Range
SF315PEPQ0 Freestanding Gas Range
YGY399LXUS10 Electric Slide-in Range
YGY399LXUQ10 Electric Slide-in Range
SF315PEPT0 Freestanding Gas Range
SF114PXSQ1 Freestanding Gas Range
GY399LXUQ0 Electric Slide-in Range
GY399LXUB0 Electric Slide-in Range
GY399LXUS04 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GY399LXUB04 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GY399LXUQ04 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GGE350LWS00 30" Electric Range
GGE350LWB00 30" Electric Range
GGE350LWQ00 30" Electric Range
SF303PEPQ2 Freestanding Gas Range
SF315PEPQ2 Freestanding Gas Range
SF114PXST0 Freestanding Gas Range
RS160LXTB0 Drop-in Electric Range
RY160LXTB0 Electric Slide-in Range
VSF303PEKQ4 Freestanding Gas Range
SF303PEPQ1 Freestanding Gas Range
SF111PXSQ0 Freestanding Gas Range
SF315PEPQ3 Freestanding Gas Range
VSF315PEMQ3 Freestanding Gas Range
YSF315PEPQ1 Freestanding Gas Range
SF114PXSW2 Freestanding Gas Range
SF114PXSB0 Freestanding Gas Range
SF114PXSQ0 Freestanding Gas Range
YGY399LXUB10 Electric Slide-in Range
SF315PEPW1 Freestanding Gas Range
SF315PEPB0 Freestanding Gas Range
SF114PXST2 Freestanding Gas Range
SF315PEPW0 Freestanding Gas Range
YGY397LXUT10 Electric Slide-in Range
SF114PXSB1 Freestanding Gas Range
YGY397LXUQ10 Electric Slide-in Range
SF315PEPB1 Freestanding Gas Range
SF114PXSW1 Freestanding Gas Range
SF114PXST1 Freestanding Gas Range
YGY397LXUB10 Electric Slide-in Range
YGY397LXUS10 Electric Slide-in Range
YGGE390LXS00 30" Freestanding Electric Range
YGGE390LXQ00 30" Freestanding Electric Range
YGGE390LXS03 30" Freestanding Electric Self Clean Range
YGGE390LXQ03 30" Freestanding Electric Self Clean Range
RS160LXTQ0 Drop-in Electric Range
RS160LXTB1 Drop-in Electric Range
RS160LXTQ1 Drop-in Electric Range
RY160LXTB02 Electric Slide-in Range
RY160LXTQ02 Electric Slide-in Range
RY160LXTB1 Electric Slide-in Range
RY160LXTB2 30" Drop-in Electric Range
RY160LXTQ2 30" Drop-in Electric Range
RY160LXTQ1 Electric Slide-in Range
RY160LXTQ0 Electric Slide-in Range
WDE101LVQ01 Drop-in Electric Range
WDE150LVQ01 Drop-in Electric Range
WDE101LVQ0 Drop-in Electric Range
WFG111SVQ1 30" Freestanding Standard Clean Range
SF303PEPQ0 Freestanding Gas Range
SF111PXSQ1 Freestanding Gas Range
WDE151LVQ01 30" Standard Drop-in Electric Range
SF315PEPQ4 Freestanding Gas Range
WFG111SVQ0 Freestanding Gas Range
YGY397LXUQ05 30" Electric Slide-in Range
YGY397LXUQ04 30" Electric Slide-in Range
WDE350LVS0 Drop-in Electric Range
WDE350LVB0 Drop-in Electric Range
WDE350LVQ0 Drop-in Electric Range
WDE150LVS0 Drop-in Electric Range
WDE150LVB0 Drop-in Electric Range
WDE150LVQ0 Drop-in Electric Range
WDE150LVT0 Drop-in Electric Range
YGY399LXUQ06 30" Electric Slide-in Range
YGY399LXUQ05 30" Electric Slide-in Range
WFG231LVS1 30" Freestanding Standard Clean Gas Range
WFG231LVB0 Freestanding Gas Range
WFG231LVQ0 Freestanding Gas Range
WFG231LVS0 Freestanding Gas Range
WFG231LVQ1 30" Freestanding Standard Clean Gas Range
WFG231LVB1 30" Freestanding Standard Clean Gas Range
WDE350LVB01 30" Standard Drop-in Electric Range
WDE350LVQ01 Drop-in Electric Range
WDE350LVT01 30" Drop-in Electric Range
WFG114SWQ1 30" Freestanding Standard Clean Range
WFG114SWT1 30" Freestanding Standard Clean Range
WFG114SWB1 30" Freestanding Standard Clean Range
WFG114SWB0 30" Freestanding Gas Range
WFG114SWQ0 30" Freestanding Gas Range
WFG114SWT0 30" Freestanding Gas Range
WFG114SVB0 Freestanding Gas Range
WFG114SVQ0 Freestanding Gas Range
WFG114SVT0 Freestanding Gas Range
WFG114SVW0 Freestanding Gas Range
SF114PXSW0 Freestanding Gas Range
SF315PEPT1 Freestanding Gas Range
GW397LXUT07 30" Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUQ07 30" Slide-in Gas Range
TGP200VDQ0 Range

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Dryer
  • • Range
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