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Scr 8-18 Ab Tsq 5/​8 Ss

Part Number: WR01X10380
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WR01X10380
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.05 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

GSH25SGPCSS Refrigerator
PDW8200J03CC Dishwasher
GSH25JFRFBB Refrigerator
GSH25JFRFCC Refrigerator
GSH25JFRFWW Refrigerator
GSD5500G03BB Dishwasher
GSD5400G03BB Dishwasher
GSD5500G03WW Dishwasher
GSD5400G03WW Dishwasher
GSD5500G03CC Dishwasher
EDW3000G03BB Dishwasher
EDW3000G03CC Dishwasher
EDW3000G03WW Dishwasher
GSD5560G03SS Dishwasher
GSD5400G02BB Dishwasher
GSD5400G02WW Dishwasher
GSD5800G03BB Dishwasher
GSD5800G03WW Dishwasher
GSD5500G02BB Dishwasher
GSD5500G02CC Dishwasher
GSD5800G03CC Dishwasher
EDW3060G02SS Dishwasher
GSD5900G03WW Dishwasher
GSD5900G03CC Dishwasher
EDW3000G02WW Dishwasher
GSD5900G03BB Dishwasher
GSD5860G03SS Dishwasher
GSD5560G02SS Dishwasher
GSD5500G02WW Dishwasher
EDW3000G02BB Dishwasher
EDW3000G02CC Dishwasher
GSD5960G03SS Dishwasher
EDW3060G03SS Dishwasher
GSD5800G02BB Dishwasher
GSD5800G02CC Dishwasher
GSD5800G02WW Dishwasher
GSD5900G02BB Dishwasher
GSD5900G02WW Dishwasher
GSD5860G02SS Dishwasher
GSD5900G02CC Dishwasher
GSD5960G02SS Dishwasher
PDW8400J00BB Dishwasher
PDW8680J00SS Dishwasher
PDW8500J00BB Dishwasher
PDW8211J00BB Dishwasher
PDW8510J00BB Dishwasher
PDW8680J01SS Dishwasher
PDW8600J01WW Dishwasher
PDW8600J01CC Dishwasher
PDW8400J01WW Dishwasher
PDW8612J00WW Dishwasher
PDW8400J01BB Dishwasher
PDW8200J00CC Dishwasher
PDW8200J00WW Dishwasher
PDW8200J00BB Dishwasher
PDW8400J01CC Dishwasher
PDW8280J00SS Dishwasher
PDW8400J00CC Dishwasher
PDW8480J00SS Dishwasher
PDW8200J01WW Dishwasher
PDW8500J01CC Dishwasher
PDW8480J01SS Dishwasher
PDW8500J01WW Dishwasher
PDW8600J01BB Dishwasher
PDW8612J00SS Dishwasher
PDW8200J01BB Dishwasher
PDW8200J01CC Dishwasher
PDW8510J00WW Dishwasher
PDW8500J01BB Dishwasher
PDW8211J00WW Dishwasher
PDW8612J00BB Dishwasher
PDW8700J10BB Dishwasher
PDW8280N00SS Dishwasher
PDW8400N00BB Dishwasher
PDW8600J00WW Dishwasher
PDW8700J10CC Dishwasher
PDW8200N00WW Dishwasher
PDW8200N00BB Dishwasher
PDW8480N00SS Dishwasher
PDW8700J10WW Dishwasher
PDW8400N00WW Dishwasher
PDW8200J03BB Dishwasher
PDW8211J03WW Dishwasher
PDW8700L00WW Dishwasher
PDW8400J10BB Dishwasher
PDW8612J03BB Dishwasher
PDW8612N00SS Dishwasher
PDW8500J03WW Dishwasher
PDW8200J10CC Dishwasher
PDW8600J10BB Dishwasher
PDW8400J10CC Dishwasher
PDW8510J03WW Dishwasher
PDW8280J03SS Dishwasher
PDW8700J03WW Dishwasher
PDW8600J03WW Dishwasher
PDW8700J03BB Dishwasher
PDW8600J10CC Dishwasher
PDW8680J03SS Dishwasher
PDW8612J03SS Dishwasher
PDW8400J10WW Dishwasher
PDW8612J03WW Dishwasher
PDW8211N00WW Dishwasher
PDW8500J03BB Dishwasher
PDW8500J03CC Dishwasher
PDW8500J10WW Dishwasher
PDW8680J10SS Dishwasher
PDW8600J10WW Dishwasher
PDW8500J10BB Dishwasher
PDW8400J03CC Dishwasher
PDW8700J03CC Dishwasher
PDW8200J10WW Dishwasher
PDW8200J03WW Dishwasher
PDW8700L00BB Dishwasher
PDW8500J10CC Dishwasher
PDW8400J03WW Dishwasher
PDW8281N00SS Dishwasher
PDW8280J10SS Dishwasher
PDW8600J03BB Dishwasher
PDW8200J10BB Dishwasher
PDW8211J03BB Dishwasher
PDW8480J03SS Dishwasher
PDW8600J03CC Dishwasher
PDW8510J03BB Dishwasher
PDW8400J03BB Dishwasher
PDW8211N00BB Dishwasher
PDW8480J10SS Dishwasher
PDW8211J10WW Dishwasher
PDW8612J10BB Dishwasher
PDW8612J10WW Dishwasher
PDW8510J01BB Dishwasher
PDW8281J10SS Dishwasher
PDW8211J01WW Dishwasher
PDW8510J01WW Dishwasher
PDW8510J10WW Dishwasher
PDW8211J10BB Dishwasher
PDW8510J10BB Dishwasher
PDW8280J01SS Dishwasher
PDW8612K10SS Dishwasher
PDW8211J01BB Dishwasher
PDW8700N00BB Dishwasher
PDW8700N00WW Dishwasher
PDW8612K03SS Dishwasher
PDW9700J00II Dishwasher
ZBD6890K03II Dishwasher
PDW9200J00BB Dishwasher
PDW9280J00SS Dishwasher
PDW9200J00CC Dishwasher
ZBD6890K00II Dishwasher
PDW9800J00BB Dishwasher
PDW9200J00WW Dishwasher
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Dishwasher
  • • Refrigerator
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WR01X10380
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.05 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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