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Screw Ground

Part Number: WB1X1261
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Product Information
Manufacturer: GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WB1X1261
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.05 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

JRP20SK1SS Electric Range
JGRP20BEJ1BB Gas Range
JGRP20WEJ1WW Gas Range
JRP20BJ1BB Electric Range
JRS06BJ1BB Electric Range
JGRS06BEJ1BB Gas Range
JRP20WJ1WW Electric Range
JRS06SK1SS Electric Range
JGP975SEK1SS Gas Range
JGP975SEK2SS Gas Range
JGP975WEK1WW Gas Range
JGP975WEK2WW Gas Range
JGP940SEK1SS Gas Range
JGP940SEK2SS Gas Range
JGP975BEK1BB Gas Range
JGP975BEK2BB Gas Range
PP975SM1SS Electric Range
JGP970SEK1SS Gas Range
JGP970SEK2SS Gas Range
JGP970TEK1WW Gas Range
JGP970TEK2WW Gas Range
PP975BM1BB Electric Range
PP945SM1SS Electric Range
JGP970BEK1BB Gas Range
JGP970BEK2BB Gas Range
JGP945SEK1SS Gas Range
JGP945SEK2SS Gas Range
JGP963SEK1SS Gas Range
JGP963SEK2SS Gas Range
JGP963WEK1WW Gas Range
JGP963WEK2WW Gas Range
PP932SM1SS Electric Range
PP945WM1WW Electric Range
PP962SM1SS Electric Range
JGP940TEK1WW Gas Range
JGP940TEK2WW Gas Range
PP945BM1BB Electric Range
JGP940BEK1BB Gas Range
JGP940BEK2BB Gas Range
PP962TM1WW Electric Range
JGP963BEK1BB Gas Range
JGP963BEK2BB Gas Range
PP962BM1BB Electric Range
PP912SM1SS Electric Range
JGP945BEK1BB Gas Range
JGP945BEK2BB Gas Range
JP356BM1BB Electric Range
JGP933SEK1SS Gas Range
JGP933SEK2SS Gas Range
PP932BM1BB Electric Range
JGP945WEK1WW Gas Range
JGP945WEK2WW Gas Range
PP912KM1CC Electric Range
PP912TM1WW Electric Range
JP356SM1SS Electric Range
JGP933WEK1WW Gas Range
JGP933WEK2WW Gas Range
PP912BM1BB Electric Range
JGP933BEK1BB Gas Range
JGP933BEK2BB Gas Range
JP356WM1WW Electric Range
JGP330SEK1SS Gas Range
JGP330SEK2SS Gas Range
JGP328SEK1SS Gas Range
JGP328SEK2SS Gas Range
JGP330WEK1WW Gas Range
JGP330WEK2WW Gas Range
JGP328BEK1BB Gas Range
JGP328BEK2BB Gas Range
JGP328WEK1WW Gas Range
JGP328WEK2WW Gas Range
JGP330BEK1BB Gas Range
JGP330BEK2BB Gas Range
JGBP85WEH2WW Gas Range
JRP24GV1BB Electric Range
JBP64BB4WH Electric Range
JSP26GP3AD Electric Range
JSP39WT1WW Electric Range
JSP39WV1WW Electric Range
JTP30SM1SS Electric Oven
JP340BM1BB Electric Cooktop
ZGU384LSM2SS Gas Cooktop
ZGU384NSM2SS Gas Cooktop
ZGU385LSM2SS Gas Cooktop
ZGU385NSM2SS Gas Cooktop
PT956BM1BB Electric Oven
PT956CM1CC Electric Oven
PT956SM1SS Electric Oven
PT956WM1WW Electric Oven
ZET958BM1BB Electric Wall Oven
ZET958WM1WW Electric Wall Oven
JTP55BM1BB Built-in Electric Wall Oven
JTP55CM1CC Built-in Electric Wall Oven
JTP55SM1SS Built-in Electric Wall Oven
JTP55WM1WW Built-in Electric Wall Oven
ZET958SM1SS Built in Oven
JTP75BM1BB Built-in Electric Wall Oven
JTP75CM1CC Electric Oven
JTP75WM1WW Built-in Electric Wall Oven
JTP35BM1BB Built-in Electric Wall Oven
JTP35CM1CC Built-in Electric Wall Oven
JTP35SM1SS Electric Oven
JTP35WM1WW Built-in Electric Wall Oven
JKP55CM1CC Electric Wall Oven
JKP55WM1WW Electric Wall Oven
JTP75SM1SS Built-in Electric Wall Oven
JKP55BM1BB Electric Wall Oven
JKP55SM1SS Electric Wall Oven
PK956CM1CC Built in Oven
PK956WM1WW Built in Oven
PK956BM1BB Built in Oven
PK956SM1SS Built in Oven
ZEK958BM1BB Built in Oven
ZEK958SM1SS Built in Oven
JKP35BM1BB Wall Oven
JKP35WM1WW Wall Oven
JKP35SM1SS Wall Oven
JKP75WM1WW Electric Wall Oven
JKP75BM1BB Electric Wall Oven
JKP75SM1SS Electric Wall Oven
JTP90BM1BB Built in Oven W/Microwave
JTP90CM1CC Built in Oven W/Microwave
JTP90SM1SS Built in Oven W/Microwave
JTP90WM1WW Built in Oven W/Microwave
ZET2PM1SS Electric Oven
ZET2SM1SS Electric Oven
PT970BM1BB Wall Oven
PT970CM1CC Wall Oven
PT970WM1WW Wall Oven
PT970SM1SS Wall Oven
JCTP30BM1BB Electric Oven
JCTP30WM1WW Electric Oven
JTP30BM1BB Electric Oven
JTP30CM1CC Electric Oven
JTP30WM1WW Electric Oven
JCTP30SM1SS Electric Oven
JKP30CM1CC Wall Oven
JKP30SM1SS Wall Oven
JKP30WM1WW Wall Oven
JKS10BM1BB Electric Oven
JTP70BM1BB Electric Oven
JCKS10WM1WW Electric Oven
JKP30BM1BB Wall Oven
JTP70SM1SS Electric Oven
JCKP30WM1WW Electric Oven
JCKS10BM1BB Electric Oven
JCTP70BM1BB Electric Oven
JCKP30SM1SS Electric Oven
JCTP70SM1SS Electric Oven
JCTP70WM1WW Electric Oven
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Oven
  • • Range
Questions & Answers

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Product Information
Manufacturer: GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WB1X1261
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.05 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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