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Screw and Washer

Part Number: WZ6X133
Availability: Factory Backorder [ more info ]
Price: $1.87
Date Available: Unknown

*This part replaces obsolete part #: and WZ06X0133.

Product Information
Manufacturer: GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WZ6X133
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

TBX21NIXYRWW Refrigerator
TBH21JATERAD Electric Range
ERT2018DARWW Refrigerator
ERT2021DARCC Refrigerator
ERT2021DARWW Refrigerator
CTX18DIBLRWW Refrigerator
CTX21BIXPRWW Refrigerator
CTT21GAXLRWW Refrigerator
CTX21GKJR Refrigerator
CTK18GAXERAA Refrigerator
CTK24GAXERWW Refrigerator
CTT24GATHRWH Refrigerator
CTX18EKJR Refrigerator
CTG24GAYFRWW Refrigerator
CTX24GKGR Refrigerator
CTX18EJB Refrigerator
CTX25DKFL Refrigerator
CTX18AJB Refrigerator
CTX21GKGR Refrigerator
CTX18GKJR Refrigerator
CTX25GKGR Refrigerator
CTX25DKGL Refrigerator
CTX22DKGR Refrigerator
CTX19GKJR Refrigerator
CTX22GKGR Refrigerator
CTX25DKFR Refrigerator
CTX18DABLRWW Refrigerator
CTX18DABLRAA Refrigerator
ERT2018DBRAA Refrigerator
ERT2018DBRBB Refrigerator
ERT2018DBRWW Refrigerator
ERT2018DARAA Refrigerator
CTX18LKJR Refrigerator
ERT2021DARBB Refrigerator
ERT2021DARAA Refrigerator
CTX21EKGR Refrigerator
CTT21GAXGRAA Refrigerator X Series
CTG21GAYJRWW Refrigerator
CTK24GAXERAA Refrigerator
CTT24GATHRAD Refrigerator
CTF17CCBR Refrigerator
CTX21EKJR Refrigerator
CTX21PKGR Refrigerator
CTX18CJB Refrigerator
CTX19GKGR Refrigerator
CTX25DKGR Refrigerator
CTX22DKGL Refrigerator
ERT2018DARBB Refrigerator
ERT2018DARCC Refrigerator
ERT2018DBRCC Refrigerator
CTX18DIBLRAA Refrigerator
CTX21LATNRWH Refrigerator
CTT21GAXLRAA Refrigerator
CTK18GAXERWW Refrigerator
CTT21GAXGRWW Refrigerator X Series
CTF19ECBR Refrigerator
CTX18EKGR Refrigerator
CTX18KKGR Refrigerator
CTF17CCBL Refrigerator
MTX18BABLRWW Refrigerator
MTX18DABKRWW Refrigerator
MTX18DABBRWW Refrigerator
MTX18BABARWW Refrigerator
MTX18EABQRAA Refrigerator
MTX18BABQRWW Refrigerator
MTX18DABRRAA Refrigerator
MTX18BAXQRAD Refrigerator
MTX18BAXXRAD Refrigerator
MTX18GAZLRWW Refrigerator
MTX18BAXQRWH Refrigerator
MTX18BAXXRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GAXRRAA Refrigerator
MTX18EAXRRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GAXJRAA Refrigerator
MTX18EAZARAA Refrigerator
MTX18GAXHRWW Refrigerator
MTX18BAXNRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GAXCRAA Refrigerator
MTX18DIBLRWW Refrigerator
MTX18LASGRWH Refrigerator
MTX18BASARAD Refrigerator
MTX18EAXCRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GASJRWW Refrigerator
MTX18BAXCRWH Refrigerator
MTX18BASARWH Refrigerator
MTX18EASARAD Refrigerator
MTX18BASERWH Refrigerator
MTX18BASQRAD Refrigerator
MTX18KAXERAD Refrigerator
MTX18KAXBRWH Refrigerator
MTE18EPERAD Refrigerator
MTH21GASNRAD Refrigerator
MTX18GIBARAA Refrigerator
MTX18GASVRAD Refrigerator
MTX18DIBARAA Refrigerator
MTX18DIBBRWW Refrigerator
MTX18GIXHRWW Refrigerator
MTX18GIXGRWW Refrigerator
MTX18BASJRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GIXBRWW Refrigerator
MTX18GIZCRAA Refrigerator
MTX18GIXPRWW Refrigerator
MTX18GISERAD Refrigerator
MTK18GAXWRWW Refrigerator
MTK18GAXSRWW Refrigerator
MTG18GABURWW Refrigerator
MTK24GAXHRAA Refrigerator
MTX18GPBRWH Refrigerator
MTG18GAYJRWW Refrigerator
MTG18EAXERWH Refrigerator
MTK18GAXERWW Refrigerator
MTK24GAXGRWW Refrigerator X Series
MTI18GIZFRWW Refrigerator
MTI18GIBGRWW Refrigerator
MTX18EMRRHA Refrigerator
MTE18GPERWH Refrigerator
MTX18ELGRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GMSRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GMMRWH Refrigerator
MTX18EMMRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GRJRAD Refrigerator
MTX18BABKRAA Refrigerator
MTX18EABLRWW Refrigerator
MTX18EABLRAA Refrigerator
MTX18EABKRWW Refrigerator
MTX18DABLRAA Refrigerator
MTX18BABLRAA Refrigerator
MTX18DABKRAA Refrigerator
MTX18GASQRWH Refrigerator
MTX18BABRRAA Refrigerator
MTX18EABBRAA Refrigerator
MTX18BABBRAA Refrigerator
MTX18DABARWW Refrigerator
MTX18DABRRWW Refrigerator
MTX18EABBRWW Refrigerator
MTX18DABBRAA Refrigerator
MTX18EABARWW Refrigerator
MTX18EABQRWW Refrigerator
MTX18DABARAA Refrigerator
MTX18EABRRWW Refrigerator
MTX18GABARAA Refrigerator
MTX18GAZKRAA Refrigerator
MTX18EAZKRAA Refrigerator
MTX18GAZLRAA Refrigerator
MTX18GAXGRAA Refrigerator
MTX18BAXGRAD Refrigerator
MTX18BAXKRWH Refrigerator
MTX18EAXHRAD Refrigerator
MTX18EAZCRWW Refrigerator
MTX18EAXFRWH Refrigerator
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Range
  • • Refrigerator
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Product Information
Manufacturer: GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WZ6X133
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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