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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch
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Recoil Starter Handle

Part Number: 731-05696
Yard MachinesMTDCraftsmanTroy-BiltYard ManCub CadetHusky
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 731-09691.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Yard Machines, MTD, Craftsman, Troy-Bilt, Yard Man, Cub Cadet, Husky
Product Number: 731-05696
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This is an authentic manufacturer made replacement part which is specially designed for use with Yard Machines, MTD, Troy-Blit, and Yard-Man snowblowers. When the recoil starter handle is pulled, the starter rope rotates the starter pulley causing the engine turn fast enough to generate a spark to ignite the fuel in the chainsaw. This part is made of durable plastic and is sold individually. For instillation you will need a screw driver and a pair of needle nose pliers.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

31AM63LF704 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE704 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE304 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE372 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE401 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE720 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE730 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE301 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE709 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE371 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE307 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE513 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE713 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE382 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE000 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE121 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE205 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE705 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE706 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE026 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE726 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE054 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE745 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE754 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE029 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE229 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE134 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE138 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE729 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE929 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE129 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE151 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE206 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE308 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE033 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE019 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE057 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE118 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE131 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE022 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE722 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE002 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE715 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE077 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE977 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE777 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE724 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE105 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE009 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE016 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE145 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE196 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE719 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE098 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF304 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF372 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF401 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF720 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF730 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF301 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF709 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF371 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF307 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF513 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF713 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF382 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF000 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF121 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF205 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF705 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF706 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF026 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF726 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF054 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF745 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF754 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF029 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF229 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF134 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF138 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF729 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF929 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF129 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF151 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF206 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF308 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF033 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF019 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF057 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF118 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF131 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF022 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF722 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF002 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF715 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF077 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF977 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF777 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF724 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF105 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF009 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF016 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF145 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF196 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF719 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF098 (2008) Snowblower
31A-2M1A752 (2010) Walk Behind Snowblower
31AM62FE752 (2010) Walk Behind Snowblower
31AS63EF729 (2011) Walk Behind Snowblower
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  • • Snowblower
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Yard Machines, MTD, Craftsman, Troy-Bilt, Yard Man, Cub Cadet, Husky
Product Number: 731-05696
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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