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Part Number: P022008280
Availability: Discontinued

This part is no longer available from the manufacturer.
Product Information
Manufacturer: Echo, Shindaiwa
Product Number: P022008280
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
Depending on the model and serial number you have depends on what part number you will need in place of discontinued part number P022008280:


Please look at the compatible models under each part number to find the correct part number that you will need.
No Longer Available:

Unfortunately, this part isn't available any more at eReplacementParts. This could be because:

  • The manufacturer doesn't make this part any more
  • There are no substitute parts made by the manufacturer to replace this part
  • There is no longer any way for us to find this part and stock it in our warehouse

We would love to help you find the part you need, but our call center agents will, regrettably, be unable to assist you with tracking it down. However, you may still be able to locate the part you need by trying the following:

  • Using a search engine to type your part number and see if other retailers still have this part in stock
  • Visiting online stores such as eBay and finding sellers that have this part
  • Trying retailers and repair stores in your local area to see if they have the part in their inventory
  • Talking to a local repair technician, who may have the part you need, or may be able to repair your existing part
  • Reaching out to the manufacturer of your product to see what their recommendations are for replacing this part
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