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Pad Cradle

Part Number: WR2X8470
Availability: Factory Backorder [ more info ]
Price: $29.68
Date Available: Unknown
Product Information
Manufacturer: GE
Product Number: WR2X8470
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.05 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

BISW42EKB Refrigerator
BISW42ELE Refrigerator
BISW42ELD Refrigerator
BISW42ELB Refrigerator
BISW42ELC Refrigerator
BISW42EKC Refrigerator
TBEW25FRERWH Refrigerator
TBHW25RRERWH Refrigerator
TBHW22RRERWH Refrigerator
TBHW25RRDRWH Refrigerator
TBHW25RRELWH Refrigerator
TBEW25FRDRWH Refrigerator
TBEW25FRELWH Refrigerator
TBHW25RRDLWH Refrigerator
TBHW22RRELWH Refrigerator
TBEW22RRERWH Refrigerator
TBEW25FRDLWH Refrigerator
TBEW22RRELWH Refrigerator
TFEW27FRAWH Refrigerator
TFEW22RRAWH Refrigerator
TBXW25FPFRWH Refrigerator
TFEW27FNA Refrigerator
TFEW27FMA Refrigerator
TFCW27RRAWH Refrigerator
TFEW27RRAWH Refrigerator
TFCW24RMA Refrigerator
TFEW24RMA Refrigerator
TFEW20RRAWH Refrigerator
TFEW22RNA Refrigerator
TBXW25FPFLWH Refrigerator
TBXW25RMGLWH Refrigerator
TFCW27FRBWH Refrigerator
TBXW25RMFRWH Refrigerator
TBXW25FPLRWH Refrigerator
TFCW27FMA Refrigerator
TBXW25RMGRWH Refrigerator
TBXW25FLRLWH Refrigerator
TFEW27FPAWH Refrigerator
TFEW24RRAWH Refrigerator
TBXW25FLRRWH Refrigerator
TFCW22RNA Refrigerator
TBXW25RMFLWH Refrigerator
TBXW25FLMLWH Refrigerator
TBXW25FPLLWH Refrigerator
TBXW25FLMRWH Refrigerator
TFHW27RRAWH Refrigerator
TFHW24RRAWH Refrigerator
TFHW22RRAWH Refrigerator
ZISW36DSC Refrigerator
TFXW27FRAWH Refrigerator
TFXW24RLL Refrigerator
ZISB42EMC Refrigerator
ZISW36DRC Refrigerator
ZICS360NRDRH Refrigerator
ZIC360NRBLH Refrigerator
ZISW36DCB Refrigerator
ZIC360NRCRH Refrigerator
ZIC36NMARH Refrigerator
ZIC360NRBRH Refrigerator
ZICS360NRGRH Refrigerator
ZICS360NRFLH Refrigerator
ZIC360NRFLH Refrigerator
ZISS42DCBSS Refrigerator
ZISW48DCB Refrigerator
TFXW20RNB Refrigerator
ZISW36DSB Refrigerator
ZISW36DRB Refrigerator
ZISW36DTB Refrigerator
ZISW48DSC Refrigerator
TFXW27FLB Refrigerator
TFXW27FRBWH Refrigerator
TFXW27FLJ Refrigerator
TFXW27RMA Refrigerator
TFXW24RLB Refrigerator
TFXW24RLC Refrigerator
TFXW24RLK Refrigerator
ZIS42NCB Refrigerator
ZIS36NCB Refrigerator
ZISS36NCBSS Refrigerator
ZICS360NRBRH Refrigerator
ZISB42DCB Refrigerator
ZICS360NRCRH Refrigerator
ZISW42DCB Refrigerator
ZIC360NRDLH Refrigerator
ZIC360NRCLH Refrigerator
ZICS360NRDLH Refrigerator
ZICS360NRCLH Refrigerator
ZICS360NRERH Refrigerator
ZICS360NMALH Refrigerator
ZICS360NMBLH Refrigerator
ZIC360NRGLH Refrigerator
ZIC360NMARH Refrigerator
ZIC360NRFRH Refrigerator
ZICS360NRGLH Refrigerator
ZIC360NMBRH Refrigerator
ZIC360NMCRH Refrigerator
ZIC360NRGRH Refrigerator
ZISS48DCBSS Refrigerator
TFXW20RRAWH Refrigerator
TFXW22RNA Refrigerator
ZISW36DTE Refrigerator
ZISW36DTC Refrigerator
ZISW48DSE Refrigerator
ZISW48DSB Refrigerator
ZISW42DSE Refrigerator
ZISW48DRB Refrigerator
ZISW42DSC Refrigerator
ZISW42DSB Refrigerator
TFXW27FLL Refrigerator
TFXW24RLJ Refrigerator
TFXW24RLG Refrigerator
TFXW24RMA Refrigerator
ZISS42NCBSS Refrigerator
ZIS48NCB Refrigerator
ZISS48NCBSS Refrigerator
ZICS360NRARH Refrigerator
ZIC36NMASSLH Refrigerator
ZIC36NMALH Refrigerator
ZIC36NMASSRH Refrigerator
ZISB36DCB Refrigerator
ZICS360NMARH Refrigerator
ZICS360NRBLH Refrigerator
ZICS360NRALH Refrigerator
ZIC360NRALH Refrigerator
ZIC360NRELH Refrigerator
ZICS360NRFRH Refrigerator
ZIC360NRARH Refrigerator
ZIC360NRDRH Refrigerator
ZICS360NRELH Refrigerator
ZIC360NRERH Refrigerator
ZIC360NMALH Refrigerator
ZICS360NMBRH Refrigerator
ZICS360NMCLH Refrigerator
ZICS360NRHRH Bottom Mount Refrigerator
ZIC360NMBLH Refrigerator
ZIC360NMCLH Refrigerator
ZICS360NMCRH Refrigerator
ZISS36DCBSS Refrigerator
ZICS360NRHLH Bottom Mount Refrigerator
ZIC360NRHLH Bottom Mount Refrigerator
ZIC360NRHRH Bottom Mount Refrigerator
ZISB48DCB Refrigerator
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Refrigerator
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Product Information
Manufacturer: GE
Product Number: WR2X8470
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.05 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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