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Nut WR1X1715

Part Number: WR1X1715
Availability: Ships in 7 - 12 business days
Price: $6.24
Leaves our warehouse within
7 - 12 business days
Product Information

This part is compatible with the following machines:

TBX21NIXYRWW Refrigerator
JXDV69001 Electric Range
JP378B9K1 Electric Range
JP678B9K1 Electric Range
JP372B9K1 Electric Range
JP373B1K1 Electric Range
JXDV6601 Electric Range
JXDV69901 Electric Range
TBH21JATERAD Electric Range
CTX24GKGR Refrigerator
CTX16CAXGRAD Refrigerator
CTX21BIXPRWW Refrigerator
CTT16CYXLRAD Refrigerator
CTH16CYTJLAD Refrigerator
CTX16CAZDRWH Refrigerator
CTH16CYTCLAD Refrigerator
CTX18AJB Refrigerator
CTH14CYTJRAD Refrigerator
CTX16APJRWH Refrigerator
CTX21GKJR Refrigerator
CTX18DIBLRWW Refrigerator
CTT14CYXPRWH Refrigerator
CTK24GAXERWW Refrigerator
CTX16BYZBRWH Refrigerator
CTX16BAZBRAD Refrigerator
CTX16APJRAD Refrigerator
CTX25GKGR Refrigerator
CTH14CYXRLAD Refrigerator
CTX16APJLWH Refrigerator
CTX14CPKRWH Refrigerator
CTX22DKGR Refrigerator
CTX14CATGLAD Refrigerator
CTX14CPJRAD Refrigerator
CTT21GAXLRWW Refrigerator
CTH14CYSERWH Refrigerator
CTX16CAXGLWH Refrigerator
CTX14CATBRWH Refrigerator
CTX14CPKLAD Refrigerator
CTXY14CPKLWH Refrigerator
CTX14EYTBRWH Refrigerator
CTH16CYTCRAD Refrigerator
CTXY14CPKLAD Refrigerator
CTX14CYZBLAD Refrigerator
CTX16CIZDLAD Refrigerator
CTX16BYTDRWH Refrigerator
CTK18GAXERAA Refrigerator
CTX16BYTDRAD Refrigerator
CTX21GKGR Refrigerator
CTT24GATHRWH Refrigerator
CTX14CPJLAD Refrigerator
CTX19GKJR Refrigerator
CTH16CYXRLWH Refrigerator
CTX18GKJR Refrigerator
CTX14CATBRAD Refrigerator
CTH16CYTJLWH Refrigerator
CTX14CATGLWH Refrigerator
CTX22GKGR Refrigerator
CTX25DKFL Refrigerator
CTH14CYXRRWH Refrigerator
CTX18EKJR Refrigerator
CTX25DKFR Refrigerator
CTG24GAYFRWW Refrigerator
CTX18EJB Refrigerator
CTH16CYXRRAD Refrigerator
CTX16CIZDLWH Refrigerator
CTX16CZBBLAA Refrigerator
CTX14CPJRWH Refrigerator
CTX25DKGL Refrigerator
CTH16CYTJRAD Refrigerator
CTH16CYXRLAD Refrigerator
CTG21GAYJRWW Refrigerator
CTX14APJLWH Refrigerator
CTT18EAYBRWH Refrigerator
CTX14CATBLWH Refrigerator
CTX14LYXLRWH Refrigerator
CTXY14CPKRAD Refrigerator
CTX14EYZBRWH Refrigerator
CTX14CATGRAD Refrigerator
CTX18CJB Refrigerator
CTH16CYTCRWH Refrigerator
CTX18CYBBRAA Refrigerator
CTX16BYZBLWH Refrigerator
CTX16CPJLWH Refrigerator
CTH16CYXRRWH Refrigerator
CTX18DABLRWW Refrigerator
CTX14CPKRAD Refrigerator
CTX16CIXGRAD Refrigerator
CTX16CZBBRWW Refrigerator
CTX14AYXLLAD Refrigerator
CTX14CATBLAD Refrigerator
CTT16CYXLRWH Refrigerator
CTX25DKGR Refrigerator
CTX14CPKLWH Refrigerator
CTK24GAXERAA Refrigerator
CTX16APKRAD Refrigerator
CTH16CYTJRWH Refrigerator
CTX18LKJR Refrigerator
CTX16CIXGLWH Refrigerator
CTT24GATHRAD Refrigerator
CTX14APJRWH Refrigerator
CTT18EAYBRAD Refrigerator
CTX22DKGL Refrigerator
CTX14CYZBRAD Refrigerator
CTH14CYTJRWH Refrigerator
CTX14APJLAD Refrigerator
CTX14EYZBRAD Refrigerator
CTXY14CPJLAD Refrigerator
CTX14CATGRWH Refrigerator
CTX14CYZBLWH Refrigerator
CTX14APKRWH Refrigerator
CTX18CYBBLAA Refrigerator
CTX14EYTBRAD Refrigerator
CTX18DABLRAA Refrigerator
CTX16CPKRAD Refrigerator
CTX21PKGR Refrigerator
CTH14CYTJLAD Refrigerator
CTH14CYTJLWH Refrigerator
CTXY14CPJRWH Refrigerator
CTX16CAZDRAD Refrigerator
CTX18CYBBLWW Refrigerator
CTHY15CPJRAD Refrigerator
CTX16CPJRAD Refrigerator
CTX21EKJR Refrigerator
CTX14AYXLRAD Refrigerator
CTX16CPKRWH Refrigerator
CTX16APJLAD Refrigerator
CTX16CZBBLWW Refrigerator
CTH14CYSELAD Refrigerator
CTX16BYXLRWH Refrigerator
CTHY15CPJRWH Refrigerator
CTT14CYXPRAD Refrigerator
CTX19GKGR Refrigerator
CTX14APKLAD Refrigerator
CTX16CPKLWH Refrigerator
CTXY14CPJRAD Refrigerator
CTH14CYXRRAD Refrigerator
CTXY14CPKRWH Refrigerator
CTX21EKGR Refrigerator
CTX16CIZDRAD Refrigerator
CTH16CYTCLWH Refrigerator
CTX16CZBBRAA Refrigerator
CTT21GAXGRAA Refrigerator X Series
CTX14AYXLLWH Refrigerator
CTX16CIXGRWH Refrigerator
CTX14CPJLWH Refrigerator
CTX16CAXGRWH Refrigerator
CTX14APJRAD Refrigerator
CTX18DIBLRAA Refrigerator
CTX14AYXLRWH Refrigerator
CTX16CAZDLAD Refrigerator
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Range
  • • Refrigerator

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Product Information
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