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Gasket Dr Fz

Part Number: WR24X23252
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: WR24X10301 and WR24X10133.

Product Information
Manufacturer: GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WR24X23252
Classification: Part
Weight: 3.45 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

GSH25SGPCSS Refrigerator
GSH25JFRFBB Refrigerator
GSH25JFTCBB Refrigerator T Series
ESL25JFWFBS Refrigerator W Series
ESL25JFWABS Refrigerator W Series
GSH25JFTFBB Refrigerator T Series
GSE25KETAFBB Refrigerator
ESL25JFWDBS Refrigerator W Series
GSH25SGPASS Refrigerator
GSH25JFTBBB Refrigerator T Series
ESL25JFWBBS Refrigerator W Series
GSL25JFTBBS Refrigerator T Series
GSH25SGPDSS Refrigerator
ESL25XGPDBS Refrigerator
ESH25XGREBB Refrigerator
GSH25JSTDSS Refrigerator T Series
GSH25JFTABB Refrigerator
GSH25JSTESS Refrigerator T Series
GSL25QGPDBS Refrigerator
GSL25IFRFBS Refrigerator
ESH25XGPCBB Refrigerator
GSH25JSRFSS Refrigerator
GSL25JFTABS Refrigerator
ESH25XGPABB Refrigerator
ESL25XGRBBS Refrigerator
GSL25JFPHBS Refrigerator
GSL25WGPHBS Refrigerator
ESH25XGRABB Refrigerator
GSL25WGPEBS Refrigerator
GSH25UFRFBB Refrigerator
GSL25WGPCBS Refrigerator
GSH25JFRHBB Refrigerator
GSH25UFRJBB Refrigerator
GSL25KGRBBS Refrigerator
GSL25JFPBBS Refrigerator
GSH25VGPDBB Refrigerator
GSH25VGPCBB Refrigerator
GSL25JFPDBS Refrigerator
GSL25JFTCBS Refrigerator T Series
GSL25JFTEBS Refrigerator T Series
GSH25JFTDBB Refrigerator T Series
ESH25JFWABB Refrigerator W Series
ESH25JFWDBB Refrigerator W Series
BSS25JSTESS Refrigerator T Series
GSH25IFTBBB Refrigerator T Series
GSL25JFTFBS Refrigerator T Series
GSH25JSTCSS Refrigerator T Series
GSE25KETBFBB Refrigerator T Series
GSH25VGPABB Refrigerator
GSL25QGPHBS Refrigerator
ESH25JSWDSS Refrigerator W Series
GSL25JFPJBS Refrigerator
ESH25XGPDBB Refrigerator
GSH25JSRIBB Refrigerator
GSL25WGPBBS Refrigerator
GSH25JSTASS Refrigerator
GSL25WGPJBS Refrigerator
GSL25JFRIBS Refrigerator
GSG25MISCFBB Refrigerator
ESL25XGREBS Refrigerator
GSH25JSRJSS Refrigerator
GSH25JSTFSS Refrigerator T Series
GSG25MIPAFBB Refrigerator
GSL25WGPABS Refrigerator
A4425GDTABB Refrigerator
ESL25XGPABS Refrigerator
GSL25QGPJBS Refrigerator
GSG25MIPHFBB Refrigerator
GSL25WGPDBS Refrigerator
GSL25KGREBS Refrigerator
GSH25JSTBSS Refrigerator T Series
ESH25XGRBBB Refrigerator
ESH25JSWFSS Refrigerator W Series
ESL25XGPCBS Refrigerator
ESH25JSWBSS Refrigerator W Series
GSH25JFRJBB Refrigerator
GSH25SGRBSS Refrigerator
GSH25SGRESS Refrigerator
BSS25JSTBSS Refrigerator T Series
BSS25JSTASS Refrigerator
GSL25JFPCBS Refrigerator
BSS25JSRJSS Refrigerator
GSL25JFPEBS Refrigerator
GSL25JFPABS Refrigerator
BSS25JSRFSS Refrigerator
ESL25JFWEBS Refrigerator W Series
GSS25JETEBB Refrigerator T Series
GSS25SGPASS Refrigerator
GSH25JFTEBB Refrigerator T Series
ESH25JFWFBB Refrigerator W Series
ESH25JFWBBB Refrigerator W Series
ESH25JSWESS Refrigerator W Series
GSS25IFREBB Refrigerator
GSS25IFPEBB Refrigerator
GSS25KGPABB Refrigerator
GSS25JEPABB Refrigerator
GSS25JEPEBB Refrigerator
GSS25IFPDBB Refrigerator
GSG25MIPDFBB Refrigerator
GSH25KGRBBB Refrigerator
GSH25KGPDBB Refrigerator
GSH25KGPABB Refrigerator
GSG25MIPCFBB Refrigerator
GSL25JFRFBS Refrigerator
GSL25IGREBS Refrigerator
GSH25KGREBB Refrigerator
GSH25JSRISS Refrigerator
GSG25MISAFBB Refrigerator
ESH25JSWASS Refrigerator W Series
GSS25SGRBSS Refrigerator
GSS25QGPDBB Refrigerator
GSS25SGMFBS Refrigerator
GSS25IFPHBB Refrigerator
GSS25KGPCBB Refrigerator
GST25KGPDBB Refrigerator
GSS25SGPCBS Refrigerator
GSL25IFRJBS Refrigerator
GSL25IGRBBS Refrigerator
GSL25JFRJBS Refrigerator
GSH25KGPCBB Refrigerator
GSS25WGPHBB Refrigerator
GSS25SGPCSS Refrigerator
GSS25SGPESS Refrigerator
GSS25JETABB Refrigerator
GSS25JETBBB Refrigerator T Series
GSS25QGPJBB Refrigerator
GST25KGPCBB Refrigerator
GSS25UFPJBB Refrigerator
GSS25JERFBB Refrigerator
GSS25JSRESS Refrigerator
GSS25JFPEBB Refrigerator
GSS25QGPHBB Refrigerator
GSS25QGPABB Refrigerator
GSS25JEPJBB Refrigerator
GSS25JFPDBB Refrigerator
GSS25JFPJBB Refrigerator
GSS25JSRFSS Refrigerator
GSS25UFPHBB Refrigerator
GSS25SGPABS Refrigerator
GSS25JFPHBB Refrigerator
GSS25SGRESS Refrigerator
GSS25JFPBBB Refrigerator
GSS25JEPDBB Refrigerator
GSS25WGPJBB Refrigerator
GSS25WGPABB Refrigerator
GSS25KGPEBB Refrigerator
GSS25QGPEBB Refrigerator
GSS25QGPBBB Refrigerator
GSS25IFRJBB Refrigerator
GST25KGPABB Refrigerator
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Refrigerator
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Product Information
Manufacturer: GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WR24X23252
Classification: Part
Weight: 3.45 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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