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Connector W/​Lead

Part Number: WR2X4495
Availability: Factory Backorder [ more info ]
Price: $3.91
Date Available: Unknown
Product Information
Manufacturer: GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WR2X4495
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

TFX19LASBWH Refrigerator
TFX19LFB Refrigerator
TFX19LGB Refrigerator
TFX19LHB Refrigerator
TFX19LHD Refrigerator
TFX19LHF Refrigerator
TFX19LJB Refrigerator
TFX19LJC Refrigerator
TFX19LJE Refrigerator
TBX21NIXYRWW Refrigerator
TFX24EFB Refrigerator
GSD2800P48 Dishwasher
ZBD3000R48BW Dishwasher
ZBD3000R48WB Dishwasher
TBH21JATERAD Electric Range
CTX18AJB Refrigerator
CSX27DRXDAA Refrigerator
ERT2021DARCC Refrigerator
CSX27DRXDWW Refrigerator
ERT2021DARWW Refrigerator
CTK18GAXERAA Refrigerator
CTX21BIXPRWW Refrigerator
CTK24GAXERWW Refrigerator
CTT24GATHRWH Refrigerator
CTT21GAXLRWW Refrigerator
CTX18EJB Refrigerator
CTX18CJB Refrigerator
ERT2021DARBB Refrigerator
ERT2021DARAA Refrigerator
CTK24GAXERAA Refrigerator
CTT24GATHRAD Refrigerator
CTF17CCBR Refrigerator
CTX21LATNRWH Refrigerator
CTK18GAXERWW Refrigerator
CTF17CCBL Refrigerator
CTT21GAXLRAA Refrigerator
CTF19ECBR Refrigerator
MTX18GRJRAD Refrigerator
MSK27DRZAAA Refrigerator
MSX27DRXDWW Refrigerator
MSX27DRXAAA Refrigerator
MSK27DRXAAA Refrigerator
MSK27DHXEWH Refrigerator
MTX18GAXCRAA Refrigerator
MTX18LASGRWH Refrigerator
MTH21GASNRAD Refrigerator
MTX18BASERWH Refrigerator
MSX27DRTAWW Refrigerator
MTX18EAXCRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GASJRWW Refrigerator
MSX27DRTAAA Refrigerator
MTX18BAXCRWH Refrigerator
MTX18BASQRAD Refrigerator
MTX18KAXERAD Refrigerator
MTX18KAXBRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GASVRAD Refrigerator
MTX18BASJRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GISERAD Refrigerator
MTX18GIXBRWW Refrigerator
MTG18EAXERWH Refrigerator
MTK18GAXERWW Refrigerator
MSK27PFTCWW Refrigerator
MST25GRZAWW Refrigerator
MSX25GRYAAA Refrigerator
MST25GRYAWW Refrigerator
MSX24GRXAAA Refrigerator
MTE18GRERWH Refrigerator
MTX18GRBRWH Refrigerator
MSK27DRXEAA Refrigerator
MSX27DRXDAA Refrigerator
MTX18GASQRWH Refrigerator
MSG27DHZAWW Refrigerator
MSK27DHZAAA Refrigerator
MTX18GAXCRWW Refrigerator
MTX18GASGRWW Refrigerator
MTX18GAXERAA Refrigerator
MTH18EASNRAD Refrigerator
MTE18EASPRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GAXERWW Refrigerator
MTX18GISQRAD Refrigerator
MTX18GASVRWW Refrigerator
MTX18GASWRWW Refrigerator
MTH18EASNRWH Refrigerator
MTX18BASGRAD Refrigerator
MSX27DRSMAD Refrigerator
MTE18EASMRWH Refrigerator
MTX18BAXCRAD Refrigerator
MTX18BAXBRWH Refrigerator
MTX18KAXERWH Refrigerator
MTX18EAXARWH Refrigerator
MTX18EAXBRAD Refrigerator
MTX18BASQRWH Refrigerator
MTX18EASQRAD Refrigerator
MTX18EAXBRWH Refrigerator
MTX18BAXERWH Refrigerator
MTX18EASCRWH Refrigerator
MTX18EASQRWH Refrigerator
MTX18BAXBRAD Refrigerator
MTX18EASERWH Refrigerator
MTX18BASWRAD Refrigerator
MTX18GASWRWH Refrigerator
MTX18EASWRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GASJRWH Refrigerator
MTX18EASJRAD Refrigerator
MSK27DHXAAD Refrigerator
MTX18BASVRWH Refrigerator
MTX18BASVRAD Refrigerator
MSK27DHXAWH Refrigerator
MTX18EASVRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GIXERWW Refrigerator
MTK21GAXERWW Refrigerator
MTK18GAXERAA Refrigerator
MTK24GAXERAA Refrigerator
MTG18EAXDRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GISGRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GISWRAD Refrigerator
MSK27PFTCAA Refrigerator
MSG24GRXDWW Refrigerator
MSX25DRZAAA Refrigerator
MSX25DRZAWW Refrigerator
MSG25GRZAWW Refrigerator
MSX25GRYAWW Refrigerator
MSX25GRYDWW Refrigerator
MSX25GRYDAA Refrigerator
MSG25GRYAWW Refrigerator
MTX18GRJRWH Refrigerator
MSH24GRTAAA Refrigerator
MSH24GRTAWW Refrigerator
MSX24KWXAWH Refrigerator
MSX24GRSMWH Refrigerator
MTH22GRERAD Refrigerator
MTH22GRERWH Refrigerator
MTE18EPFRAD Refrigerator
MTX18GASQRWW Refrigerator
MTX18GASQRAD Refrigerator
MTE18GRERAD Refrigerator
MSX27DRXAWW Refrigerator
MSK27DHXEAA Refrigerator
MTX18LASERWH Refrigerator
MSK27DHZAWH Refrigerator
MTE18EASNRWH Refrigerator
MTH21GASNRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GAXBRWW Refrigerator
MTX18GAXBRAA Refrigerator
MTX18GASERWW Refrigerator
MTX18GASERWH Refrigerator
MTX18GISQRWH Refrigerator
MSK27DHXAAA Refrigerator
MTX18LASGRAD Refrigerator
MTX18GASGRWH Refrigerator

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Dishwasher
  • • Range
  • • Refrigerator
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Product Information
Manufacturer: GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WR2X4495
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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