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Bushing, Weight Stack

Bushing,​ Weight Stack

Part Number: FB130216
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Cybex
Product Number: FB130216
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
Genuine Cybex replacement part, this item is sold individually. The purpose of this part is, that as you add weights on to the Fitness product. You place the Weight Stack Bushing, in the hole in the weights to keep them in line and aligns the weights in a straight profile.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

13000 VR1 Strength Trainer
13010 VR1 Strength Trainer
13030 VR1 Strength Trainer
13050 VR1 Strength Trainer
13051 VR1 Strength Trainer
13060 VR1 Strength Trainer
13061 VR1 Strength Trainer
18030 Bravo Lift Functional Trainer
8830 Functional Trainer
8840 Functional Trainer
13040 VR1 Strength Trainer Leg Press
14000 VR3 Strength Trainer Chest Press
14010 VR3 Strength Trainer Overhead Press
14030 VR3 Strength Trainer Row
14040 VR3 Strength Trainer Leg Press
14051 VR3 Strength Trainer Leg Extension
14061 VR3 Strength Trainer Seated Leg Curl
14130 VR3 Strength Trainer Seated Lat Pull
14220 VR3 Strength Trainer Seated Cable Column
20000 Eagle Chest Press
20040 Eagle Leg Press
20010 Eagle Overhead Press
20030 Eagle Row
20050 Eagle Leg Extension
20051 Eagle Leg Extension
20060 Eagle Leg Curl
20061 Eagle Leg Curl
20070 Eagle Arm Curl
20080 Eagle Arm Extension
20090 Eagle Abdominal
20100 Eagle Back Extension
20130 Eagle Pulldown
20170 Eagle Glute
20180 Eagle Hip Ab/Ad
17032 Single Handle Row
17042 Dual Handle Row
17072 Single Handle Lat Pull
17082 Dual Handle Lat Pull
17092 Adjustable Cable
17110 (E0201 to F0112) Free Standing Cable Crossover
17110 (F0113 to Current) Free Standing Cable Crossover
17111 Free Standing Cable Crossover
17120 (E0201 to F0112) Attached Cable Crossover
17120 (F0113 to Current) Attached Cable Crossover
17130 (E0201 to F0112) Embedded Cable Crossover
17130 (F0113 to Current) Embedded Cable Crossover
17131 Embedded Cable Crossover
17141 Dip Chin
17151 Dip Chin Tower
17160 Fit Class Assisted Dip
13076 (J0605 to Current) Arm Curl
13600 Planet Fitness Chest Press
13610 Planet Fitness Overhead Press
13630 Planet Fitness Row
13641 Planet Fitness Leg Press
13650 Planet Fitness Leg Extension
13660 Planet Fitness Leg Curl
13675 Planet Fitness Arm Curl
13685 Planet Fitness Arm Extension
13735 Planet Fitness Pulldown
13800 Planet Fitness Ab/Back
12112 Fly/Rear Delt
12301 Graduated Chest Press
12310 Graduated Overhead Press
12320 Graduated Pull Down
12330 Graduated Row
12340 (E0401 to E0430) Graduated Leg Press
12340 (E0501 to Current) Graduated Leg Press
12350 Graduated Leg Extension
12351 Graduated Leg Extension
12352 Graduated Leg Extension
12360 Graduated Leg Curl
12361 Graduated Leg Curl
12362 Graduated Leg Curl
12370 Graduated Arm Curl
12380 Graduated Arm Extension
12390 Graduated Abdominal
12400 Graduated Back Extension
12401 Graduated Back Extension
12402 Graduated Back Extension
12410 Graduated Rear Delt Fly
12411 Graduated Rear Delt Fly
12420 Graduated Standing Calf
12430 Graduated Lat Pull Down
12440 Graduated Prone Leg Curl
12441 Graduated Prone Leg Curl
12442 Graduated Prone Leg Curl
12460 Graduated Prone Leg Curl
12470 Graduated Glute
12480 Graduated Triceps Press
12490 Graduated Torso Rotation
12500 Graduated Hip Abduction
12510 Graduated Hip Adduction
12600 Planet Fitness Chest Press
12610 Planet Fitness Overhead Press
12620 Planet Fitness Pulldown
12630 Planet Fitness Row
12640 Planet Fitness Leg Press
12650 Planet Fitness Leg Extension
12651 Planet Fitness Leg Extension
12660 Planet Fitness Seated Leg Curl
12661 Planet Fitness Seated Leg Curl
12670 Planet Fitness Arm Curl
12680 Planet Fitness Arm Extension
12690 Planet Fitness Abdominal
12701 Planet Fitness Back Extension
12710 Planet Fitness Fly Rear Delt
12740 Planet Fitness Prone Leg Curl
12741 Planet Fitness Prone Leg Curl
12760 Planet Fitness Lateral Raise
12770 Planet Fitness Glute
12780 Planet Fitness Triceps
12790 Planet Fitness Torso Rotation
12800 Planet Fitness Hib Abduction
12810 Planet Fitness Hib Adduction
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Rice Cooker
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Cybex
Product Number: FB130216
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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